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  1. With regard to the sub title, and going a bit (ok, a lot) away from F1 stock cars, F1 GP driver Nelson Piquet, was renowned for causing lots of clean up operations for his mechanics. Whether it was testing, qualifying or racing, once Nelson was comfortable in a car that was it, he wouldn't get out, even to the point of peeing in his racesuit.
  2. Following a year of intensive testing, StoxSafe by SPA supplied fire suppression systems are the only ones approved for use in F1 Stock Cars. The PK 750 powder system, designed for fuel compartment deployment, is £330 + VAT The Big Brisca AFFF (aqueous film forming foam) system has multi nozzle applications (up to 4) and can cover any combination of engine, driver and fuel tank protection. The price is £680 + VAT Both systems come with thermally activated automatic/manual deployment units, so if you are unfortunate to be sat unconscious in a burning car, these will trigger automatically. Whilst they have been developed with F1 stock cars as the target market there is no reason why other formulae couldn't use them. On the prevention side, we also offer fully approved fuel cells for F1s in both laydown and upright styles. PM me for more details
  3. Great company, banter and meeting, what’s not to like? For 3 great aggressive drives, 3 great finishes and being top shootout points scorer on the night, my DotD is #217 Lee Fairhurst. R/R 10
  4. A great night of racing from both the F1s and the mad, mad, mad saloons. Lots of stoppages but hardly surprising with the amount of car/car and car/fence clattering that was going on, but it didn’t spoil it for me. Difficult to pick a DotD because so many drivers entertained me but I’m going to pick H155 for his progress from the back to the front in every race. R/R 9 More of the same tomorrow please
  5. A great meeting. I was so impressed with Russell Cooper's driving in the semi, he gave Bobby G a damn good battle for the all important last WF spot. It was only right at the end that Drippy got by to take third. All the races were great, one of those meetings you weren't sure where to look. DotD 415 R/R 10
  6. Very good meeting with great racing in all formulae. Loons as mental as ever, Tooz were really mixing it up and there was plenty of action in the ones with the lower graders having the best of the results. I have to give an honourable mention to 415 Russell Cooper who really got to grips with the ex Dean Whitwell machine in the consi to score a solid and well deserved 2nd place. My DotD though has to go to 172 Mickey Randell who showed that you don't need a mega budget machine to win a final. He then backed it up with a fine 10th place in the GN from the handicap. I know there was a yellow flag but by that time he was already up to 17th from 35 starters - a great drive RR 9 (IMO there wasn't even 1 boring race)
  7. I'm reliably informed an F1 changed hand last year for north of £80k. I've also been told one star driver was recently quoted £35k for a rolling chassis. By that reckoning, we're not too far away from the first £100k+ F1, and IMHO, that isn't such a bad thing. The great thing about our sport is they have front bumpers and they are allowed to use them, and with the handicap system we have, some of those 'cheque book racers' have got to come a long way through the pack, so results are never that predictable. Who, for example, would have ever predicted the top 3 in the Ipswich final? A good basic well set up car, driven well can still be competitive on either surface. Any racing can be expensive but, compared to circuit racing, rallying, drag racing, rallycross etc, I still think the racers get more bang for their buck (literally!) with F1 stock car racing.
  8. Beefy

    Quotes Of The Year ?

    16 years later I finally got around to googling this...…..
  9. Beefy

    Following in rule.

    Probably easier in F1s to get banned for failing at the scales......
  10. Beefy

    Following in rule.

    The rule book doesn't specifically mention follow ins but one of the Category A offences is for 'in instances where the level of contact or aggression is deemed to be unduly excessive and/or repetitive.'
  11. Beefy

    engine failures

    Newton roll over valves are currently fitted to the fuel cells I supply. They are used by many formulae all over the world.
  12. A very enjoyable meeting for me. Good racing, good weather, a rare Final/GN double (well done Dan,) and I enjoyed watching the head scratching observers wondering what we were doing with the laptop at the rear of the #268 (even got a bite or two on facebook with a pic or two :-) ) It's a close run thing, and I could so easily have given my DotD vote to Dan, but it goes to Russell Cooper 415 for driving his heart out. R/R a solid 8
  13. Beefy

    Just a thought.

    I sort of get the point Mark D is making. When I was one of the admin team on Opposite Lock we used to think it was a nice friendly open forum, then somebody made the accusation that it was too cliquey. My first thought was that it wasn't, but when I took a step back and looked on it as though I was a newby, I could see why the accusation hade been made. Maybe the F1 pits too are a bit daunting to a newby? When you are already part of 'the family' it's easy to get the help, the cooperation, the chit chat and the sense of belonging, but if you are a newby do you dare to approach a team or a driver, and, if you do, how do you decide which one to start with? Some other motorsports have regular photo signing sessions pre-meeting, maybe that's an angle that could be investigated? Let's have a certain number of drivers (6 or more?) arranged in advance to turn up a little bit early and sign photos at a pre arranged spot, either in the pits or on the centre green? There could be a roster for the drivers to do this so it's not always the same ones and they all end up doing their bit. It might just open up some lines of conversation and make the new fans realise the drivers don't bite!
  14. I welcome any questions Steve. The more knowledge that is out there, the better. As you rightly say, Halon has been banned for quite a few years now. The StoxSafe by SPA system utilises a dry chemical agent called Purple K. It suppresses the flames by chemical action rather than smothering. The powder is non toxic and can be found in military installations, oil refineries, airport fire appliances or anywhere else that large quantities of flammable liquid are stored. It is 4 or 5 times more efficient than carbon dioxide. In the film of the test firing (search stoxsafe on youtube) we had a tray approximately 70x70cms of fuel on the ground underneath the fuel tank compartment. With a fire, it's not so much the quantity of fuel that's important, it's the surface area you are fighting. It works well in the confined area of the fuel tank compartment and, thanks to the multipoint nozzle and backplate, the explosive discharge of powder under 16 bar of pressure means the whole compartment is covered. Hope that helps. Les
  15. I thought maybe you might like some feedback and an update from the MWA show with regards to the StoxSafe Automatic Fire Suppression System. Firstly, thank you to everyone who took the time to watch the video, see the installation first hand and take the time to ask about it. I have to say I was ecstatic at the amount of encouraging positive comments I received. I think what surprised most people was the size of the system, I think most were expecting it to be much bigger. One of the most common queries raised was whether the equipment would be man enough for the rough and tumble of F1 racing and would there be a danger of accidental firings? SPA are acknowledged experts in their field (they are now the largest suppliers of extinguisher systems in North America) and they point out that in the US they have systems using the same thermal bulb trigger in road race, drag race, dirt oval, paved oval and a couple of monster trucks (2 are Grave Digger trucks). To date they have not had one break by accident. Also IndyCar tested one at a test at Sebring. Which is probably one of the roughest road racing tracks in the world and also had no issue. Never say never, but to date they have not had an issue with accidental breakage. SPA also point out the straps that hold the bottle in place are to FIA specification and will withstand a minimum force of 25g. As I said to anyone who asked, if we do need to make any modifications, they will be dealt with quickly and efficiently although, hopefully we will not need to make any. A couple of comments were made with regard to the dreaded small print, SPA’s Terms & Conditions will apply. They have been good enough for International motorsport teams, the FIA, the MSA and all other governing bodies for over 30 years so they should pass muster with Brisca/BMB/BSCDA I hope. If anybody wants a copy, I would be happy to e-mail them. As a result of the show, I have taken half a dozen orders, and probably as many again said they would be ordering soon. I understand and accept that they will need to be ratified and approved by the powers that be, possibly involving a trial period, and I will obviously cooperate to the maximum. Further updates will follow when appropriate.
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