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    Barston, Solihull, Born in Brandon!
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    Former MX rider as a schoolboy, 4 years on Speedway (rode for stoke) and then 3 years on Grasstrack (Midland champion).

    Since packing up racing, to buy a house and start a family, i have been fishing, and currantly run the UK Angling championship, as well as Barston Lakes.

    I have just decided to have a go at stock car, always wanted to have a go, and if i dont do it now, i never will!
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    No 45
  1. Well after years of saying were coming, were actually here. Last night Vlog of the behind the scenes is now uploaded. Team isent racing tonight, but Bobby, Joe, and Micky Brennan are racing in the solos. Hope you enjoy the Vlog. Nige45.
  2. Nigel H

    Midlands track

    The NEC attracts 1000s to the live action shows, at £10 a time, i don't know, but must generate between 1/4 and 1/2 a million over the show days, i assume BSCDA gets paid, and then the money goes to the England team in NZ, Guy and FWJ are always involved. It puts the money back into the sport, and means we get to field a team in NZ. All good, and we will continue to support the NEC if it means we get something out of it.
  3. Absolutely fantastic! Belle Vue and Birmingham on there, well we didn't expect that a couple of weeks ago. Only 3 of each though, i thought we went half a dozen times a year to those tracks? I dont care, at least there on there, let's hope for many more years too. Anyway, dates and times don't bother me, if i can i go, i do, if not i won't. Must have been a very hard year to put a fixture list together, well done.
  4. I really thought throwing you into the mix might have been an unfair vote, it would have been unanimous decision if it was just stoxnets votes.
  5. Nigel H

    Fixture list 2020

    This must be the worst year for losing tracks, we've lost 4 now in 4 years, what's that out of, 12? so 25%, its tragic. Covs gone, Stokes gone, Birmingham the end of the month they said on the radio yesterday, and Belle Vue, well who knows, weeks, months? So to put together a fixture list must be very hard this year. It doesn't bother me one bit, when its out, its out. We only look a month ahead usually anyway, and if we can't go, we can't go. We will be ready for the opener at Kings Lynn mid march, and take it from there. Well we will be if i can get off my bum and get down the workshop and do some work, it's just too cold,and too warm and comfy in my armchair.
  6. My turn to nominate after winning last year. 7 day vote. Due to losing the F1 website, Carl from Stoxnet asked me to do it this way this year.
  7. Well done Bry. If you read this Ben, our Mark has the no 44, and wont race again, so if you want it, your welcome to it. Happy xmas, Nige.
  8. Nigel H

    Seasons Greetings

    Good morning, and a very happy xmas everyone.
  9. Nigel H

    Our Nige Model

    Absolutely fantastic, i've seen your work before, and this is the best yet. I am honoured by the way, and wish you a very merry xmas.
  10. Well don Bry, interesting as always. Good questions, good interview, keep it up. Oh and happy 50th birthday today, from us all.
  11. Well don Bry, interesting as always. Good questions, good interview, keep it up.
  12. Very good, good questions, well done. I hope you did his Dad while you were there.
  13. What a great thead Colin. Ive you tubed my race, and just watched it (twice), and its given me the inspiration to get of my bum and get down the workshop tomorrow. One race win gives you so much encouragement you wouldn't believe. And gives you the confidence that you can actually do it. Someone actually criticized me for doing donuts and running round the track after that race! Well, if anyone wants to put the money and effort in we do, they would realise that to get any success makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for getting me off the settee Colin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bohFw9pIalA
  14. 1 - Winning heat 1 at Kings Lynn, in front of Sir John. That's it, i can't make 5, i can't think of another 4 good races.
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