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    Barston, Solihull, Born in Brandon!
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    Former MX rider as a schoolboy, 4 years on Speedway (rode for stoke) and then 3 years on Grasstrack (Midland champion).

    Since packing up racing, to buy a house and start a family, i have been fishing, and currantly run the UK Angling championship, as well as Barston Lakes.

    I have just decided to have a go at stock car, always wanted to have a go, and if i dont do it now, i never will!
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  1. The post did say ' Incarace and Spedeworth tracks' so yes, lets hope were back at Birmingham. Its been a disaster the last few years, with losing tracks, this year would have been the worst in history if we hadn't got these back, well done to all concerned to get them back, lets keep them now.
  2. Nigel H

    Merry Christmas

    Merry xmas everyone. 😁
  3. I did an interview last night, i would off put a suit on if i had known, but got caught off guard as i got out of the bath, so i was in a dressing gown lol. Best Presented Car Best Action Shot Ever Standout Hire Driver Moment Of The Year Performance Of The Year Hard Luck Story Of The Year Rookie Of The Year Overall Standout Performer Of 2020 Categories 1-4 will be online votes whilst 5-8 will be decided by BSCDA Members votes. 8pm on facebook and you tube. https://bscda.com/2020/11/22/2020-virtual-awards-evening-saturday-28th-n
  4. Na, only stoke, 😁 I am trying to persuade him to let me do this vlog weekly, but i might have to start bribing him now too, maybe an engine would bribe him, 😂 i am trying everything. 👍
  5. Well if it was mine i would do a weekly blog, but its Jakes and he wants to do it at the end, if you can convince him otherwise ill do it. 🙂
  6. No, its gone to a returning driver actually. A lot of rule changes in the last 3 years since he last raced. Shocks, Race receivers, welding holes up in spokes on wheels, bars on the cabs, tyres, and mostly the new on track rules we now have to adhere too. Yes, new design too. Cheers Dave, and well done to you and Ben for what you have done. Cheers Craig, Andy, Linky. I was going to do one big Vlog at the end, but maybe a weekly one would more interesting, ill have to ask Jake on Monday as its his project not mine.
  7. Firstly well done to everyone that got some meetings on this year, i think i speak for all the drivers that raced this year, thank-you for all your efforts in trying times, after last years tragedy, and this years virus, a year we will never for get for all the wrong reasons. So, i raced 4 times this year, 4 kings Lynn, and Jake also did the Tarmac meetings, was it 4 skeggy and a Buxton, cant remember now. So as i only normally do a blog when i race, i haven't done many this year. Yea, we did 9 in total. Of course we didn't expect to race at all, it was midsummer when all of a sudd
  8. Well said Tim, and we are all in agreement that the world final should be a 2 day weekend at the same track, weve all been saying it for years, suits all of us and esp the Dutch, We are missing the social side, and the biggest meeting of the year certainly needs to be a weekend. (3 day if the Dutch race the Saturday night too)
  9. This year was an exception, they managed to put together 11 meetings, a the 4 tracks. Kings Lynn, Skegness, Buxton and Sheffield (canceled) Deane of course has said he doesn't want F1s this year or next, but lets hope they can persuade him to change his mind, we need his tracks. Ipswitch, Northampton, Mildenhall, Hednesford and is Birmingham his? Losing Coventry, Stoke, and Belle Vue is a disaster, (And nealy Birmingham) if we lose the 5 above too is unbelievable, we've gone from 12 tracks to 4! in less than 4 years. Of course we could add Cowdenbeath and Lockgelly next year,
  10. Haha, i hope so! Ive been to Trump towers, but he wasn't in. 45 comes up all the time in my daily life. Greg Hancock is a friend of mine, and chose 45 as his hero was also 45 Bruce Penhall. I started Schoolbox MX when i was 14, and was given the number. I rode for 3 years, then switched to speedway for 3, then grass track for 3, but they wouldn't give me 45, so i had 33. Started Stox, and got offered loads of 3 digit numbers, i pleaded for 33, 45 or 9, and after many emails Barry asked Alan Scothorne who had now retired if he minded someone using 45, and i got the number. Every yea
  11. For Sale... My F1 Shale car (dual surface) Pretty much everything is there to make it ready to race, but needs putting together. 400 standard small block, 4 bolt main with steel heads Transit front & back axle on 4 link suspension Dampertech shocks All brake lines, fuel lines, & wiring Fuel tank, battery & radiator Steering, Pedals & master cylinders Wing, seat & clocks Clutch, bell housing & gearbox (in bits) Comes with a set of shale & tarmac wheels & tyres Message me for any details or questions 07866 747563
  12. Haha, yea, by accident, i thought it was only police could trace cars, it used to be. I was asked where my number plate was, and you traced it.🙂
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