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    Barston, Solihull, Born in Brandon!
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    Former MX rider as a schoolboy, 4 years on Speedway (rode for stoke) and then 3 years on Grasstrack (Midland champion).

    Since packing up racing, to buy a house and start a family, i have been fishing, and currantly run the UK Angling championship, as well as Barston Lakes.

    I have just decided to have a go at stock car, always wanted to have a go, and if i dont do it now, i never will!
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  1. Haha, i thought i would do one for you as you asked lol.
  2. Memories are funny things eh, 1986 i was in the Stoke speedway team racing for a living (only did one year a s a pro, before breaking my leg). And my memory of the time we went to Mildenhall was getting lost. We eventually arrived at the track as heat 1 was going out, i had got changed in the car on route, we unloaded the bike, i got on it, went straight out in heat 2, never seen the track before, and came second, what a memory! Going back there the last couple of years has been fantastic, i dropped Jake and his V8 there a what, 3 years ago, and went onto Ipswitch, did 2 heats, did pathetic, loaded up, got back to Mildenhall to see Jake win the GN. Going there with the F1s has been a brilliant little track, great fun to drive, and i got a 5th in the final first time there, so good results too. Last night was our first online meeting, and all credit to those that put it on. Kane got us all on line, and the game loaded on our Pc's, Mathew at Stox signs did all the skins (Painted the cars) ,JC Production for putting it together, BSCDA for promotion, Paul and Mark for the commentary and of course all the drivers for putting in the effort to participate. (hope i haven't missed anyone there?) Jake helped me, told me how to do it and set up my keyboard, but i had my 4 arrows as controls, throttle up, brake down, left and right, simple as that, and shift for gears. I put in 4 hours practise, and was still rubbish after 4 hours. These lads have steering wheels, and pedals for throttle and brakes, and you can see the difference, oh and some of the younger lads have done it before, so was there to make the numbers up. Well done Charlie, heat and final, and GN from a lap down, he was class! I know i can't ride the fence, but once we got going, i thought ill do one lap flat out round the fence to get to the front, and hope i get away with it. I had started back White as they had seen how rubbish i was at the game,, and after getting to the front, i moved back on track, and i span right away, expected! What i didn't expect was to get kicked out for riding the wall for one lap. race over. Oh well, i deserved it. Consi next, ill have another go, and then found out i had not been put in, gutted, i had been kicked out of the whole meeting, which i thought was a bit harsh. Not sure if its a life ban yet, i was thinking or appealing, but i think ill just retire, i was rubbish anyway. 😁 Well done to all those that put the event on, in these unusual and extreme times, its a refreshing change. 👋 Keep well everyone lets hope we all get through this awful pandemic, this weeks is going to be awfull from waht the news are saying. Maybe we can get the season going, lets hope we can get to normal soon. Nige45.
  3. 14.19, hard with no picture and black and white, 😁
  4. Great, glad you enjoyed it, i enjoyed doing it. I managed to edit it and get it on here the following day. We are now home, and had a wonderful 3 weeks away. Saw the south island, glacier, queenstown, and Ivan Maugers gold speedway bike in Christchurch museum, and some whale watching, before heading back north to see some ploppy mud and some river rafting in Rotorua, then a couple of days in Sydney on the way home. The whole holiday was fantastic, of course went to see the teams racing, and its brutal, some of the races had some big crashes, and of course that's what stockcars are, racing and crashing! I found it hard to follow the racing to be honest, its hard to know whos leading, as the leader regularly gets taken out, and the starter doesnt point at the leader like here, so its hard to keep up, and the complicated scoring system. The safety crew were on the ball all the time, 3 trucks are on the move during the race, and they are at the scene of an accident before its even happened! I can see how the team are trying to get some consistency, some teams have the same drives each year, an do lots of team racing, our lads are in hire cars, and do it once a year, and the odd new drivers, so to get consistency is difficult. Glad i got round to going, glad i didn't race myself, glad its ticked off our bucket list, and now glad to be home. I need to try and get some enthusiasm to get down the workshop and do some work on my car, with the season less than 4 weeks away i need to do a bit. See ya at Kings Lynn. Nige45.
  5. The old LD axles were big, strong and very heavy. Switching to the lighter transit rear axle was much lighter, but not as strong. The Inside of the axle is shortened for a stockcar, so the inside half shaft (drive shaft) has to be shortened too, and it makes it slightly weaker again. The Transit was 100hp, a chevy is 5 to 600 hp! Its expensive to switch to a ford 9 inch, about £3k, (complete axle) but the drive shafts are designed for race cars, and some are called gun drilled, (hollow) and are better, even though they can still break, the diff is also stronger, but as you see above, we did do one last year. We did all 3 cars to get more reliability.
  6. Well to be honest, all the blogs i've done over 9 years, i've always told you what went wrong, and what went right. so until now, it always seemed like it was only me that had problems, of course this list now proves otherwise. Obviously i am disappointed to be on the list, but as you see some of the top drivers had similar problems. By the way we didnt do a half shaft in our 3 cars! (ford 9 inch) We did lose 2 engines, due to stupid non return valves, and other lost engines too, may have been the same, but we also had the new MSD boxes in that some blamed. I can't believe we did a diff, i forgot about that, reliability has been better since going onto 9 inch. We did do a lot of meetings of course, and stupid niggly problems are very costly and annoying. Punctures, you don't have them on your list, we had none last year, where others had lots, esp at Northampton where they were all pushing the bead of the rim on the RR, we had none. We have spares for every car, we aren't going all the way to KL, or any meeting without spares, we need to be able to get right back out for the next race if we have a problem, and apart from the engines going, i don't remember loading up, and that's a big deal, to be able to fix it and get right back out there. Nige45 (Jakes Dad 😁)
  7. Well after years of saying were coming, were actually here. Last night Vlog of the behind the scenes is now uploaded. Team isent racing tonight, but Bobby, Joe, and Micky Brennan are racing in the solos. Hope you enjoy the Vlog. Nige45.
  8. Nigel H

    Midlands track

    The NEC attracts 1000s to the live action shows, at £10 a time, i don't know, but must generate between 1/4 and 1/2 a million over the show days, i assume BSCDA gets paid, and then the money goes to the England team in NZ, Guy and FWJ are always involved. It puts the money back into the sport, and means we get to field a team in NZ. All good, and we will continue to support the NEC if it means we get something out of it.
  9. Absolutely fantastic! Belle Vue and Birmingham on there, well we didn't expect that a couple of weeks ago. Only 3 of each though, i thought we went half a dozen times a year to those tracks? I dont care, at least there on there, let's hope for many more years too. Anyway, dates and times don't bother me, if i can i go, i do, if not i won't. Must have been a very hard year to put a fixture list together, well done.
  10. I really thought throwing you into the mix might have been an unfair vote, it would have been unanimous decision if it was just stoxnets votes.
  11. Nigel H

    Fixture list 2020

    This must be the worst year for losing tracks, we've lost 4 now in 4 years, what's that out of, 12? so 25%, its tragic. Covs gone, Stokes gone, Birmingham the end of the month they said on the radio yesterday, and Belle Vue, well who knows, weeks, months? So to put together a fixture list must be very hard this year. It doesn't bother me one bit, when its out, its out. We only look a month ahead usually anyway, and if we can't go, we can't go. We will be ready for the opener at Kings Lynn mid march, and take it from there. Well we will be if i can get off my bum and get down the workshop and do some work, it's just too cold,and too warm and comfy in my armchair.
  12. My turn to nominate after winning last year. 7 day vote. Due to losing the F1 website, Carl from Stoxnet asked me to do it this way this year.
  13. Well done Bry. If you read this Ben, our Mark has the no 44, and wont race again, so if you want it, your welcome to it. Happy xmas, Nige.
  14. Nigel H

    Seasons Greetings

    Good morning, and a very happy xmas everyone.
  15. Nigel H

    Our Nige Model

    Absolutely fantastic, i've seen your work before, and this is the best yet. I am honoured by the way, and wish you a very merry xmas.
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