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    Barston, Solihull, Born in Brandon!
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    Former MX rider as a schoolboy, 4 years on Speedway (rode for stoke) and then 3 years on Grasstrack (Midland champion).

    Since packing up racing, to buy a house and start a family, i have been fishing, and currantly run the UK Angling championship, as well as Barston Lakes.

    I have just decided to have a go at stock car, always wanted to have a go, and if i dont do it now, i never will!
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  1. Nigel H

    Coventry sold ?

    Yes, Coventry City have been promoted to the championship, and after a major dispute with the Ricoh stadium, had to play at Northampton, then last year at Birmingham. Now they have gone up, it was expected to be able to afford to go back to the new and fantastic ricoh stadium (owned by Wasps rugby now) but we don't know yet. University of Warwick is on the edge of Coventry, and i was announced last night the university and the football club would build a stadium on there land. I think its just a ruse, i think to bluff the richo owners into letting the football back into the stadium, its a tragic situation, its a fantastic stadium, and cant play in it. Of course a multi purpose stadium to inc football, and a shale track for speedway and cars would be fantastic, and profitable. Trouble is Coventry city have no money, (owned by Sisu) Brandon Stadium is owned by a property magnet in Monaco, and the Richo stadium is owned by London Wasps, I just wish they could all have their heads banged together, build a pitch in the middle of the track at Brandon, a new stand, and if they could get 10 to 15,000 in it would cover championship games. (or build a track in the ricoh would be even better, it would be like cardiff!) And now they want to build another stadium, we already have 2 standing here empty! Like cathedrals, we've got 2 of them too!
  2. Nigel H

    Coventry sold ?

    Nope, old rumours, where did you see that on Facebook, i cant find it. Its not true anyway, nothing is happening, everything is at a standstill after months of Coronavirus!
  3. Just 3, us and Sarge/Finn, and a couple of V8s all out together. They used to let one formuler out at a time, but with F1, V8 and F2 all doing the same lap times, and going the same way round, it didn't make sense. We are only trying brakes, engines, cars or whatever and getting some laps in, so to mix is not a problem, we all get more goes and not sit around waiting for hours. Junior f2s and Ninja carts the same engine and same pace too went out together, a much better format. 👋 We moaned last year when it went from £15 to £35, but to pay £40 yesterday was a relief to see the place saved. 👍 Oh and there was a burger bar too.😁 just a bar too next time please. 😂
  4. What a delight to get back a track we thought we had lost. Practise is open again, so we went along today to knock the dust off the car, great to be back out, and to be back at Brum is amazing, well done to all that rescued it. Done a short vlog if its any interest. 👍 Nige.
  5. Amazing news! Absolutely fantastic, our local track, and we love the curry on the way home, well done to all involved.
  6. Haha, yea, certainly did, after talking about yesterday, then announcing the race circuits are back open, along with the pubs and restaurants this week, i thought we were back on. We cant have big crowds though can we till this is all over, were slowly getting there, but big crowds will be the last on the list to reopen.
  7. I just read the headlines Dave and it says world final news, and after this morning's tx asking us if we wanted to get back racing i assumed we were back on. 👍
  8. Oh, i thought it was this year, we had a tx this morning asking if we wanted to go back racing, i saw this and it 'says world final news' I naturally assumed it is this year year not next, very misleading!
  9. Wow, great news, glad the world final is back on, don't know how we qualify. maybe a british format. Great news. Lets go racing!
  10. I went to the 85 world speedway final there, and wow what a meeting, i actually walked the track the following year as i was mechanicing for Kelvin Tatum at the overseas final i think it was. I never rode there as it was first division and i was at Stoke, 2nd division. I have been invited to race tonight by Paul, and to race Bradford is a dream, how could i turn it down? I have a White roof on for tonight, so i might look like a red and white barrell being knocked all over the track! I am steering with the keyboard up down left right buttons, competing at against all those with steering wheels and pedals, get the excuses in early. Right, better go and have a practise there's only an hour to go.
  11. Haha, its a rainy day job, and we've had no rainy days,and we've had no lads in. 1st day back at work today, back open tomorrow for Golf and fishing.
  12. Yep, great, i watched it on the plane coming back from NZ. Very good if your interested in our sport, wouldn't be much of a film otherwise, but as a true story its very good.
  13. Thanks for your comments, i wouldn't do it otherwise, so thanks. Hahaha, you want to see the tea room Dougie, the ceiling came down last week, and we just left it. I have 10 greenkeepers, but everyone is laid off, so just me and Jake doing both courses, working 7 days a week, but were keeping on top of it, just!
  14. Well its dragging on, but were still on lockdown, no customers, no golf, no fishing, no racing! Jake likes to start the cars once a week, so I grabbed my phone and did a litle Vlog, just to give us some noise. lets hope we get to race this year, but who knows, safety is more important, ive lost my next door Neighbor and my mates Dad this last week to the disease, and couldn't even go to there funerals. Stay safe, Nige and Jake.
  15. Haha, actually he is/was a yorkshire man, he supports Leeds!
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