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  2. I hope we get some racing this year but can’t see promoters jumping to stage F1 any time soon. Whenever racing starts it will be with significant restrictions on crowds. I can’t see how many tracks can keep social distances without significant impact on crowd numbers. A lot of fans like to go in the pits, wander round, speak to friends but I expect a lot of that will be stopped for some time. Does a promoter stage an F1 meeting with half the crowd and lose money or does he stage domestic ‘pay to race’ meetings with normal crowd levels and make a bit of money?. If I was a promoter I would opt for the low risk meetings, see how things pan out then perhaps consider F1 when things have eased. Along with probable restrictions deterring fans, there will also be a number who just won’t go out of being cautious and not wanting to be in a crowd. It’s going to be a risk for any promoter staging expensive formula initially but hopefully it can be made to work somehow. Would I go?. Honestly not sure at this point.
  3. Never gonna happen that soon. How would you enforce social distancing ? What about toilet facilities ? Safe distancing and cleanliness ? We may get some racing late in the year if case numbers continue to fall but no chance of anything in the summer. If practice sessions go ahead there will be massive restrictions. Definitely no spectators, probably only driver and one mechanic, strict distancing between teams, and highly likely no facilities at all.
  4. Going by the latest ORCi statement I can see pratice starting sometime next month, at certain tracks, (and perhaps racing starting July? But being ticket only and restrictions in place?). All of the above is of course on the proviso of not getting a second spike.
  5. My glass is two thirds full at moment If we get to practice will be a start then racing will follow
  6. That is actually a good idea, if you got a group of students who are studying for work in events promotion or marketing, this is the sort of project that could be done to try and use the skills they have been taught. It would obviously take a fair bit of liaison between a university/college and said promotion but it is a valid suggestion for me, and also very cheap!! I myself have been a guinea pig for this sort of scheme, had dental work done that could not be done by an NHS dentist so was offered the chance to have the same work done by end term dental students at Guys hospital in London. For free. Some would no doubt baulk at the idea, but I tell you it was heaving every time I went in there and these kids were great, just like normal dentists without the years of experience, so you expect certain downsides, but really I could not fault the scheme.
  7. The media certainly are not, did you see them clammering all over Cummings and his estate car, and these are supposedly the people we are to trust to give us news. none wearing PPE really, all bustling for their little piece, makes me sad. Nobody is perfect, but those in power and in responsible positions should really be doing their utmost. Sadly, as with scenes at beaches the last few days, the cretinous British public get what they deserve, in terms of media, politicians and the like. The rest of us have to live with the decisions these morons make, as rules are made to limit them in all walks of life, not the majority who are law abiding and respect most of this, rules are made for the morons. What they don't deserve is the NHS and key workers, yet they will be the ones suffering the most. Our sport is small fry in this, I very much doubt we get any racing this year, and I am sad about that. But needs must.
  8. How about opening things up for the youngsters on a higher ed course to take a look as a project/ investigation. Full of fresh ideas and optimism.
  9. Use the Nelson model and have the pits over the road in the car park for the cinema.A bobby on duty stopping traffic. maybe we can put barrels on the centre green and remove them pesky roof foils! Nah, only kidding! We could've been included in the plans for the stadium when it was first thought of. An additional income stream for a rarely used circuit. The fact that we weren't says everything we need to know. we were never welcome.
  10. Good job you didn't take us there actually - 'we'd have never left'! (That doesn't quite work, but you get the gist).
  11. Thanks Ian. I think i saw one of Bab's Cabs outside the station 😂
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hadfield - the very famous Derbyshire town, otherwise known as Royston Vasey! Thanks Roy for another great post, still the very best that the Internet has to offer.
  14. Cheers lads. Here's a great pic of a pair of Class 76's with a train of empty hopper wagons. The photo was taken from Dinting footbridge 43 years ago. They've just crossed the viaduct and are on their way to collect more coal. The Glossop branch line is going off to the left. Picture credit to eastbank.org.uk
  15. The BSCDA are delighted to bring to you the full meeting at Crewe on 17th October 1987 in association with JCproduction and Progress Windows. A special thank you to Chris and Dennis Binns for the use of the video.
  16. IF your Cabinet Minister reference is in regards to Dominic Cummings then I'm afraid your mistaken. I think before the whole Cummings fiasco I was of the thinking that racing might resume, with restrictions, at the end of July/ beginning of August. However my thinking has now changed and see that as now highly unlikely and tbh I'm expecting another wave of infection. Only time will tell who is right or wrong on this forum. As you say Carlton, none of us are experts.
  17. My point was this, the board will NEVER now spend that kind of money on a promotional company, they had their opportunity with Gears and Tears, that was their prime time to really push things and try and get the sport up a level. And they blew it, simply relying on making more money instead, it was never truly capitalised on. What I would suggest is to employ someone for say a week, look at things, and provide a template as to what could be done, yes it would still cost but a full time person is unnecessary, all you need is a vision from someone with the right sort of promotional knowledge. OK, right now it's unlikely to happen, all button down the hatches etc, but in fairness they have been operating that way for over a decade anyway.
  18. marketing the product properly will cost a large amount of money an advertising agency/marketing company would find it really odd that the sport is made up of so many different entities, imo tesco, all the shops are tesco, they are all owned by the same company and operate in the same formatted way, front or back of house.
  19. cant see the new BV Speedway track ever being an option, if the council cant make it work then that too will get developed into houses or apartments, or another sports facility that will make it pay [unlikely] if the existing stockcar dog track closed, and housing goes ahead, the new speedway track wont have any pit space that would be suitable in volume.
  20. Probably nothing to be honest Premier. HOPEFULLY by next March this horrible virus will be gone, I don't know, the government doesn't know, does any medical expert know, will it be gone by September ? I have been furlonged for eight weeks, the country needs houses, tomorrow morning 7 o,clock Im back at work on a building site, to be fair to the company I work for it will be under VERY STRICT REGULATIONS, if you don't stick to the rules, you are finished and not allowed back on site. End of story, stick to the rules, or loose your job, which pretty much brings me back to my original post. Im Mr average, obligations to my family, friends, neighbours, and law abiding, not a Cabinet minister.
  21. From last post... In all seriousness I wouldn't envy anyone having to make these decisions with so much at stake ie the Economy but ultimately peoples lives/2nd wave.I think if someone handed any of us the reigns and said "you sort it" we'd run a mile.
  22. Vulnerable Supporters who are Obese,Drink and Smoke.. Vulnerable S.O.D.S for short👍...and not saying which apply to me either🥺
  23. I didnt say all 4 - they were independent of each other - but way to go on a 75% score on the risk factors !!
  24. One hell of a sweeping assumption there Dave..? I`m relatively slender tbh.
  25. Dave, Your dad could do what I have done and take his car off the road by declaring SORN with the DVLA and cancelling his insurance. He would need to park the car on a drive or in a garage.
  26. Theoretically, if large gatherings are banned for longer, then the number of 'live' cases of the virus will be significantly lower. Therefore, the risk would be reduced to a more acceptable level. Look around at a stock car meeting and you will see a lot of older people, obesity, heavy drinkers, and smokers. All these are considered to be vulnerabilities to the virus. Restarting racing too early could be very damaging.
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