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  2. I can agree with that as in non contact formulas the drivers are encouraged not to effect the leaders too much. Don't remember Rebels being non contact though.
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  4. Not a fan of the rule. I've spectated at racing in the States and it felt fake as the finished to races seemed engineered. We should be confident enough in our sport to promote it for "realness" and not artificially interfere in the running order. F1/F2 racing is as real and authentic as it gets - in a world of social media fakery let's market it as such!
  5. At least you didn't suggest running heats like circuit racing ie fastest car at pole lol.
  6. Ah right Riggerman**....so all of a sudden drivers are going to fire in lower graders (or anyone for that matter) to get a yellow under the new rules to sit on the leaders tail or two cars back, whereas in the good old days before the new ruling, no one, but no one, I mean even some bumper happy drivers that are racing today would have dreamed of getting a yellow and say sitting behind a couple of backmarkers to gain an advantage....I mean this has obviously never have crossed drivers minds before the new ruling. At this rate they’ll be thinking of firing in drivers into parked cars next to stop em coming back after them on the next bend. I get the point of the knocking the hell out of the incentive of lower graders when the yellows come out but how many times have we seen in the past a top grade driver hit the front after 8 laps, stick 4 backmarkers between him and the lower graders he has passed and the yellows come out...under the new ruling they have a chance to use that hallowed front bumper and nerf rails to nail the star man up front and go on for a win...Quid pro Quo perhaps??. Just an opinion. Cheers Andy. **....not sure what the punishment is for differing from Riggermans opinion on Stoxnet....banishment to Lancashire, forced to cheer Tom Harris, removal from the 53 fan club, having to attend tar meetings only but whatever it is I’ll take it like a man😂
  7. In my opinion, this rule is fine for non contact racing - hot rods, rebels, etc etc. but not for contact racing - Brisca F1, F2, NMS etc. its as simple as that.
  8. Spot on Rigger Man, this rule is the equivalent of VAR in football, i.e. an ill thought out, unnecessary addition that just isn't necessary for all the reasons you've highlighted.
  9. It is a lot better Trimal and as for pinching a yard or 4 it does happen but they all have racievers in “788 go back 5 car lengths”
  10. Those of you who use YouTube I now have channel memberships approved! support what i do for as little as £1.99 a month safe and easy to sign up to! click the link to sign up! https://www.youtube.com/c/jcproduction/join
  11. Off Track: Pit Access with Kyle Gray (124) We caught up with Kyle Gray (124) on Sunday after his first meeting of 2020 on Saturday night at King's Lynn. We discuss the meeting itself, the car he was using and what 2021 may hold for him.
  12. For F1’s I’m not a fan of the new rule at all. I think it goes completely against the grain of stock car racing whereby most of our races see the faster drivers trying to hunt down the ‘low graders’ at the front, I find that entertaining and it’s one of the sports’ main USP’s. Being naive, I still like the sport I watch to have some resemblance of fairness and I don’t take any enjoyment from seeing a driver who has worked hard to put backmarkers between himself and his competitors have that work undone by others getting a free pass to sit on his back bumper at a restart. That will often make him cannon fodder and get excess damage through no fault of his own. I agree that under the old rules back markers would sometimes get excessive damage on restarts when used as cue-balls etc but that was very rare in F1 and if they didn’t move out the way, ultimately it is part of stock car racing. If one of the aims of the rule change was to prevent this occasional damage to back markers then we’ve attempted to do so by artificially influencing race results at almost every meeting. Sledgehammer and nut. I don’t find watching free passes and a driver half a lap behind ending up winning a race ‘entertaining’. It’s contrived. I’ve said many times on here and elsewhere that the sport is resistant to think outside the box and change but if the other aim of this was therefore to improve the ‘entertainment’ element to draw more people in, then fix what’s broken, don’t meddle with something that wasn’t an issue. Focus on the things that would matter to new fans – meeting length, price, facilities etc etc, not removing six cars that they wouldn’t understand anyway. ‘’Wait, they’re un-lapping back markers on restarts, quick we must go and watch this stock car thing now!’’. It’s never going to happen.... and increased use of yellow flags just increases meeting lengths. Contrary to the opinion of other posters, surely the rule isn’t ‘lower-grader friendly’ at all. Rather than helping them by avoiding some very occasional damage in F1, it makes their dream of winning races and fending off the ‘stars’ even harder. It acts as a disincentive to them, and as acknowledged by Sarge’s recent interview they’ll dread yellow flags even more than they used to. Whilst not proven yet, it also potentially causes a farce in Championship races. It’s perfectly conceivable that in the Chase Finale in a couple of weeks, 84 or 515 could have a half lap lead – is it right that the second place driver, multiple cars behind in on track position, can now fire in a car to bring out the yellows knowing full well he’ll now sit on the bumper of the leader on the restart and get a free shot at him (that causes two incidents where excessive car damage or injury can be inflicted)! I think it’s a complete nonsense and not what I pay to see. If a driver has built a gap with lapped traffic then he deserves that traffic advantage on the restart. World Finals could become ridiculous banger racing with ‘’fire in a foreigner’’ to bring out the yellow flags and advance your position (that happened with the old rules let alone these new ones which increase the incentive to do so). Not to mention that the rule encourages team or buddy racing. Is this how we want our F1 ‘entertainment’? Not for me. For the above reasons, if the rule stays in place then at the very least I think it should only be in place for races starting in graded order, and immediately be removed for Championship and World Semi Finals run in non-graded order - as they could become a wrecking and injury session if drivers are artificially incentivised to bury competitors. It’s a nonsense.
  13. Up on the website on board #526 skegness 19/9/20 https://www.jcproduction.co.uk/2020/skegness-19-09-20 https://youtu.be/7vdtxZ601Rk
  14. Mr Richard Will these be on the poor mans channel Freesports, sometime...
  15. Stop dead is a good idea. How many would pinch a yard or 4? Stoppage on last lap, I'd call the result. Fair and saves time.
  16. I’m sure there’s more of a problem with a clutch start in an F1 (stalling) I’m sure someone will clarify?
  17. I’m against, its artificially altering the race I hate yellow flag single file restart for the same reason, stop dead where you are if there HAS to be a stoppage like on the last lap of the final at KL that went red, then just go green from standing start ala NZ it is a much much better way in my opinion
  18. It sucks and is the main reason I haven’t bothered going to any meetings this year , it’s not racing , it’s a stupid NASCAR style rule .
  19. Yellow flags are and have been part of racing for many years. Yes at times it seems unfair to the leader, (as trimal says there isn't any other way due to distances being variable), BUT then moving backmarkers out of the way basically means the leader gets double wammied with unfairness. Which tbh is unfair !! You say the sport needs more entertainment. Perhaps the part of the machine which is broken needs fixing rather than fiddling with another part of the machine which isn't broken.
  20. Cheers both for the results👍
  21. Not something that has been on the radar up to now but a lot depends on who foots the bill as you know everything costs money for someone im sure if everything fell into place they would look at it. 247.tv cover a lot of stuff live for tv and social media so its not impossible
  22. Tickets for Sunday 8th November meeting promoted by Startrax Racing in association with Trackstar go on sale tomorrow from 12noon – don’t miss out and set a reminder for tickets to the only BriSCA F1 Championship race of 2020! F2 Stock Cars and the National MiniStox British Championship on the line up, a superb afternoon of Stock Car action at King’s Lynn. Trackstar run safe, Covid19 secure events, please be Covid 19 responsible when visiting us. Review the website for Covid19 measures and Government guidance. http://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/ Photo Dave Bastock
  23. I think it was after it was first done at Lynn and Jonathan Abbott interviewed Frankie about it and he said - he/the drivers "heard" it was brought in after the WF when Tom won it so convincingly. Think that is where the confusion lies.
  24. I thought it was brought in because white tops a lap down were being fired into the fence?
  25. I'm sure someone said the rule was brought in on a trial basis as the last WF was too boring. The WF is about the only race in the season where the top guys normally start at the front rather than the rear, so a new rule introduced based on that isn't too representative of the majority of the races over a season. In the good old days, I'm sure that the first 3 (or maybe 5?) used to maintain any gap built up on restarts, same outrage when that rule was changed to bunch the field up, biggest losers normally being lower graders. Maybe that was just Spedeworth and Cowdenbeath as I didn't find F1s until the '80's!! It would be good to get some actual facts about whether the rule has led to more or less entertainment by allowing the lappers to unlap themselves. On any given instance there will be winners and losers from a drivers perspective, but even there, the only comments I've heard from ( a small selection/sample) of drivers have stated that they don't like it, even where they have benefitted from it. In current times, I'm just happy that there is actually some racing going on to be having this philosophical debate about
  26. We create entertainment by putting white tops at the front, and making faster drivers push through. Letting lap down (in the main whites) go round to the back defeats this. The bunching up on restart is unfair, and robs many low graders of a win. But it's the only way, as distances are variable in every case.
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