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  2. Thanks for the updates. Things look to be progressing very well. Can’t wait to see the first pictures of the shale going down.
  3. Nice bit of welding and good to see the construction of back of the fence. Great job - especially considering this has been done in the middle of a pandemic and in very trying weather conditions. This project is progressing very well. Thank you and well done 👏👌👊👍
  4. Don’t think for one moment that this will be the case can’t see the” Wainman welding company “ not doing a weld on both sides For years 2 Ltr saloons have been fileing the fences of the Racewall and Kings Lynn and are very experienced at doing so.!
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  6. looking good don’t think there will be to many drivers wanting to go through that fence because that looks very very strong.There’s one man who would be painting the place out day and night, Dave it’s times like this that your missed but you are NOT forgotten.
  7. Don't know if it's just me, but the plate looks like it is 'overlapped', which is fine for the F1s, F2s, Minis, etc. that run anti-clockwise, but will it not leave 'steps' in the plate that clockwise formulas such as Saloons and Bangers will snag on ?
  8. 3 WEEKS COMPLETED SO FAR As we move into the second part of the weekend the race is on as the team enter the last bend of the project and on schedule for the ring of steel to be completed from start to finish in 21 days - despite intervening weather and sub zero temperatures - there remains quite a lot of 'finishing off and detail' and top rope to be affixed and follow up projects along the front straight / grandstand to be engineered in the coming weeks. However, the phase is almost complete. Whilst the job has moved on well, don't underestimate that the team, FWJ, JJ, Karl,Graeme, FWS,D
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  10. There were grandstands on both straights in the tarmac days, and the start/finish line was on the opposite side, but when the stadium re-opened in 1985 after the shale was put down both stands had been demolished and a new one built on the side that then became the home straight.
  11. Yes, used to be one on the other side. Actually a better set up now with Covid.
  12. thanks for the updates. I'm sure there used to be a granstand on either side (on the front and back straights) Is it my age, or is one missing now? (1st pic in last post; there was one on the right IIRC)
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  14. Startrax Stock Car Racing As promised, our regular update to at least let you see progress as,again, we cannot allow visitors on site with it being a construction site and of course Covid 19 restrictions - This way we can update you without trying to sneak in! Ian Bannister is keeping an archive for the future of how the project develops. There will be an end of week blog / review in the next 24 hours!
  15. Photos of Pete Morris, John Davies, Geoff Nickolls, John Adey, Colin Gautry, Frank Bourne, John Kirkpatrick, Wilf Hargreaves, Mo Smith, Rob Squire, Steve Wragg, Derek Bryan, David Leslie, Dillwyn Curtis, Bill Heywood, Mick Buck
  16. Harry G

    Odsal Chat

    Why is having a catch fence even a discussion? I guess they will use one that can be taken off for the rugby and replaced for stockars. I think I saw someone say that that's what they had at BV but not sure
  17. Chrisdoy

    Odsal Chat

    I was at the Bradford meeting in the late 80s and i believe it was a sump guard plate that went into the crowd and sadly a fatality took place all very sad.
  18. Catch fencing is there to stop bits which "may" come off a car going into the crowd. It was never designed to stop a car, that is what the "safety fence" is there for. The point I was making is that although the catch fencings job isn't to stop a car, it has on previous occasions, and therefore stopped any serious injuries which "could" of occurred if that hadn't been any at all. As you say, most current catch fencing possibly wouldn't stop a F1 on full chat, but God forbid, if it did happen, I certainly hope it would slow the car down and hopefully give you chance to react and try a
  19. Duck

    Odsal Chat

    I think there was a incident many years ago at Odsal, where a piece of Nerf rail or bumper went into the crowd, hitting a spectator in the seats on the old home straight? Also If I remember, correct, after this incident Bammy stopped people sitting/standing on the seats / terracing at least 5 rows back from the fence, and 3 or 4 terraces away from the fence on turns 3/4? IMO catch fencing would have to AS strong as the fence to stop a F1 car coming through at full chat, Buxton’s catch fence is made from Concrete reinforcing mesh, which by design would IMO would just tear apart. Look at NASCAR
  20. I wonder if their H&S / Insurance providers are completely different and are unaware of what has previously happened in England and Scotland ?
  21. Indeed Carrot. The Charlene Kingston incident wasn't a one off though. I have personally seen 2 other incidents of wheels complete with hubs going into the crowd, one being Ipswich Spedeweekend, which made the National Press!! I also know of 3 incidents where the catch fencing has stopped the car going into the crowd, an F2 at Cowdenbeath (which did bring the fencing down but no one was seriously hurt), F2 181 Tony Plumber at Mildenhall and National Saloon Stock Car 600 Barry Russell at Kings Lynn. Btw the incident at Cowdenbeath lead to all the rows of concrete terracing below the t
  23. Cheers for the thanks folks 👍 Volvo Trucks UK put this on their Facebook page last weekend: A special Sunday evening shoutout to Mick Sworder - pilot of this 2014 Volvo FH16 750, supplied by Stuarts Truck & Bus.. It's primarily used to pull a low loader moving plant and vehicles, or anything else Mick can find to to fit on the trailer! A regular sight on roads near the firm's base near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Mick loves how it drives, and appreciates every one of its 750 horses when maximum pulling power is required. The business is a true family affai
  24. Stock car racing legend Frankie Wainman relishes Odsal return https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/19029535.stock-car-racing-legend-frankie-wainman-relishes-odsal-return/
  25. Looks like there 20 years behind us for H&S requirements. Don’t think Stock car Steve would ever dream of not installing a catch fence. This has got to be top notch and on the button enterprise and far better than Belle Vue or Stoke ever had hope of being in the same league.
  26. Up on the website on board #5 heat win Skegness 10/11/20 https://youtu.be/6R0JTGnrA4g https://www.jcproduction.co.uk/2020/skegness-111020
  27. That is indeed very sad Carrot,but the last time we went to Ballymena was only 5 years ago is what I was meaning
  28. This was a safety feature introduced after the untimely death of a young girl Charline Kingston who was hit by a wheel that was catapulted into the crowd of the BRS turn at Wisbech. I think this happened in 1992 at the first Neil Bee memorial meeting This was the worst experience of my time involved with stock cars.
  29. If my memory serves me correctly, catch fences were put up after a fatal accident at Wisbech in the early 90’s.A loose wheel went into the crowd killing a female spectator. I don ‘t think Bradford would be licenced without catch fencing.
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