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  2. 35 BriSCA F1's are now scheduled with the addition of British Champion 197 Ryan Harrison and 496 Neil Holcroft. Sadly 191 Joshua Smith has now cancelled. Don't forget; advance tickets are available now from the website and cheaper than at the Box Office on the day. Plus, kids 11 and under go free in advance. https://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/content/news/saturday-2nd-july-5pm-meeting-preview.ashx
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  4. The Saturday at King’s Lynn is our Charity Mental Health Awareness meeting for CALM, we are so proud to be dedicating a meeting to this for the second year running, of course Mental Health Awareness isn’t just limited to one day, but if this can be the start of someone just starting the journey to opening up, then job done. It’s so, so, important and not a subject going away soon. We’d encourage drivers to help raise funds too and ask people to help and donate, we know time’s are hard, but if you can donate, it genuinely would make a lifesaving difference. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/trackstar-racing1 Raising money is always a good thing…. But most of all... let's get talking. A problem shared is a problem halved. Even if not to a friend, relative, co-worker etc…. call one of the dedicated numbers. Samaritans - 116 123. The CALMzone - 0800 585858. Mind - 0300 1233393. They do a fantastic job and are ready to support you.
  5. It’s a busy night for BriSCA F1 World Champion Tom Harris as he doubles up on the action this Saturday racing, in both the F1 Stock Cars and Unlimited Bangers for Team Black A. The booking list is updated, there are 63 Unlimited Bangers (13 Teams), 34 BriSCA F1 Stock Cars and 24 MiniStox booked to race.
  6. Pics in the gallery. Many thanks Nic for these and the results 👍
  7. It's race week and what a weekend we have lined up! BriSCA F1, Unlimited Bangers and now limited number of National Ministox. . . a huge night of action and the only place you will see F1 Stock Cars and Unlimited Bangers on the same line up. Our mental health awareness meeting for CALM too.. donation buckets will be available. But most of all... let's get talking. A problem shared is a problem halved. If any one is interested in writing anything about Mental Health for the programme, please do and send to us for inclusion by Tuesday PM. The booking list is now on our website, there are 63 Unlimited Bangers (13 Teams), 30 BriSCA F1 Stock Cars and 19 MiniStox booked to race. It’s going to be good!
  8. F1 plus F2 and Saloons The place to be for the biggest stock car weekend of the year, the three main stock car formulas all at one place for two days of nonstop racing.. Brisca F2 Stock Cars, around 90 F2s will be here to qualify for the UK Championship, there will be cars racing from all parts of the UK, plus Drivers from Northern Ireland, with all of the top driver in this formula at Skeggy, it’s no mean feat to win the coveted UK trophy. Qualifying for the UK takes place on Saturday night with points scorers carried forward to Sunday and Drivers from the two Consolations on Sunday making up the 36 car UK Championship grid. Saturday’s final is for the Cottage Farm trophy. The 2L Saloon Stock Cars who often steal the show where ever they race, will be joined by Drivers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Mainland Europe. The Saloons race in the heats on Saturday night with the top 30 points scorers going forward to Sundays UK Championship in memory of Marion, a last chance race on Sunday makes up the grid. Sunday also sees the Ray Gunn Tribute Race. Brisca F1 Stock Cars are the third formula of this weekend on the Saturday night will be the Ray Tyldesley Memorial and the Frunk Hughes on the Sunday. The now traditional “Teng Tools” Champions Challenge will commence at 3pm on the Saturday with a meet and greet session for F1 World Champion Tom Harris, F2 World Champ Chris Burgoyne and Saloon Points Champion Michael Allard ( The Saloon World Champion is unavailable due to a wedding, bad planning there!). Representing Teng Tools will be Gary North. Don’t forget about the famous Late night bar and disco, what happens in Skeg Vegas stays in Skeg Vegas! There will be public access over this weekend to the pits. Also advance tickets can’t be used a the pitgate, thanks. PLEASE DON’T ARRIVE BEFORE THE OPENING TIMES LISTED ON THE OTHER PAGE. Blocking the road causes problems with the local council so again please don’t arrive before the gates open. Thanks Spectator Carpark cost £2 per vehicle for this event we will fill the main car park first then move to the over flow at the North end (Seaside end) of the stadium. All blue badge holders (if space is available) can park on the normal carpark, there is NO parking along the roadside behind the grandstand. You will only be able to enter and exit the normal car park from the far gate under the car on the pole. The turnstile gate will be closed. Advance Tickets are available for the weekend only, individual days are only available on the day, cash or card. Weekend wristbands will also be available at the Turnstiles on the Saturday. Advance sales will end on or before the 1st July. We are thrilled to be welcomed into the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame with our Certificate of Excellence and we have a 4.7 out of 5 rating on google. You really should be coming along to Skegness Raceway to be part of the excitement & fun that lots of people are talking about and have had a great time over the last few years. We are also members of Visit Britain and Visit England. And we are also home of the Skeg Vegas sign! Skegness Raceway boast fantastic facilities We have a large undercover Grandstand, extended by 50% in 2020, if you prefer to watch from outside, the arena is raised terracing so plenty of unhindered viewing. We also have Bars (including our family Raceview Bar, heated for chilly days), shops, catering, toilets, disabled toilets and baby changing facilities. We have no direct seating, large tyres are banked in on each bend which do create a seating area. You are welcome to bring your own chairs. The seaside end allows a great area for wheelchair viewing. We have some ongoing improvements at the raceway, the ground near the turnstiles may be muddy under foot. Please bear with us as we continue to improve the Raceway Sorry there isn’t a cash machine at the raceway Large free carpark adjacent to the stadium There is public access to the pits. Disabled parking, park where directed. Thanks Trackside parking no longer available (hasn’t been since 2017) and there is also no longer a bus service to the Raceway, we do have a large car park. Sorry camping is only available on the Saturday night and isn’t bookable. Note. Large quantities of food and drink are not allowed to be brought in to the Stadium arena. You may enter the Stadium with a small amount of food and non- alcoholic beverage suitable for one person’s consumption ie. Sandwich, packet of crisps and bottle of soft drink. We will not allow cooler boxes, holdalls, shopping bags, backpacks etc. filled with refreshments. Nor will we allow trays, packs crates etc. of soft drinks. STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL or GLASS. Alcohol will be confiscated If you have specific dietary requirements for health reasons, please bring a confirmation letter with you from your GP. We race in all weather conditions. Well behaved dogs on leads are allowed to be brought into the venue. No tents, shelters, gazebos, marquee’s, pop up tents or similar are allowed inside the Stadium Arena.
  9. Ipswich, 18th June 2022 Drivers Of The Day - 211 Phoebe Wainman & 47 Simon Traves Racin' Rating - 8.51
  10. Coming up next, Saturday 2nd July – BriSCA F1 Stock Cars and Unlimited Banger Teams – the only place in 2022 the two classes will be on the same billing. PLUS Raising money and awareness for Men’s Mental Health and CALM. Thank you to all the people/ business that came forward to support the Headline Sponsorship raffle. All numbers were claimed and paid for Friday; so the draw took place Saturday 25th June using the bonus ball of the main National Lottery draw. The Bonus Ball was #6; well done to Laura Jayne of Bangin’ Scents www.banginscents.co.uk who is now the headline sponsor for this meeting. Advance tickets are available now from the website and cheaper than at the Box Office on the day. Plus, kids 11 and under go free in advance. https://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/ With big events for both classes this weekend, event details will be released in due course once bookings are confirmed. Make it a weekend at King’s Lynn Sunday 3rd July, 1pm - Micro Bangers, 2L Bangers, Junior Bangers & Unlimited Lady Bangers.
  11. 2L National Saloon StockCars World Cup Top 3 1. 902 Bradley Compton-Sage (uk) 2 424 Patrick Rutters 3 868 Bart Wouters That’s all folks Big thank you to Hary for sending the results to me.
  12. Final Uk36 Jordan Falding 124 Wim Peeters 47 Danny van Wamelen 6 464 77 999 318 141 461 195 299 97 90 181 113 106 248 DNF 71 393
  13. Heat Three 36 Jordon Falding 999 464LD 77 124 71 47 318 393 106 299 461 248 181 141 97 195 DNF 6 90 99 113 247 482
  14. Heat Two 36 Jordon Falding 464LD 400 7 124 47 248 113 461 77 141 999 185 191 299 247 97 487 240 DNF 12 71 90 99 106 318 393
  15. Day 2 - Sunday 26th June Results Heat One 77 Wesley Schaap 464LD 299 36JF 461 124 47 181 999 318 400 113 141 12 482 106 99 6 71 248 90 97 DNF 195 247 393
  16. BriSCA V8 HotStox Results Heat One 1 Steve Thompson 288 575 296 222 10 176 365 577 350 553 329 Heat Two 1 Steve Thompson 288 77 365 296 525 350 193 344 453 10 376 Heat Three 1 Steve Thompson 288 296 365 329 176 77 193 nof British Championship Grid 1 288 296 365 77 176 575 222 10 350 193 525 577 453 553 490 187 329 2022 British Championship sponsored by Billingham Removals Result 1 Steve Thompson (3rd year in a row) 365 Marcus Brooks 575 Darren Cottrill 296 222 176 77 329 10 525
  17. Ps Big thank you to Jane for being available, and wish Dick a speedy recovery.
  18. British Championship Result 197 16 515 1 20 418 21 502 34 446 94 238 Thats all folks
  19. Top Three 197 Ryan Harrison 16 Matt Newson 515 Frankie Wainman Junior
  20. Lap ten ish yf 410 in t1 fence via 197 and 1 bumpers a few laps ago. all ok restart order 197 169 418 1 515 16 35 21 2 20 24 587 34 446 127 94 32 502 238 463 nor
  21. Restart order 410 217 21 1 55 197 515 418 34 16 20 24 211 2 446 191 502 463 127 32 338 191 216 169 212 35 94 238 544 nor
  22. 410 takes the early lead 1 and 197 lost a few places and making up list ground we have a rollover on lap 2 326 Mark Sargent is out and waving to the crowd.
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