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  2. Remember Martyn clarke from when he set up cads and think he was a official at some track as well.
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  4. If they'd asked me as I know some of the UKDirt admins I would've done it as I've done it for a couple of leagues in the past for the regular meetings for the likes of F2's, Saloons, Ministox, Rebels, Hot Rods and Stock Rods.
  5. Well, being Mildenhall it should of been Bangers, lol. Fish and Chip que will probably be double the length (social distancing) but will only be 1 hr long.
  6. I'm sure there must be people available who would jump at the chance if asked. Afterall, we are in lockdown situation and some people are being paid to sit at home not doing much.
  7. It's question of if they could get anyone to do it.
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  9. Preview: 2015 UK Dirt Championship of the World Huge 6 car battle for the lead.
  10. Preview: 2015 UK Dirt Championship of the World Huge 6 car battle for the lead.
  11. Perhaps you could contact a proper commentator to be onboard also to add that bit of normality?
  12. Indeed linky. They always used to catch most of the action. I have no idea if Jonathan is still around the oval scene or indeed still trading, If not, it would be nice to know if he has sold (or is willing to sell) his archive footage/back catalogue.
  13. Think this will be a cold night please wrap up warm what is the support formula? How long will the wait for fish and chips going to be?
  14. wow great thanks to all for making this happen
  15. linky

    Ansell class !

    JSD must have some great archive footage from the 80s/90s. I remember buying videos of Coventry meetings from JSD years ago. Very good footage for the time with limited cameras.
  16. And all courtesy of JSD Video.
  17. THE BOOKING LIST IS FINALLY RELEASED This Saturday sees the BriSCA F1 drivers return to Mildenhall to do battle......from their own homes and it's a truly European feel! That's right, the BSCDA have teamed up with the UK Dirt Online Racing Team, with special thanks to Kane Morgan, to bring you some virtual BriSCA F1 racing live on Facebook and YouTube - just like/follow BSCDAF1 on both platforms. The drivers that have booked in so far are: 50 drivers 5 Charlie Sworder 21 Mark Gilbank 45 Nigel Harrhy 47 Simon Traves 93 Sam Makim 94 John Dowson 120 Casey Englestone 136 Rob Jacklin 137 Sam Jacklin 147 Eddie Collins 166 Bobby Griffin 175 Karl Hawkins 217 Lee Fairhurst 220 Will Hunter 268 Richard Woods 275 Terry Hawkins 283 Alex Wass 306 Ian Noden 313 Karl Roberts 335 Mark Woodhull 339 Ant Lee 345 Jake Harrhy 346 Ashley England 415 Russell Cooper 422 Ben Riley 445 Nigel Green 464 Luke Davidson 478 Shane Geary 501 George Elwell 526 Finn Sargent 544 Ben Howard H6 Pascal Spigt H14 Rick Wobbes H29 Durk Griedanus H47 Danny van Wamelen H61 Koen Maris H86 Edwin Ploeg H100 Joey Slooff H141 Richard Falkena H155 Pieter Langeveld H181 Mark Veenstra H229 Tsjalle Greidanus H248 Mika Ronitz H410 Jelle Tesselaar H452 Willem de Vries H477 Martijn Oudhuis H511 Arjen de Wilde H525 Nigel de Kock H618 Wybe de Vries H880 Niels Tesselaar We also have special guest commentators to take you through the nights racing. Those are: Mark 'The East Coast Legend' Sargent Paul 'Why So Serious' Hines We hope you can join us for what looks set to be a fantastic nights racing and we're sure the two commentators will be at their comedy best!
  18. linky

    Ansell class !

    Great race. George was closing the gap very quickly. A touch of luck was Ray Leigh was slowed down but a good win regardless. Whatever happened to Martyn Clark who I haven’t seen in years?
  19. https://www.jigsawplanet.com/Trackstar/kings-lynn some from trackstar aswell
  20. Mick Sworder, Dave Mellor, Bezz, Speakie. Its going to be hard to trim the list as everyone had their own opinion but good luck.
  21. Great stories Graham. Thanks for sharing. i really enjoyed the book as well.
  22. Not to watch it on facebook or youtube, only to race online in the ukdirt leagues. This event is only open to real life drivers to race, everyone else can watch with as much food, drink, seating etc as they have available at home with access to facebook or youtube.
  23. del387

    Ansell class !

  24. Dougie Cronshaw, Des Chandler and Jayne Bean should definitely be on that list.
  25. I must add the 1st man I knew in Brisca F1s who was responsible for getting me involved in this formula 397 Rodger Warnes and 1 of the 1st drivers that I can remember at at King’s Lynn 85 Mr Beef. For being there for years and years Geoff Nicholls and Tim Warwick
  26. Do you need RFactor or Rfactor2 ? Cheers
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