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  2. The BSCDA are delighted to bring you an interview with Kelvin Hassell (13) where we discuss last season, what 2021 holds for him and also reveal his new car for the upcoming season.
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  4. Hello race fans! We hope you have been keeping well – we cannot wait to see you! Today saw stage 2 of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown going ahead as planned, attention turns now to phase 3 and that’s where we come in! We’re back, racing is back! (Fingers crossed) - Saturday 22nd May – 5.30pm: F1 Stock Cars WCQR, MiniStox World of Shale & V8 Stock Cars Whilst it is a long way off and a lot can change, we’re expecting to be reopening with the same Covid19 measures and policies in place as to when we were operating last year; including advance tickets only. Our fix
  5. Welcome back after the shortest retirement in history. I recon you had a downer on after going into the wall when leading the WF.....
  6. https://www.youtube.com/user/moatstar515 Come and watch me do it all again Tonight's meeting information Season 4 meeting 1 Kingston raceway Monday the 12th of april Start time 19:30 uk Chase series round 1 Overseas drivers championship round 1 Whites & yellows championship round 1 Running order Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Heat 5 Heat 6 Consolation Grand final 🏆 Grand national Moatstar*
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  8. In our next instalment of Off Track 2021 we get the chance to speak to Mat Newson (16) about a number of topics including: How he got into BriSCA F1 and discussing his career which now enters a 20th season His greatest achievement so far His view on the silver roof debate The building/maintaining of his cars as well as those of his customers The cost of racing in BriSCA F1 Is a dual surface car a realistic proposition in 2021 His preferred surface and favourite track His
  9. The Odsal promo day was a HUGE success! Check out the full behind the scenes post up on the website. video, photos and a bit of a blog! check it out! #JCproduction #BSCDATV #odsal https://www.jcproduction.co.uk/2021-blogs/odsal-promo-day-behind-the-scenes
  10. Continued from above: Life in the mill Moscow Mill workers In the early 1800’s, hundreds of workers would stream through the doors of Moscow Mill into the clattering atmosphere of what is now the Weavers Court. Inside the mill The large spinning mill was established in 1824-5 by Benjamin and Robert Walmsley of Rough Hey. The loomshop was added in 1828, and the entire factory was lit by gas. The factory was damaged by fire in 1831 and the upper part of the building, comprising four stories and an attic was entirely destroye
  11. Continued from above: Church & Oswaldtwistle station Oswaldtwistle was on the 1844-1859 East Lancashire Railway network which became amalgamated into the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway. The station in the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway days As it is today. The station buildings having been demolished. Under BR ownership Stanhill / Knuzden WW2 POW Camp Lancashire had its fair share of POW and Internment Camps, some in the most unlikely places. The Internment Camps were a dark part of the wa
  12. Continued from above: Aspen Colliery Aspen Colliery Cabin Surviving here are the remains of the colliery, a group of beehive coking ovens known locally as Fairy Caves, and the associated canal basin from where coal and coke were transported. It is located on the north side of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Blackburn Road. Coal mining at Aspen is thought to have commenced in the early 19th century and continued until the colliery closed in 1930. The upstanding remains of the colliery include two stone-built engine beds situated in the northern p
  13. Continued from above: From Taunton we now head for the Lancashire town of Oswaldtwistle. The town is situated three miles east south east of Blackburn, and adjoins Accrington and Church. It is known for having a rich industrial heritage that has been passed down through the generations. Come along with me as we see what the town has to offer: The name is said to originate from the two words, ‘Oswald’ and ‘Twistle’. The word ‘twistle’ means the place where brooks meet. Saint Oswald , the King of Northumbria from 634 until 642, is said to have given the area its title of Os
  14. Hi there folks, We start this week with a review of the last Taunton weekday meeting of season 2020. Following two back to back wet meetings it was thankfully dry for this one. After a break of eleven days the F2’s were back in action at Smeatharpe. It was Monday 28th September when they were last here and essentially that was one meeting too far for them. After a very busy spell the F2 fraternity simply ran out of steam. The plan to pair St.Day on the Sunday with here on the Monday actually proved detrimental to both meetings. If there had just been the one date in Cornwall a larger car
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  16. Can't stay away 🤣, season 4 starts on monday. Time too light the tire's again. 👍
  17. It's recruitment time again. If like me your dream has always been to race a F1, but also like me you have never had the money to realise that dream then look no further. Season 4 of the wreckfest PlayStation stock car drivers association starts on monday and everyone is welcome on the virtual track. We have a wide variety of age groups, skill levels and even a few real life racers aswell from both here and across the water. So if you fancy a blast get yourselves in the group and let's go virtual racing. My psn id is moatstar, feel free to contact me on any platform if anyone has any ques
  18. ODSAL UPDATE WITH STEVE REES - PART TWO Tonight we catch up with Steve Rees and others to find out some of those important and sought after answers including: The World Final venue to be announced by Steve The Chase Finale announcement with David and Ben Crosby Tour of the hospitality suite with Ian Higgins We also chat to former BriSCA F1 World Champion Lee Fairhurst (217), V8 Hotstox Amy Jagger (525), BriSCA F2’s Harley Thackra (9) and BriSCA Ministox Sam Critchley (64). As usual, our interview will air at 8pm via our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Make
  19. Sunday night kicks off a week long special featuring BriSCA F1 superstar Mat Newson (16). The interview will be the now traditional in-depth driver chat, with loads of interesting insight from Mat. Monday night onwards is a virtual Newson workshop tour, where Mat focuses on some of the cars he's built/refurbished over the close season. As part of these episodes, we also have a quick catch up with the drivers of those cars. As usual, our interviews will air at 8pm each night via our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Make sure you’re following all of our social media, just search
  20. We are delighted to bring part two of the Odsal update interview with Steve Rees tomorrow night at 8pm as members of our PR Team were present at Odsal to conduct the interviews yesterday. A post will go out tomorrow with what to expect from the interview and will feature some photos of our day spent at the stadium. Make sure you’re following all of our social media, just search BSCDAF1 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  21. ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL Another full day at Odsal yesterday and I would like thank Jordan, Sue & Russell Cooper for travelling all the way from Cambridgeshire, Sophie BSCDA and Jonathan Abbott putting together what should be an interesting Podcast with news and insight into development. thanks also to Teams Fairhurst, Jagger, Thackra and Critchley who had the honours of being the first drivers on the Bradford shale since October 1997 and, to Ian Higgins for his help in getting a sample set of friends of Odsal banners up to get the visual effect. We were also delighted to welcome Com
  22. Thanks so much Just an observation - Joff says he's only doing shale, but on the back of the car it says "Follow me to Skegness Raceway"
  23. How’s the car progressing now? Any new news? Still dying to see the final vid of the set. Been a bit of a highlight of lockdown 2 tbh.
  24. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402780864742
  25. Just have some form of flexible(ish) agreement, tickets can go on sale one month in advance of the meeting date, the paying punters know when they are available, can plan ahead, it’s like paying on the day but a month in advance.
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