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  1. GN Notes The opening laps are all action as the star men circulate as one with plenty of bumperwork amongst them. 166 and 463 briefly lock together on the backstraight with Bobby doing a bit of sideways driving. He then clashes with 20 in turn 1. 515 sends 124 to the outside entering the backstraight which sends Kyle on a wall of death bouncing off the plate. 55 and 515 have a side to side bash going through turn 3. 124 spun out by 2 in turn 1. 166 pulls off with a flat front right. It's a battle of the youth next between 25 and 20. An enthralling race t
  2. Pit news after the Final 268 - Steering box change 166 - Left rear spring change 249 - Axle strip down/ rebuild ongoing. Internal part damaged which is a legacy of the Bradford crash. Joff's dad said, " Joff can bend anything, he's bent my bank account! 😀
  3. Final Focus A hectic first few laps with many cars jostling for the same part of the track sees 515 half spin in turn 3 which slows the back half of the field. 1 comes through from the rear with determined use of the front end. A smoky 526 takes the lead from the 308 car. 212 and 16 having a good lap by lap battle. 515 puts a hit in on 259. 446 spins 544 out down the homestraight. 515 and 217 engage in a fight for position. Going into turn 3 for the last time the 1 car has caught 308 and gives him a slight hit on the inside nerf which unsettles the car a
  4. Pit news after the Consolation 249 - Back axle out and diff cover removed. Peter Falding examining the diff. 389 - Diff stripped down. 191 - Front torque link rod change in op. 12 - Front left hub change. Kingpin proving a son of a gun to remove. 220 - After being locked out for the Consolation the transporter is heading for the exit.
  5. Consolation Catch Up 308 leads off as 166 is the first red to break through. 326 is battling amongst the blues. 166 gives Sarge a hit as the halfway point is reached. 12 takes on 308 for the lead but comes unstuck by going wide in turn 1. He ends up stuck on the outside line into turn 3 where he gets collected by 166. 55 is slow down the backstraight with a deflated right rear and gets hit on the inside back corner by 338 but continues.
  6. Pit news after Heat Two 446 - Welding front left corner and replacing part of the damaged left side nerf rail. 55 - Fair bit of damage for Craig. Porta power on the front right corner, rear torque link rod to change, and welding the power steering pump attachment bracket in the cab. 249 - Changing propshaft.
  7. Heat Two Happenings 308 leads off the field. 220 half spins and stalls in turn 3. 326 slows and rejoins at the back. 166 pulls off with a flat right front. 55 tangles with 83 on the backstraight and half spins. 191 and 124 tangle in turn 3 with Josh then getting locked together in turn 1 with 326. 308 still in the top 3 has a lap down 220 come past so keeps his foot in and whacks Will into the turn 1 parking lot. After getting going 220 circulates slowly around the outside until 308 comes along who he then pots into the parked 191 and 326 cars. 532
  8. Pit news after Heat One 212 changing the coil as a first check after the engine died during the race. 2 also having coil related trouble. The lead had broken and shorted out against the chassis bringing Paul to a dead engine stop on the infield.
  9. Hi there folks from a dry Northampton. Heat One Happenings 407 takes an early lead as 216 hits the turn 3 plate and pulls off with a flat front right. 1 and 515 lock together momentarily down the homestraight. 515 hits 1 into turn 1 and gets past until Tom throws it up the inside on the next lap. 212 and 2 pull off. 526 is now leading with 1 closing. Making a dive into turn 1 with 3 to go sees the World Champ go wide and lose ground on Finn whose car is now smoking heavily from the right side engine bay. The last lap sees 526 take the outside line around
  10. Some more pics added to the gallery gratefully received from Andy Johnson. Cheers Andy 👍
  11. Pics now in the gallery. Many thanks to Mark Adshead and Carl H for the photos 👍
  12. A great idea Nic! Many thanks to you both for the results. See you both Saturday 👍
  13. Only Nic today Jane, i'm at Bristol for the F2's. See you at Northampton 👍
  14. GN Notes 11 locked out before the start. 34 and 191 come together on the backstraight. 197 hits 463 entering turn one and starts to go sideways until the 1 car straightens him up. 5 spins out in turn two. 1 hits 216 into turn three and climbs over his front end. 197 whacks 1 into turn three who hits the stationary 424 car who is up against the fence. Soon after 1 stops in turn two against the fence. 197 sends 45 on a wayward trajectory when he clouts him going down the backstraight. 87 gets the win with another excellent drive. That's al
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