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  1. GN Notes 73 and 289 tangle in turn three. 5, 2, 124, 463, 21, 20 and 496 all pile in bringing out the caution. The restart sees 169 lead off. 345 pulls off soon after. 326 and 555 lock together on the home straight. 45 and 124 do likewise in turn 3. The remaining laps see some great dicing between 55 and 1 who trade places lap on lap. Up front 525 sets up a last bender on race leader 169 which results in them tangling entering the home straight with Billy ending up on his roof just before the line and Nigel facing the wrong way. Tom who was in 3rd place
  2. Final Focus 197 sends 515 wide into turn 3 on the opening lap. 45 pulls off followed a lap later by 345. 73 and 346 go around in turn 2. 5 and 1 making good inroads through the pack. 12 v 1 through turn 2 with Michael not giving an inch. 335 gets a tankslapper down the home straight and ends up facing the wrong way round but avoids getting collected by the following cars. 515 spins in turn 4. 478 rolls it in turn 3 after encountering 235 and 515 on the outside line. Before the restart 166 pulls off with a flat front left. 515 pulls off. Th
  3. Pit news after the Consi 216 - Gearbox u/s 463 - James is using another of Mat's cars today as his own didn't sound right in the GN at Mildenhall last night. Not worth risking the engine. 392 - Power steering pump keeps throwing the belt off. 124 - The team working on the prop shaft.
  4. Consolation Catch Up 216, 463 and 555 all try for the same line through turn 1 bouncing off the fence. 93 and 87 tangle exiting turn 2 and head towards the infield before gaining forward momentum. 515 spins in turn 2. 197, 217 and 16 circulate as a high speed train. 526 spins in turn 3. 389 and 45 head the field until 3 to go when 197 comes through for the win.
  5. Pit news after the Heats 346 - Gearbox out. 25 - Bellhousing bolts keep coming loose. It'll need the engine out to sort it. 326 - Propshaft change. 235 - Front end damage to sort. 93 - Welding left rear corner. 16 - Front right corner welding up. 345 - Changing collapsed shocker. 5 - Charlie's using his dad's car today as his own is having some work done on it.
  6. Heat Two Happenings ( Steve Froggatt Memorial) 295 leads away. 345 pulls off on lap 1. 415, 124, 234, 389 and 235 end up in a heap in turn 3 bringing out the caution. The restart sees 407 head the field with 525 taking it a lap later. 93 and 22 clash in turn 4 with 25 piling in. 45 and 12 engage in battle until Nige spins off the back bumper of the 12 car in turn 3. 326 slows and comes to a stop in turn 2. Meanwhile 525 is long gone for the victory.
  7. Hi there folks welcome to Brafield Heat One Happenings ( BSCDA Trust Fund Race) 381 and 392 battle at the front at the drop of the green. 20 and 21 get shoved off the racing line at opposite ends of the track and clatter the fence. 526 spins in turn 3. 16 hits the turn 1 fence with the help of the following pack. A lap later 515 and 16 clash in turn 4 with FWJ pulling off with a flat front right. 1 and 197 making rapid progress through the field. 5 is now leading as 217 spins in turn 4. 1 takes the lead from 5 going into turn 3 with an inside broad
  8. Pics from both days now in the gallery folks
  9. GN Notes 1 makes a rapid start and makes up a number of places on lap one. 343 stranded on the backstraight brings out the caution. The restart sees the 5 car ahead of some superb entertainment from the Shootout drivers with hard hits traded between 515, 217, 1, 166 and 16 over the following laps. Caution flies as 217 ends up on a post on the exit of turn 2. The restart has 242 up front with 464 in 2nd. In the closing stages of the race 197 makes his way through to the top half of the grid. 242 has a right rear let go with a couple of laps to go. Some cl
  10. Final Focus An early lap tangle in turn 3 between 191 and 48 narrows the track and 489, 127, 307, 595, 326 and 339 all end up in amongst it which brings out the caution. 327 leads away on the re-start. 464 and 197 are on their way from the back. 197 removes 464, 8, 492 and 295 in one hit into turn 3. A battle between 515, 1 and 217 ensues for a number of laps. 464 spins 2 out in turn 3 who pulls off soon after with a flat left rear. After a caution period 36 leads from 415 and 197 with 4 to go. 515 takes 217 and 16 up the inside of turn 3. Next lap
  11. Consolation Catch Up 381 piles into 20 entering turn 3 on lap 1 and spins himself out. 128, 489, 132 and 312 collide on the exit of turn 2 with Turbo Tomo jacking up the 132 car and ending up underneath. A full re-start sees 345 shunted into the stationary 556 and 13 cars in turn 1. At the opposite end of the track 43 and 211 lock together on the exit of turn 4 which collects car 9 as well. 489 heads the re-start. 343, 346 and 591 tangle entering the backstraight which leaves 346 up the fence and 591 on his side. The re-start sees 120, 12 and 178 crash out in
  12. Heat Three Happenings 451 and 381 spin in tandem exiting turn 2. 204 hits the turn 1 fence at high speed and bounces around turn 2. 492 and 327 battle for the lead up front. 422 is the first red to move forward. Caution for a stranded 381 on the backstraight. 492 leads off the restart and holds it until race end. 5 goes wide into turn 3 and loses places to his fellow star men. 166, 48 and 422 trade places for a few laps until settling into an evenly spaced race finish.
  13. Heat Two Happenings As the front half of the field all try and go through turn 3 together 197 fires it up the inside to pass the majority in one move. 20 pulls off with a flat left rear early on. The field circulate as a fast moving train with few changes of position. With 2 to go 197 has 326 in his sights. A forceful last bender sees Ryan take the win from Mark.
  14. Heat One Happenings 36 has a left rear tyre let go on the first lap entering the homestraight which delays the close following 496. 43 spins in turn 3 which sees the cars behind take evasive action in all directions. 120 also spins in turn 3 and ends up hitting the infield tyres opposite the starter. Oil on the racing line with 5 to go sees the race speed decrease. 242 is now in the lead position which he maintains until the end. The World Champ in 2nd place and the rest of the field taking it easy on the tricky surface.
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