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    Startrax ticket sales back up and running for Skeggy. Get those tickets bought before they sell out!
  2. THE SALTIRE SWEEPS SKEGNESS Gordon Moodie races to a dominant Heat and Final at Skegness on Saturday. Gordon's giving Rob some tips on how to win Heat and Final at his own track! Every credit to Rob and the team for meeting the challenge of re-opening the stadium. All was in place for a top night of action. Richard Kaleta announced a few changes over the p.a concerning race winners presentations. There wouldn’t be a pace car, trophies, or driver interviews. No drivers or mechanics to go to race control. Spectators to clap or sound air horns. There was a one way system in and out of the pits for anyone who qualified for access. Heat one for the F2’s saw Billy Webster (226) race his tar car. Speaky got a rear flat. Brad McKinstry (NI747) and Dave Polley (38) were up front early on, and joined by Neil Hooper (676) who was dishing out the front bumper with gusto. Another hitting hard was Dan Fallows (581). Ministox graduate Harley Burns (992) drove a fine race to claim the win. Result: 992, NI747, 676, 190, 9, 376, 38, 226, 581 and 960. First ten to the Final. Heat two saw an epic battle for the lead between Aaron Vaight (184), Gordon Moodie (7), Jon Palmer (24) and Liam Bentham (488). James Riggall (527) was fired into some parked cars in turn four by the 24 car. An emotional Gordon dedicated the win to his Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Anne. Result: 7, 184, 488, 24, 606, 183, 390, 42, 731 and 319. The Consolation had Speaky and Mark Gibbs (578) trading some big hits. Result: 783, 527, 282, 200, 482, 524, 618, 161, 218 and 578. The Final began with Guinchy (183) being steamrollered into the turn 3 plating by a hard charging pack of star men. The resultant damage couldn’t be repaired in time for the GN. Gordon piloted the 7 car to the front in supreme fashion. That youngster Harley Burns took some catching though. Definitely one for the future. The two Polley built cars finished together in 4th and 5th. Result: 7, 783, 992, 38, 488, 218, 581, 190, 9, and NI747. The GN had good pals 184 and 24 take the top two placings, with 488 following his car builder 38 home in 5th and 6th this time. Result: 184, 24, 783, NI747, 38, 488, 190, 578, 226 and 218. Ministox top three results: Race one: 180, 68 and 277. Race two: 45, 269 and 180. Race three: 68, 45 and 269. Final: 68, 180 and 27. V8's top three results: Race one: An all girl top three – 154, 525 and 8. Race two: 288, 154 and 8. Final: 288, 154 and 438. GN: 176, 466 and 222. In the Saloons Karl Hawkins (75) was having a go in a hire car racing from the yellow grade. Deane Mayes was well and truly cannoned in by Simon Venni. Speaky (318) was one of the fastest all night. He passed Diggy (116) and Billy Smith (161) with ease and was so much quicker coming out of the corners. He was really getting stuck in with some big hits being dished out. He was enjoying himself immensely especially fighting back after getting spun out a few times. Top three results: Race one: 120, 600 and 116. Race two: 902, 349 and 161. Final: 368, 341 and 120. An excellent night of incident packed tarmac racing at its very best. Many thanks to all the drivers for the entertainment. Pics in the gallery.
  3. (continued from above) With the impending return of F1 (fingers crossed) we’ve just time for one more before this extended off season ends so, Next time: You’ll need to bring a high powered light for this one. There is a clue in the centre of the pic as to what it concerns. I’ll put a few pics from Skeggy in the gallery later this week.
  4. (continued from above) Now let’s go to the other end of the crag. Wainman’s Pinnacle was built in 1898 by a member of the Wainman family of nearby Carr Head Hall. The family had lived in the hall for over 300 years. There are many stories concerning the reasons for the monuments construction. One tale goes that a member of the family at Carr Head was possessed by the Evil Eye, and the column was built so that it was the first thing she saw each morning, and thus her gaze would cause no misfortune to those around her. A secret ledge containing a witch’s broomstick is rumoured to exist. There is said to be a charm buried under the pinnacle to rid Carr Head of ghosts. Other theories are that it was part of a network of beacons that were used to warn of marauding Scots invaders, and also as a landmark for aeroplanes. One of the old roads originally went over the high ground which was surrounded by bogs and pot holes. Shepherds and travellers used the two towers to guide their way as it was very easy to get lost on the moors. It was often said the monument dated back to the Civil War, but the most likely explanation is that it was built by William Wainman to commemorate the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Wainman’s son had served in the campaign against the French so the monument would also have celebrated his safe return home. Whilst the pinnacle serves its purpose as an eye-catcher the exposed position on the edge of the crag means it’s at the mercy of the Yorkshire weather. It has been struck by lightning numerous times. It was struck twice in one year and a large stone block was dislodged. It left it looking as if it had a large piece bitten out. Many thanks to Bob for the suggestion to check these out. Pics in the gallery include some scenes of the surrounding area. It sure is a nice spot. (continues below)
  5. (continued from above) Notwithstanding a connection they both have an interesting history attached. They both sit at opposite ends of a rocky outcrop known as Earl Crag. Let’s start with Lund’s Tower (additionally known as Sutton Pinnacle, Ethel’s Tower and Jubilee Tower). William Lund had made his fortune in the textile manufacturing business. His son James bought Malsis Hall across the valley in 1860 and replaced it with a vast mansion. Malsis Hall was replaced with this fine mansion. In 1887 he commissioned a firm of local architects to design a monument that could be seen from the grounds. The tower was believed to have celebrated his daughter Ethel’s 21st birthday. It gets its Jubilee name from the commemoration of the jubilee of Queen Victoria. The tower played a role in the celebrations for another of Lund’s daughters. To mark the occasion of Marion Emmeline’s marriage a huge flag was floated from the top. The flagpole remained for a number of years afterwards. Amazingly the doorway is not blocked and you can climb the dark and narrow steps to the top. The old flagpole on the tower. Pic credit to Dave Martin. (continues below)
  6. (continued from above) Now what do the Lund’s and Wainman’s have in common? Well the answer is in the pic below. High on a ridge above the villages of Cowling and Sutton- in-Craven in North Yorkshire are two stone monuments. The left one is Lund’s Tower, and the right is Wainman’s Pinnacle. They are known locally as the Salt (right), and Pepper Pots (left). I have asked Annette, Frank Snr, FWJ and JJ if they know of any link to their families. They are not aware of any, but it would need their respective family trees studying to confirm it one way or the other. With the two Johns (53 and ex95/153) residing in Lancashire 15-18 miles away there probably isn’t a connection. However, Silsden is only 5 miles distant so the possibility is far greater. There is also a Wainman Close in Cowling itself. Cowling was once the largest community for miles, and an important centre for weaving with six mills in the village. (continues below)
  7. ( continued from above) During May 1941 the stadium suffered severe bomb damage during an air raid which demolished the main stand and offices. Sadly the two night watchmen on duty were killed. The blast also extensively damaged the nearby cinema and police station. Pic credit to Hartlepool Museum. A 1945 aerial shot of the town centre. Pic credit to Hartlepool Museum. During the post war years boxing made its first appearance in 1957. The nation’s favourite at the time was Brian London. He was born in West Hartlepool and contested a British Heavyweight eliminator at the stadium. From the age of 16 he has lived in Blackpool, and following his retirement from boxing became a businessman in the town owning several nightclubs. In 1971 his 007 club became part of a national media story. Bobby Moore, and three other West Ham players spent the evening before an important FA cup match against Blackpool at the club. They lost 4-0 and the players were heavily criticised by the press. Moore later said that they knew they were leaving themselves vulnerable meeting up with Brian! Now aged 86 Brian can still be seen out on his daily run. By 1965 the rugby club were in dire financial straits. The stadium owners had no choice other than to evict them. Greyhounds then became the only source of income over the next decade. In 1975 stock cars arrived and became a great success for the next twenty years. (continues below)
  8. Hi there folks, We start off with another in the “What was there before?” series. Hartlepool is the featured track this time. On this late 1800’s map the stadium site is bottom left and was the cricket ground. The docks and railway sidings to the right of Clarence Road would have been a hive of activity. The six acre site first opened as the Clarence Cricket Ground before the turn of the twentieth century. Amateur football came next, followed by rugby union. It became West Hartlepool’s home ground. Greyhounds arrived in 1938, when the track was laid around the rugby pitch. Four thousand spectators attended the first meeting. The venue was used as a flapping track (unlicensed dog racing). (continues below)
  9. A DEVON DELIGHT AS MINI MOSSY TAKES THE FINAL WIN AT SMEATHARPE Taunton – Monday 27TH July 2020. More than four months on from when they last raced there was finally a chance for the Brisca F2’s to race once again. The way the fixtures are looking it could be that the West Country becomes the centre of the F2 universe for a short while at least. An impressive line-up of cars included many of the early season drivers who hit the headlines all those weeks ago. Joe Marquand (689) won the opener at St.Day, and Liam Bentham (488) did likewise at Skegness. Luke Wrench (560) sits at the top of the Autospeed Track Championship table owing to high scores early on. Add to that mix a visit from Dave Polley (UK38) and Charlie Guinchard (183). It was clear that the meeting had the ingredients to be a lively one. After afternoon rain showers the track had virtually dried out for the practice session. Both Guinchy and Paul Moss (979) had engine problems. 183 looking to have an air lock as the pressure kept fluctuating, and 979 pulling off with an expensive and loud rattling sound. Heat 1: 17 cars took to the track, and after a false start white roofed Wayne Wadge (920) broke away to lead until over half way. He was caught with two to go by Chris Mikulla (522) who went on to win. A battle between Jon Palmer (24) and Ben Borthwick (418) ended with the 24 car riding up the right rear and cutting the tyre of 418. Result: 522, 560, 920, 538, 542, 835, 196 and 689. First 8 to the Final. Heat 2: 15 cars for this one. A fast and aggressive drive by Neil Hooper (676) saw him charge through for the victory. 183 pulled off with a suspected cylinder head gasket failure. Result: 676, 783, 127, UK38, 315, 126, 91 and 572. Consolation: 15 on track. An easy win for 24 from 418. After changing the engine following practice 979 completed the top 3. Liam Bentham (488) hit a marker tyre and rolled out of the race in turn one. Result: 24, 418, 979, 184, 251, 320, 663, 210, 736 and 460. Final: 25 cars on the grid. Joe Marquand (689) and Jamie Avery (126) hooked together on the back straight on the first lap as the yellows came out for a false start. On the second start they were both out, along with Steven Gilbert (542) as all three cannoned into the turn 3 plating. At the next restart 979 demoted the early leading 920. 24 unleashed a monster hit on 676 going into turn one which cannoned him into 560. Luke was in the wars again shortly afterwards as he had a clash with UK38 which ended with 560’s front end needing attention. Following a further restart 979 led a queue of blue tops. All the star men were delayed by a backmarker and argued amongst themselves for the remaining laps. A last bend hit from 522 on 979 only made light contact, and Moss held on for his first Final win at the track. “I’ve got to thank Team Gilbert for lending me an engine after mine went in practice,” he said. Result: 979, 522, 315, 184, 24, 783, 127, 418, UK38 and 538. GN: This was the race of the meeting as the 22 cars traded bumpers throughout. It all came down to a classic multi car battle between Vaight, Mikulla, Wrench and Rygor. These four constantly changed the lead between them. Wrench led into the final corner and somehow managed to survive the triple onslaught from behind to claim the win. 522, 783 and 184 crossed the line behind him side by side. It was a terrific finish to round off a wonderful night of hard surface F2 action. Result: 560, 522, 783, 184, 91, UK38, 488, 127, 920 and 251. Saloon Stock Cars The 14 car turnout was a little disappointing but those in attendance didn’t hold back. Junior Buster (902) took the first heat from Deane Mayes (730) with Billy Smith (161) in 3rd. In heat two 730 despatched Scottish visitor Colin Savage (14) into the turn three plating on the last lap for the win with 161 in 2nd. Final time saw 902 claim his second victory of the night. Going down the back straight for the last time Mayes caught and passed Smith up the inside. Entering the final turn Billy left it all on and fired Deane hard into the wall. Both got over the line with 161 ahead of 730. Plenty of pics in the gallery.
  10. For many people – whether drivers or fans – the return of stock car racing can’t have come soon enough. With the impending F1 dates ahead there is some concern amongst a few folks about how it’ll be at the tracks. Let’s have a look then at Taunton yesterday. It was the return of Brisca F2’s, supported by the Saloons Stock Cars and Micro F2’s. What was immediately apparent, and really positive to see were the safety precautions that Crispen and the Autospeed team had put in place. All the catering outlets had a one way system marked out with heavy duty bollards. The toilets were a max of two at a time, and you didn’t enter until the previous person had come out. Again barriers were set out for a one way system. Hand sanitiser was provided before and after using the facility. Face masks were not mandatory but people I spoke to had got one with them. Standing in line for the toilet, or for food etc. were the main times they were worn. Folks were keeping plenty of space between themselves when waiting. Nobody complained about the procedures and everyone understood the need for them. A major plus point was the fact that there were no restricted spectator areas. There was plenty of room for everyone to spread out and have their own space. I felt perfectly safe throughout the evening. We’ll see how it is elsewhere, but in the end it’s up to the attitude of the individual. You can have all the safety procedures in the world, but if people don’t abide by them, then it makes little difference to how effective they are. A big thank you to Autospeed, and the race teams for yet another cracking meeting. I’ll be putting pics in the gallery, and a race report in the Off Season thread on Wed/Thurs.
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    Q8. Do the Dagenham Girl Pipers count as a support formula Carl? 😏
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    It's great news that a mini 2020 season has been sorted. The fixtures/tracks are ideal for this recovery period until the end of this year, but the BSCDA/BMB need to get real. They've got six months to sort it out. It won't work next year with just these four tracks. There is going to have to be compromises from both sides along the way or F1's are finished. No doubt there will be plenty of people ready to criticise Deane but he is a businessman first and foremost. Safeguarding his financial future in this new economic period will be very challenging as it is for everyone. It would be good to hear the BSCDA's point of view on the situation and how it's got to this. I can see weeks of rumours, mudslinging and general unpleasantness ahead.
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    Same as you Eddie, but i also had a trawl through the Daytona 500 entrants as well 😰
  14. Many thanks for the upload Nige. It is indeed tremendous that Wheels is back where it belongs.
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    Q5. Brian Naylor
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