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    What now?

    will racing recover from this? most drivers will still have cars, they will want to race them will promoters go out of business? I work in oval racing, I have lost my job because of it.
  2. not bad that is hannah chappell related to tim in any way?
  3. its no from me I know for people who cant go, it might be the next best thing, but it isnt going to help get people through the turnstiles.
  4. christ! by the time its done it will be time for practice on the sunday! I hope they can get a shift on
  5. great, he is a good laugh isnt he hope he gets the luck he is due this season
  6. Is Jamie Davidson hard to please? What does Tom do for a living? How does racing a Sprint car compare to a BriSCA F1? Would he like to have a go at Nascar? Does he still build cars for others? theres a few
  7. no reports of shockers breaking?
  8. they are getting very samey, can we have some different questions for a change
  9. didnt go to the first [2019] show, it all seemed positive after it happened with efforts to make the 2020 show better in every way, all I have read about it this year is mostly moaning. I suppose its ideal if you like socialising, other than that you could probably look round it in an hour or less then run out of things to look at, thats how I found the NEC Show in the early 2000's, didnt bother again. its probably tricky to come up with new ideas, a show is a show, 99% static displays, and sales of the same old racing tat, I gather the action part wasnt great, if H&S are keen then they would probably prefer not to have that bit.
  10. carl hesketh and colin casserley as returnees
  11. 0s0


    but surely the stadium retains their planning permission for motorsports use which the buyers of houses will be aware of?
  12. 0s0

    Midlands track

    I doubt you will, he isnt a promoter anymore is he? there is no covstox now.
  13. I think a couple of years ago the V8 committee wanted to switch to a SBC crate engine as it would be a lot cheaper than the Rover, but the rule didnt get passed, I guess that if the existing BriSCA V8s are happy with the Rover then carry on with it, there will come a time when it has to be looked at again I suppose.
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