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  1. agreed I bet he would be a great as a commentator!
  2. cracking fella and a good character!
  3. hilarious that!, daft as a brush isnt he? dont think I have ever heard him in an interview before, cant wait for pt2
  4. 0s0


    I hope it can happen, I am one of the few who has never been to Odsal.
  5. for some tracks it might be more hassle to arrange that effectively, the way things are progressing a couple of weeks later we might be back to staging proper meetings. just have a feeling things have moved a little too quickly recently, am sure I read or heard something that they are binning the 2m rules too
  6. really enjoyed that interview, paul never really has a bad word to say about anything
  7. marketing the product properly will cost a large amount of money an advertising agency/marketing company would find it really odd that the sport is made up of so many different entities, imo tesco, all the shops are tesco, they are all owned by the same company and operate in the same formatted way, front or back of house.
  8. cant see the new BV Speedway track ever being an option, if the council cant make it work then that too will get developed into houses or apartments, or another sports facility that will make it pay [unlikely] if the existing stockcar dog track closed, and housing goes ahead, the new speedway track wont have any pit space that would be suitable in volume.
  9. 0s0

    New brighton

    http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW004054 http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW004058
  10. +1 good interview with Peter
  11. this is a good film for anyone who hasnt seen it
  12. 0s0


    if it was tarmac, the sound of screeching tyres is very noisy indeed, plus it was intended that speedway would run to boost income/viability. So I think it will be shale or not at all. Track watering like KL would have to be applied.
  13. thats why I wrote "hypothetical", I wasnt meaning it would be 1st june.
  14. promoters still have bills to pay and with no money coming in thats going to be difficult, sure they could delve into their small amount of savings but that wont keep them going forever. lets say there is a hypothetical go ahead for 1st june, pretty sure there will still be some restrictions in place for social distancing, attendance might be limited by volume, will people even want to go mingling with others? its a tricky one for sure
  15. 0s0

    New Cars

    rules say this " 1.9 Car Colours Cars must be painted in bright colours and a high standard of presentation is expected. A design or pattern may be used, but both sides of the car must be alike. Cars fitted with an aerofoil may use the aerofoil to define grade colour if the car is the same colour above and below the waistline. If the colour above the waistline is different to that below then this must be painted in the grade colour along with the aerofoil. The grade colours are: "
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