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  1. Great to see a spread of drivers for a change, but one clear winner. Take a bow Friankie JJ - Kings Lynn DotD and master of wet shale! RR - 7.19
  2. Open for your slightly damp views and votes from King's Lynn.....
  3. Thank you Jane and Darrelle - much appreciated
  4. i'm sure most will be aware that Roy is unable to make the two remaining meetings, leaving a big hole where the results should be! Any volunteers to cover Saturday would be very much appreciated - drop me a message if you can help.
  5. Cleaning up on track, and cleaning up in the DotD - congratulations and a big well done to Luke 464, Sunday DotD with no-one else in sight. RR - 7.92
  6. A close one, but with honourable mentions to 345 Jake, 381 Tyrone, and 211 Phoebe, it's congratulations and a big well done to Catherine Harris - Saturday DotD by just one vote. RR - an excellent 8.31
  7. Four appearances, three Finals, and who'd bet against more! Congratulations and a big well done to Craig 55 - Buxton DotD by a country mile. RR - not bad, given the lovely weather - 6.71
  8. Open for your Buxton views and votes......and for the avoidance of doubt, it's back to every man and woman for themselves. No more "twin" scores if you please!
  9. Another meeting, and another absolutely star performance - take a bow 339 Ant Lee, King's Lynn DotD by miles, from Mat 16 in a very distant runner spot RR - 8.32
  10. Keeping it in the family, as they say. Congratulations and a big well done goes to 211 Phoebe Wainman - Skegness DotD by some distance, from 147 Fast Eddie in second spot. RR - 8.13
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