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Found 2 results

  1. THE WAKE THAT WILL BE A CELEBRATION! Startrax invites you to come on down to BELLE VUE on the 10th November and 'Celebrate' 21 years of racing at Kirkmanshulme Lane - It sadly also is hugely likely to be the last ever BriSCA event in Manchester due to the impending planning application for development for housing which will be due for listing some time soon and despite all our valiant efforts, we have to be pragmatic and face reality albeit we would like to be able to have more 'last ever' tours than SIMPLY RED! On the back of the closure of Stoke on 2nd - we hope you will come on down as what's on is not insignificant, the double point F1 Shoot Out Final and F2 Shoot Out Final and National Ministox - We would love to let you in as well free but sadly unless I win the Euro lottery, we need to raise funding for projects next year and 2021! It may be the end of an era for BriSCA but let us make it a huge celebration and night of adrenalin and emotion and remember the good times and memories. We are planning that the stadium keeps the bar open a little longer - Let's create an atmosphere. Further news will follow and Restaurant reservations and menu will be announced Monday - NOT to be missed 'End of an Era' Keep the faith as we will have some news to announce later in November if all comes together We were going to retire! But now the time doesn't seem right! More work to do as I too want a sport to enjoy and prosper in my retirement...
  2. THIS IS IT – THE FINAL END OF AN ERA! GOOSEBUMPS ON STEROIDS! THE FINAL CLOCK STOPPING COUNTDOWN! SATURDAY 2nd NOVEMBER NO HYPE REQUIRED – The BIGGEST EVER NIGHT in Stoke’s history! SUPERPOWER BriSCA F1 STOCK CARS – Definitely the LAST 84 laps of Stoke’s history + National Ministox & V8 Hot Stox This will be a hugely emotional, nostalgic and adrenalized finale to 48 years of motorsport at Loomer Road on Saturday 2nd November. Bring your candles for a tribute – This is a night we stand tall, celebrate what Stoke has stood for, good,bad and the downright marmite, thrash the living daylight’s on track and walk tall from Loomer Road celebrating the end of an era but mindful of new opportunity. This will be a hugely celebratory and hopefully proud event! Shortly after the last chequered flag has fluttered on the last EVER race on this historic Saturday night, the luminary light’s will be switched off for the last time and the next sound of horsepower will be CAT or JCB power as the Demolition team at some point in the future without emotion tear down decades of heritage and memories and, indeed for many, a way of life. Chesterton has had a chequered 48 year rollercoaster ride of high, lows and marmite within our own sport but for many despite it’s 1970’s looks and standards, it remains a lot of people's guilty, secret pleasure! It has always been about the theatre stage – the track which has consistently delivered amongst the best action anywhere in the UK. Whatever, this is it – the final 84 laps ever to be competed BriSCA F1 wise at Loomer Road and if any further spice was needed it represents the penultimate round of the 2019 National series race for the SILVER roof, a 2020 World Qualifier and Startrax own qualification for the support programme at next years World Final. The stars will be here with much remaining to be done before the National Series finale a week later – have no doubt that this will be an emotionally charged night, a packed pits and surely it’s a must for ALL race fans whatever their leaning to part of this adrenalin and emotion. Supporting the wrath and fury of the Gladitorial BriSCA F1 Stock Cars we can look forward to pulsating action from the National Ministox and bumper to bumper action of their Shoot Out competition. Last but certainly not least we have the V8 Hot Stox bringing together a grand finale evening of the BriSCA family. This event is beyond mere PR and promotion, this without doubt IS a big event and a night where marmite fans can unite over the finality of the occasion because, love it or hate it, several promotions have tread the boards of this grand old lady but it has rarely failed track and action wise. Please make the effort and lets lift the rafters and make Loomer road bounce and roar loudly! ADMISSION – ALL SIMPLY PAY AT THE GATE Gates open 1.30.pm Racing starts 4;45.pm Ministox - 5.pm BriSCA F1 CREDIT / DEBIT CARD WECLOME – SO ARE DOGS! Adults £19 Senior Citizen over 65 £17 Child 10-15 £8 ACCOMPANIED CHILDREN UNDER 10 FREE Limited Trackside parking is available PROGRAMME OF EVENTS Saturday 2nd November BriSCA F1 NS ‘last round’ 2020 WCQR – V8 Hot Stox Startrax sponsored BEN Fund & National Ministox NS Ministox from 4.40.pm – BriSCA F1 5.pm Race 1 National Ministox Heat 1 Race 2 Heat 1 F1 Race 3 V8 Ben Fund Race Race 4 National Ministox Heat 2 Race 5 Heat 2 F1 Race 6 V8 Heat 2 Race 7 National Ministox Heat 3 Race 8 Heat 3 F1 Race 9 V8 Final Race 10 National Ministox Final Race 11 F1 Final Race 12 V8 - Subject to available cars Race 12a National Ministox A/C Tribute to Stoke
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