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  1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION TICKETS FOR SKEGNESS 29th August - ON SALE NOW! YOU CAN ONLY BUY TICKETS DIRECT FROM STARTRAX FOR THIS EVENT - They are NOT available from Skegness. Simply visit www.startrax.info and from the home page simply click 'SHOP' on the top line from the menu Ticket numbers are limited to ensure we comply with Covid 19 policies and government guidelines. When they are gone, they are gone, they will NOT be available for purchase on the day, TICKETS FOR THE 12TH SEPTEMBER WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM MONDAY 24th AUGUST 9.am Tickets MAY ONLY be purchased via www.startrax.info online - The new online shop was launched yesterday and late afternoon developed a teething problem. As of 9.31.am this morning, it appears to now be working fine -apologies with the early teething teccy problems and any inconvenience and hope all now sorted. Hopefully, everything seems now to be operating fine - Thanks for your support, amazingly over 1/3rd of available tickets gone in the first 5 hours on sale! Thank you for your support, Steve & Jackie,
  2. We know, we know - it's not F1 related; we did ask permission though! With not a lot going on racing wise, you might be interested in our meeting this Sunday. Bored of Christmas leftovers or Christmas TV? Get out the house this Festive season as we finish our year with our annual Christmas Holiday meeting - what a cracker of an event it will be – BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, 2L Saloon Stock Cars and Micro Bangers Teams of 3, Sunday 29th December @ 1pm. The F2 Stock Cars race for the White and Yellow grade finale; the lower grade championship races are always a hard-fought contest in any formula. Any number of drivers could take away the win and prize money; with tyres also up for grabs too. The Saloons race in their track Championship finale with a £1000 prize fund for the top 8; it's double points too - and if there's over 20 cars in attendance, the meeting final is automatically double, double, points! It's all to play for! Event details and booking list can now be found on the website; http://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/content/news/sun-29-dec-1pm-preview.ashx There are currently; 34 F2 Stock Cars, 21 2L Saloon Stock Cars and 114 Micro Bangers (39 Teams) booked in to race. The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under cover viewing too!), FREE on site and overflow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities. Thank you for everyone’s support so far this year and we hope you will join us for one last time in 2019, for another cracking afternoon of racing! It’s going to be a great day of racing across the three classes. Action packed entertainment for family and friends at the Arena this Christmas. Remember, Kids 11 and under go free, family tickets available; with advance discounted tickets available online too. 🏁🏁
  3. Press release from Startrax It's a DOUBLE GOLD WORLD WEEKENDER at the NORFOLK ARENA! Lots of planning done, support programme guaranteed 'to be a show' - it's getting exciting! We are delighted to confirm that FRIDAY NIGHT will be another 'GOLD NIGHT' as we are delighted to host the V8 Stock Car - Hot Stox WORLD FINAL on the 11th - BIG GRID and overseas entries - Startrax will be working closely with V8 Boc / BSCDA on making this a showstopper, any potential sponsors should contact Sharon Harris at V8's BoC for more info! This alongside the manic Mainland Europe F1 thunder combines into an unmissable FRIDAY NIGHT - Get your tickets NOW! Lot's more announcement to come through!
  4. THE WAKE THAT WILL BE A CELEBRATION! Startrax invites you to come on down to BELLE VUE on the 10th November and 'Celebrate' 21 years of racing at Kirkmanshulme Lane - It sadly also is hugely likely to be the last ever BriSCA event in Manchester due to the impending planning application for development for housing which will be due for listing some time soon and despite all our valiant efforts, we have to be pragmatic and face reality albeit we would like to be able to have more 'last ever' tours than SIMPLY RED! On the back of the closure of Stoke on 2nd - we hope you will come on down as what's on is not insignificant, the double point F1 Shoot Out Final and F2 Shoot Out Final and National Ministox - We would love to let you in as well free but sadly unless I win the Euro lottery, we need to raise funding for projects next year and 2021! It may be the end of an era for BriSCA but let us make it a huge celebration and night of adrenalin and emotion and remember the good times and memories. We are planning that the stadium keeps the bar open a little longer - Let's create an atmosphere. Further news will follow and Restaurant reservations and menu will be announced Monday - NOT to be missed 'End of an Era' Keep the faith as we will have some news to announce later in November if all comes together We were going to retire! But now the time doesn't seem right! More work to do as I too want a sport to enjoy and prosper in my retirement...
  5. THIS IS IT – THE FINAL END OF AN ERA! GOOSEBUMPS ON STEROIDS! THE FINAL CLOCK STOPPING COUNTDOWN! SATURDAY 2nd NOVEMBER NO HYPE REQUIRED – The BIGGEST EVER NIGHT in Stoke’s history! SUPERPOWER BriSCA F1 STOCK CARS – Definitely the LAST 84 laps of Stoke’s history + National Ministox & V8 Hot Stox This will be a hugely emotional, nostalgic and adrenalized finale to 48 years of motorsport at Loomer Road on Saturday 2nd November. Bring your candles for a tribute – This is a night we stand tall, celebrate what Stoke has stood for, good,bad and the downright marmite, thrash the living daylight’s on track and walk tall from Loomer Road celebrating the end of an era but mindful of new opportunity. This will be a hugely celebratory and hopefully proud event! Shortly after the last chequered flag has fluttered on the last EVER race on this historic Saturday night, the luminary light’s will be switched off for the last time and the next sound of horsepower will be CAT or JCB power as the Demolition team at some point in the future without emotion tear down decades of heritage and memories and, indeed for many, a way of life. Chesterton has had a chequered 48 year rollercoaster ride of high, lows and marmite within our own sport but for many despite it’s 1970’s looks and standards, it remains a lot of people's guilty, secret pleasure! It has always been about the theatre stage – the track which has consistently delivered amongst the best action anywhere in the UK. Whatever, this is it – the final 84 laps ever to be competed BriSCA F1 wise at Loomer Road and if any further spice was needed it represents the penultimate round of the 2019 National series race for the SILVER roof, a 2020 World Qualifier and Startrax own qualification for the support programme at next years World Final. The stars will be here with much remaining to be done before the National Series finale a week later – have no doubt that this will be an emotionally charged night, a packed pits and surely it’s a must for ALL race fans whatever their leaning to part of this adrenalin and emotion. Supporting the wrath and fury of the Gladitorial BriSCA F1 Stock Cars we can look forward to pulsating action from the National Ministox and bumper to bumper action of their Shoot Out competition. Last but certainly not least we have the V8 Hot Stox bringing together a grand finale evening of the BriSCA family. This event is beyond mere PR and promotion, this without doubt IS a big event and a night where marmite fans can unite over the finality of the occasion because, love it or hate it, several promotions have tread the boards of this grand old lady but it has rarely failed track and action wise. Please make the effort and lets lift the rafters and make Loomer road bounce and roar loudly! ADMISSION – ALL SIMPLY PAY AT THE GATE Gates open 1.30.pm Racing starts 4;45.pm Ministox - 5.pm BriSCA F1 CREDIT / DEBIT CARD WECLOME – SO ARE DOGS! Adults £19 Senior Citizen over 65 £17 Child 10-15 £8 ACCOMPANIED CHILDREN UNDER 10 FREE Limited Trackside parking is available PROGRAMME OF EVENTS Saturday 2nd November BriSCA F1 NS ‘last round’ 2020 WCQR – V8 Hot Stox Startrax sponsored BEN Fund & National Ministox NS Ministox from 4.40.pm – BriSCA F1 5.pm Race 1 National Ministox Heat 1 Race 2 Heat 1 F1 Race 3 V8 Ben Fund Race Race 4 National Ministox Heat 2 Race 5 Heat 2 F1 Race 6 V8 Heat 2 Race 7 National Ministox Heat 3 Race 8 Heat 3 F1 Race 9 V8 Final Race 10 National Ministox Final Race 11 F1 Final Race 12 V8 - Subject to available cars Race 12a National Ministox A/C Tribute to Stoke
  6. F1 Shoot Out plus F2 and V8 Hot Stox. First race 12 noon. General Admission £19 65 yrs & over £17 Children (5-14yrs) £7 Programme £2 Currently 41 F2s booked in. The F1 list will be available next week.
  7. Re-arranged from 6th October. F1 Shoot Out plus F2 and National Saloons. Ministox 12.30pm
  8. What a year of BriSCA F1 Stock Car action it’s been at the Adrian Flux Arena – just ONE more outing in 2019 to close the season for the formula – Saturday 19th October @ 5:30pm. The BriSCA F1’s end of season showdown will see them race in a 2020 World Championship Qualifying round and Shootout Contenders race in Round 6 of the Series – a BIG night of action - if that wasn’t enough, the superb 2Litre Saloon Stock Cars race in the Driver of the Year Final; the entertaining V8 Stock Cars complete the line up. Advance, discounted, tickets already on sale and can be purchased here: https://trackstar.13.ekm.shop/saturday-19-october-2019-133-c.asp Less than 4 weeks to go until the last F1 Stock Car action at King’s Lynn in 2019, don’t miss it!
  9. Pit gate opens at 1pm Gates opens at 2pm Camping area opens at 2pm. Paid Practice 1.30pm to 4.30pm. £20 per car/driver Admission prices per day Adults (over 16) £19 Seniors (over 65) £17 Juniors (13-15)£8 Under 12 no charge. Two day ticket Adults (over 16) £36 Seniors (over 65) £32 Juniors (13-15) £14. Under 12, no charge, no ticket needed. It is all pay at the gate. There are no advance tickets available. Camping is available for Saturday night and it is £20 per unit.
  10. F1 Shoot Out Round 3 plus F2 National Series Round. Gates open 11.am Racing starts 12.30.pm - approx finish 4.30pm ALL ADMISSION SIMPLY PAY AT THE GATE - Credit & debit card welcome Adults £19 Senior Citizen £17 Childe 10-15 £8 Accompanied children Under 10 ABSOLUTELY FREE! Family Ticket 2 Adults + up to 3 children aged 10+ £46 Proof of age may be requested Raceday Magazine £2 NOTE: RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE DIRECT WITH THE STADIUM ON 01142343074 - You are advised to pre book as space without booking cannot be guaranteed on the day! Please note : Due to licensing laws, sorry dogs other than guide dogs are not allowed
  11. F1 BOSS Championship Round 10 plus F2 and National Saloons ORC Championship. Start time 1.30pm. General Admission £18 65 year & Over £16 Children (5-14yrs) £7 Track View Parking £7 Programme £2
  12. 2019 BriSCA F1 World Final Press Release: It’s Saturday 14 September 2019 for the BriSCA F1 Stock Car World Championship at the Adrian Flux King’s Lynn Arena. Please click the link for the full Press Release including words from Trackstar Racing Managing Director, Paul Butler and Current World Champion Stuart Smith (390). http://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/content/news/2019-brisca-f1-world-final-press-release.ashx http://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/content/news/2019-brisca-f1-world-final-press-release.ashx
  13. World Final revenge at it's best - BriSCA F1's day after the night before! Scores will be settled, and this could be your first chance to see the new World Champion take to the track. We are also going to be joined by an influx of overseas drivers to make this a fantastic day at the historic Brafield-on-the-Green venue. Start time - 12 noon. No other details as yet. Prices, booking list, etc when they are released.
  14. The BriSCA big league are back! A couple of months break and the best of BriSCA will be full throttle around the Adrian Flux Arena; a few more weeks to go - we can't wait! A significant night for the BriSCA F1’s in the final outing at the track before the World Final event a few weeks later on 14th September. A last chance showdown for those not qualified for the big race, with the Consolation Semi Final - where only the top two will progress and for those already in the World Final – the last chance to perfect the all important setups. The excellent F2 Stock Cars and the brilliant Ministox also on the line up. Superb Stock Car action, start to finish. The arena boasts great viewing all around (plenty of under cover viewing too!), FREE on site and over flow parking, disabled viewing, licensed bars, ample food outlets and other great facilities. Full event details will be available closer to race day here: http://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/ Advance, discounted tickets are available until 12 Noon Friday 30th August; here. Family tickets available and kids 11 and go free! Stock Car racing at it’s finest, you do not want to miss it!
  15. F1 Shoot Out plus F2, Van Bangers, and Car Domino Stunt. First race 3.30pm
  16. F1 Shoot Out plus F2, Classic Hot Rods, and Lightning Rods First race 5pm
  17. F1 World Semi-Final plus V8 Hot Stox and Hot Fords Buxton Raceway look forward to seeing you all the World Championship Semi Finalists on 10th August. It will be a great day - or should I say - a great evening of racing as this event is the first to be run on a SATURDAY evening, there wont be any fear of running out of daylight as we have a new lighting system in place. Also featuring at the BriSCA V8 Hot Stox and a local formula to Buxton, the Hot Fords to break up the evening's racing, we are set for some action packed racing. We also have racing the next day, the V8 Hotstox are racing both days and the National Minis and Rebels are racing on the Sunday too. We look forward to seeing you all for a great weekend of racing and socialising at Buxton Raceway, 10th and 11th August.Adults £24 OAPs £22 Children 9 to 15yrs £8 KIDS UP TO AGE 8 FREE Trackside Parking £8 Strictly Limited Start time 6pm
  18. F1 World Championship Semi-Final plus Ministox Advance tickets are now on sale from the Startrax website For restaurant carvery bookings, contact the stadium direct Monday-Friday on 0114 234 3074
  19. Spedeworth / Incarace are pleased to announce the advanced tickets for the 2019 European Championship Weekend at Northampton International Shaleway are now on sale! This year there will be two ways to purchase your advanced tickets:- Option 1:- You can order your tickets online and choose to have them either sent to you in the post (UK residents only) or collect them from the stadium on the day of the event. Please visit https://7c4ae5.67.ekm.shop/2019-european-wend-89-c.asp https://7c4ae5.67.ekm.shop/2019-european-wend-89-c.aspOption 2:- Tickets can be purchased by calling us on 01252 322920 and providing your details over the phone. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please note advanced 2 Day Ticket Admission Prices:- General Admission : (15yrs & over):- £40 Concession : (65yr’s & over):- £36 Concession : Children (5-14yrs):- £12 Camping:- £25 There is a £2.00 administration charge per order in advance. Delivery of tickets is only available in 2019 to UK residents. All other advanced ticket orders including Ireland (Eire) must collect your tickets from the advanced ticket collection point at the venue on the day. If ordering your tickets online, please ensure you select the COLLECTION option in the delivery section. The camping charge is payable by ALL vehicles / units at £25.00 for the whole weekend, including Friday evening and you may stay on Sunday evening if you wish also. Please note:- Advanced tickets in 2019 are only available to purchase for the two days.One day tickets must be purchased at the turnstiles each day.E-tickets are not applicable for the 2019 European Championship Weekend.Advanced Tickets are available until Thursday 25th July at 4pm.Please Note:- There will be no tickets available to purchase at Northampton International Shaleway on Friday 26th July. Admission prices at the turnstiles are as follows:- SATURDAY ONLY General Admission : (15yrs & over):- £22 Concession : (65yr’s & over):- £20 Concession : Children (5-14yrs):- £8 Camping:- £25 SUNDAY ONLY General Admission : (15yrs & over):- £25 Concession : (65yr’s & over):- £23 Concession : Children (5-14yrs):- £8 We look forward to seeing all drivers, spectators and staff at the 2019 European Championship Weekend!
  20. Start times 5pm Saturday, 12 noon Sunday. F1 plus F2 and Saloons The place to be for the biggest stock car weekend of the year: the three main stock car formulas all at one place for two days of non-stop racing. BriSCA F2 Stock Cars - around 90 F2s will be here to qualify for the UK Championship, the current holder is Gordon Moodie. There will be cars racing from all parts of the UK, plus Drivers from Northern Ireland & mainland Europe. With all of the top driver in this formula at Skeggy, it's no mean feat to win the coveted UK trophy. Qualifying for the UK takes place on Saturday night with points scored carried forward to Sunday, and drivers from the two Consolations on Sunday making up the 36 car UK Championship grid. The 2L Saloon Stock Cars, who often steal the show where ever they race, will be joined by drivers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and for the first time for several years, visitors from mainland Europe are entered to race. The Saloons race in the heats on Saturday night with the top 24 points scorers going forward to Sunday's UK Championship. A last chance race on Sunday makes up the 32 car grid. The current UK Champion is Max Stott. BriSCA F1 Stock Cars are the third formula of this weekend. With around 48 cars racing it's going to be good hard fast racing. The now traditional Teng Tools World Champions Challenge will commence at 3pm on the Saturday with a meet and greet session for F1 World Champion Stuart Smith, F2 World Champ Gordon Moodie and of course your Saloon Gold Top Max Stott. However, the situation with Stuart's retirement from racing means at this stage we cannot confirm the details regarding the time trials as yet, but we do have a couple of options and a time trial will go ahead in a F1, a F2 and a Saloon and will involve both Gordon and Max. More details to follow in the future. Don't forget the late night bar and disco in the main bar. Party the night away with the Speaks!
  21. F1 WCQR plus F2 English Open Championship Gates open 2.pm Heritage Cars at 3.15pm First race 3.30pm Adults £18 Senor Citizen £16 Child 10 – 15 £7 Accompanied Children Under 10 Free of Charge Family Ticket 2 Adults + 2 children aged 10-15 £40 Proof of age may be required Raceday magazine £2
  22. F1 World Qualifying Round plus National Ministox and National Hot Rods Start time 6.30pm Adults £18 Seniors (65+) £16 Children (5-14 yrs) £7 Programme £2 Car park £2
  23. Staffordshire's infamous Hednesford Hills Raceway hosts its BIGGEST BriSCA F1 event in recent times as we proudly present the great BriSCA F1 STOCK CAR BRITISH DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP! A HUGE day of racing is planned as the Big League head to the Hills for the first time this season with not only one title up for grabs, but 3 Black and White Checked roofs featuring:- BriSCA F1 Stock Cars - British Championship BriSCA V8 Stock Cars - British Championship(& World Qualifier) National Ministox - British Championship(& National Championship Qualifier) More information to follow, be sure to like and share the event. It is shaping up to be a fantastic day of racing and plans are currently being put in place to ensure this is a day to remember.
  24. F1 World Qualifying Round plus V8 Hotstox and Ministox. First race 1pm A quality line of racing formulas are on offer at Buxton Raceway on 9th June, the BriSCA F1s are with us for the first time in 2019 and they are racing to score double points on a World Championship Qualifying round, the meeting final will be the Al Henderson Cup, a good turnout of drivers is expected including all the sports top names, an early booking list will be posted here on Tuesday evening so please come back soon to check it out. In support are the V8 Hotstox and the National Ministox which complete an all action afternoon of Stockcar racing. Visitors returning to Buxton Raceway since the last BriSCA F1 event will see that we have made more improvements to the terracing areas in particular round between the bar and pit gate, we now have a track shop in operation where you can buy racing merchandise and sweets etc, there will of course be food outlets and bar available, trackside parking is available on a first come first served basis so get there early if you wish to take advantage of that as the day is likely to be very busy. Those of you who are members of the VSCA there is a marquee for the annual get together.
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