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  1. Photos of Kevin Bock and Leonard Bradley at Plymouth, 1954. Results from Harringay 12th June 1954. Results from Harringay 19th June 1954. Results from Harringay 26th June 1954. Results from Harringay 2nd July 1954. Final result from Newcastle 24th July 1954. Results from Harringay 30th July 1954. Results from Newcastle 31st July 1954. Results from Newcastle 7th August 1954.
  2. Results from Harringay 13th August 1954. Results from Harringay 20th August 1954. Results from Belle Vue 1st September 1954. Result of England vs Ireland at Harringay 3rd September 1954. Results from Hanley 4th September 1954. Results and photos from Southampton 14th September 1954. Results from West Ham 19th September 1954. Results from Coventry 23rd October 1954.
  3. Photos and biography of Ellis Daw. Rob Bradsell and Dave Berresford at Bradford, 16th July 1982. Photos from the 1992 World Semi-Final at Hartlepool. Photo of Trevor Blyth.
  4. More photos from Bolton, May 1992, including Derek Fairhurst and Andy Hodgson. Photos from Rochdale 12th September 1982. Updated results from Coventry 16th May 1955. Photos of the grid at Bradford 2nd May 1980 and Vic Simpson on his debut. Photos of John Lund, Rob Scriven, Dave Sharpe, Brian Rumney, Nigel Whorton, Phil Hemmingway, Colin Gautry , and Len Wolfenden and Stu Smith at Bolton, May 1992.
  5. Nick Hryszko at Northampton in 1956. Programme and meeting reports from Neath Abbey 11th April 1955, 15th April 1955, 22nd April 1955 and 6th May 1955. Local press coverage of Hanley 28th August 1954. Results from Harringay 1st October 1954. A couple of photos of Geoff Phipps. Programme, results, and photos from the infamous Redex Drivers Championship, Coventry 29th September 1956. Photos from Harringay 17th September 1954. Photo of DC Farnham at Harringay in 1954. Photos of John Lund, Rob Scriven, Dave Sharpe, Brian Rumney, Nigel Whorton, Phil Hemmingway, Colin Gautry , and Len Wolfenden and Stu Smith at Bolton, May 1992.
  6. Updated results from Sheffield 28th December 1981, and Long Eaton 2nd January 1982. Programme and updated results from White City 1st January 1982. Programme and meeting report from Sheffield 29th December 1980. Results and programme from Harringay 22nd October 1954. Results and programme from Bradford 26th May 1954. Photo of Ron Hall at Belle Vue, 1954. Photo of Bill Bridgett at Neath Abbey, April 1955. Meeting report from Belle Vue 6th October 2002. British Open Championship added to Former Championships page and Northern Open added to Regional Championships page. Result from Staines 11th May 1956.
  7. Rare photo of Dave Walker. Photos of Stuart Hardy and Andy Abel at Northampton, circa 1969. Photos of Nigel Whorton upside down, and Alan Garmston with the Final trophy, Rochdale 1st April 1984. Photos and race report of Belle Vue 25th August 2002. Photos of Bobby Burns. Photos of Mick White at Staines in 1959 and Roger Butterworth at Brands Hatch in 1966.
  8. Jenny Robinson Memorial added to the Memorial Trophies page. Photos of Barry Johnson and Teddy Corden at Long Eaton, 1958. Photos of Stan Cole, Gary Frost, Colin Baldry, Nigel Watson, John Carr, Geoff Clegg, Dave Sutton, Koos Peeters, Tom Sealey, Keith Hayden, Dick Harvey, Graham Soule, Peter van de Berk, Bob Hall, Stu Gray, Jason Cronshaw, James Neachell, Neil McCoard, Adam Squance, Mat Newson. Photo of Doug Anderson on his only appearance. Programme covers from Wolverhampton 1974, Nelson 1978, White City 1979, 1980. Programme covers from Blackburn 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983. Programme covers from Hednesford, Scunthorpe, Long Eaton 1989, 1990. Programme covers from Rochdale 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1983, 1984. Programme covers from Aycliffe 1973, 1980.
  9. New page Stats By Request.
  10. Just over 200 programme covers added to the results pages. Not going to list each one, but most of them are Aycliffe 1973, 1980 Wolverhampton 1974 Nelson 1978 White City 1979, 1980 Blackburn 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983 Hednesford, Scunthorpe, Long Eaton 1989, 1990 Rochdale 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1983, 1984 Massive thanks to Ian for scanning and sending them to me
  11. Photos and mug shot of 1955 Welsh Champion Roy Bannister. History of Crewe. Photos of Mark Williamson and Paul Thomas. Photos of John Holden, John Jebson, Harry Smith, Johnny Hewer.
  12. Winners of the Stoxnet Charity Ladies Races. Programmes from Harringay 10th June 1955 and 24th June 1955. Mug shots of Gil Cox, Sach Jackson, Gerry Scali, Earl Testo, Johnny Pratt, Barry Johnson, Bryan Hinckley, and Mac McDonnell. More photos of Peter Falding. Photos from Harringay 17th June 1955.
  13. This is Sundsvall on 26th March 1956. Can't tell if this is a proper track or one that's been laid out in a field! Paul Lindgren took the photo and it's from Sundsvall Museum.
  14. A couple more from the meeting at Kumla in June 1955. There's no other info with them, so we can only guess. The fence or pit gate being assembled or inspected. One of the competitors. The embroidered badge on the overalls says NYNAS, which is a Swedish oil company.
  15. Kumla, 6th June 1955. They are now racing in the traditional anti-clockwise direction.
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