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    wife of 1 mum of 3 drivers and nan of 1
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    been around since the 50s

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  1. calamity507

    What now?

    we are in lock down , enjoy the dvds Nic
  2. calamity507


    I dont think , it will start either, I must admit not been taking it too seriously because some of the stuff on facebook has been ridiculous , have been told because we are oldies we may be asked to self isolate , which we probably will as we dont go out much , apart from over the fields with the dogs , and thats mainly me , and today just to make me realise how serious it is , we have a 3 year old great grandson in isolation , because hes showng the signs , hopefully he will soon be tested , and cleared .
  3. No relation Tim has been friends with her parents for years
  4. Just heard the sad news , Mick Wilkinson died today , after a long illness, he was part of the scene for a long time as a scrutineer , and well known and liked , Condolences to Rita and R I P Mick
  5. I have some fan club floats on dvd had converted from cine , just not got the intelligence to post on here , lol , will try and borrow a grandchild to show me how
  6. lol Nigel , ty for trying , and I was very humbled that you did , but Mark is a much more worthy winner
  7. 1964 Trevor Frost, Coventry . with my new fella , who this year I have been married to for 55 years lol
  8. omg I hadnt seen this so Mark glad won it , I would have voted for him had I have seen it before ty guys anyway for your kind words Nic and Roy are the real stars , I just try to keep them in check lol
  9. Thanks from us all , its very time consuming , so nice to know we are appreciated
  10. calamity507

    Colin North

    Condolences to the family from all the Bedford Smiths ,my heart goes out to you , and also to those that witnessed it , and those that tried to help . I didnt know Colin , just of him , and all he did for our sport. He will be greatly missed by all R I P Colin
  11. Tannoy announcement The meeting is abandoned due to a serious incident at the track
  12. Sorry guys as you are obviously aware there has been a problem , racing is still suspended ,
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