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    Brisca F1 photographer 1975 - 2017
  1. Really sad to hear this. RIP Mick.
  2. I will get my e-mail sent to Erica this morning. I think another valid point is the stadium's popularity with overseas drivers and racing fans and in particular our Dutch friends who not only attended World Finals in massive numbers but also attended normal fixtures on a regular basis. This brought in a significant amount of business to the local economy be it hotels, restaurants or local amenities.
  3. Very sad news indeed. Granville was a great inspiration to me and also a co-author of the 'Stock Car Drivers' books which we produced. I was always pleased to respond to Granville's request for photos as he pursued his quest to build his photo collection and fill certain gaps. I had recently borrowed a collection of old stock car photo albums and I was looking forward to contacting Granville in the hope that there may be something in there that would have filled some of his number gaps. RIP Granville - Linda, Carole, John, Susan and I are going to miss you very much.
  4. Very sorry to hear this sad news. Best wishes to you and your family. Mike Greenwood - Photostox
  5. I made my first visit to Emmen on Saturday. I was actually there to pick up my calendars which will be on sale at Coventry on Saturday. I found it to be a great track with great racing and was really good fun. Congratulations also to Geoff on a great performance. I concur with everything Geoff says about Emmen. Certainly a track worth visiting and it is great value for money. Even though we had leave early to catch the boat back to Hull I still managed to take plenty of photos including a good selection of Geoff in action. I will post a few in a new gallery but all 93 shots can be seen on my website www.photostox.com. Mike Greenwood - Photostox
  6. Me too! Regards, Mike Greenwood
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