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  1. I thought that was case with barford being outlaw track so nothing to do with orci rules
  2. I remember the battle's between Terry forster 414 and kev Smith 64 at Aycliffe and hartlepool as I picked bits up for 414 Hard but fair racing Good interview kev 64
  3. Ken Pond

    Sad news

    My condolences to the family rip
  4. Ken Pond


    Well put statement Steve all the best👌
  5. Ken Pond


    Steve good news good luck with outcome 🙏
  6. Watched vlog last night Have you tried chucking a grenade into the workshop💥it my tidy it up😉
  7. Nigel keep yourself and family safe have a pint and relax
  8. Yes Dave but you give it your best that's all you can do that was the backbone of the sport lads running to thight budgets if you had idea with engine's you did the best with what you had
  9. Did not know Roger but my condolences to family rip
  10. Hope the four amigos are safe and well in time of trouble Or Jane nic Roy Harry nl
  11. Nigel did clutch hold up🤗🍾
  12. Sent donation 🤗
  13. I would add Phil Haig Phill Hemingway To list of crazy drivers
  14. John Dowson snr John toulson Gerald Taylor Joe joblin
  15. Ken Pond

    Crazy cars.

    USA car big problem I think had auto box I think he built a car for Lee Wilson no111 I think with manual box totally different
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