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  1. Colin C


    for those who are burying thier head in the sand as as some have said " As it hardly kills anyone under 50 years old and we should carry on regardless and meetings should continue with those who can fight it off, and with the gotta carry on as normal" . take this scenario. A driver goes home, may have caught it without knowing, maybe at the track, maybe at a service station on the way home, he then goes to visit his granddad the next day to tell him how he got on, who, maybe an ex driver who we have all loved watching over the years, and passes it on. His 80 year old granddad can't fight it off and dies.. I think sometimes we have to be responsible for our own actions, be self policing and think not for what things could do to us, but what it might do to the wider society.. However, those with the carry on regardless and no thought for others are perhaps the same ones panic buying and hoarding food and toilet rolls without thought to others. Guess there will always be sections of the society that think that way
  2. Colin C


    Just have a read of this, https://www.newsweek.com/young-unafraid-coronavirus-pandemic-good-you-now-stop-killing-people-opinion-1491797?fbclid=IwAR3Ix7-f4QIaeFRyXLSKo4pLVv9tVIRWSeDP7IrEsilx0RHxV5NZcCjj1qE
  3. Colin C


    All racing in Holland is cancelled until the end of March, the Government there have banned gatherings of more than 100 people.
  4. Colin C


    Anyone thinking of going to Emmen at the weekend, the meeting has been cancelled due to Government regulation in Holland regarding the Corona-virus.
  5. Not sure why you can't compare soccer and racing, both compete for the pound in your pocket, and racing needs to learn from sports like soccer and other forms of entertainment as to how they have moved from the past to the present, and how they are able to attract sponsors, how they gain so much media coverage and how the pr enhances their product, how they are courted bu the local councils for the money that they bring into the area (Something race tracks in the USA are good at). Having said all that, it is something the sport should have been doing back in the 1960s, I know hindsight is 20/20 but there were people back then that were in the position to make the sport stronger and given us a more solid platform today.
  6. I think we do have realise that oval racing is a minority sport, even if you have the world "National" in your title a very small percentage of the population have heard of stock car racing let alone watch it. We do have to learn from other sports and entertainment, be it soccer, Ice Hockey, NFL. F1GP, Darts or music concerts, festivals etc. the Adopt, adapt and improve saying comes into mind. Look at what makes people want to go to other sports and activities, and also why people don't go. As for folks watching Premier league soccer on tv rather than going to a local game, that says something about the product being served up by the local sports, and the marketing and PR of the major sporting organisations, can't blame folks who would rather see some quality in comfortable surrounding rather than a poor product in less than ideal facilities. Give the folks a quality product then they will go in person. As for live streaming, I am in two minds. 1) it does keep fans who are unable to attend a meeting for what ever reason, ( can't afford it, can't get there in time after work, too far to travel, family commitments, in a different country! are just a few) involved with the sport. We can't expect people just to turn up at every meeting . 2) The flip side is that it may keep fans from going to a meeting and have an effect on the gate. Both views are somewhat of a contradiction However, I do think there is a need for a professional produced product that should and available to those fans who just can't make it, keeping fans involved with the sport rather than drifting away to other sports or activities. In the USA DirtDigest does a great job with not only live visual broadcasts but also live radio.
  7. Colin C

    Incarace Web site

    This statement has been released: Birmingham Wheels Raceway It is sad news to announce that Birmingham Wheels Raceway will not be re-opening. Following meetings that have taken place with myself and the other tenants alongside the council we have been unable to negotiate the terms of a new lease. One of the reasons behind this situation is there was only a short-term lease for one year and at the end of the lease only a possibility of one more year at the most. As it stands the track has got no electricity due to one of the main transformers being burnt out and this can now take upto three months to repair. Obviously, this is now going to cause issues with the published fixture lists. I am asking for everyone to be patient whilst this situation is addressed. Once progress in updating the fixture list is underway further announcements will be made via the websites. I apologise for any inconvenience and I hope everyone can understand the situation. Thank you. Deane Wood Incarace Managing Director
  8. Colin C

    Incarace Web site

    Peter and Steve, I do agree with you that in some instances communication and press releases could be better and often a press release will stop some of the posts on social media that can often be way off mark and damaging to the sport. Knowing what info to release and not to is not always an easy thing!
  9. Colin C

    Incarace Web site

    Having been involved in negotiations on leases and many other things ( not stock car related) my experience has been that putting any information in the public domain can jeopardise the negotiations. Although we are all passionate about the sport and would love to know what is going on, sometimes it is not wise to to put out a statement or a comment which may have a detrimental effect on negotiations,
  10. The Meppen test was 2008, not 2009 as I thought.. I understand Jonathan Palmer is interested in stock car, was impressed with the heritage stuff he has seen and has expressed interest in a stock car demo at Brands during the American fest.
  11. There will be a meeting at Meppen in May, the track has been in planing and construction for a few years, I went along to a noise test way back in 2009, so good to see it all come to fruition . And been a while since there was a stock car race in Germany,
  12. Colin C

    Disc brakes

    Ellis Ford had them back in the late 1960s, My brothers Darkie Wright built car had them around 1976, and there were many cars around before that car was built that had them.
  13. Alan Rogers (391) called into our office last year, he raced 391 in the early 1960s but asked for it to be changed as the numbers added up to 13 and he had nothing but bad luck! he was given 156 for the next year, but his luck did not change! A few sprint car numbers I have seen and liked RAT1, 7H20 ( sponsored by a water company) and 101.7FM ( radio station was the sponsor!) must admit I do like having letters as well as numbers, I think our numbering system is far too boring and stuck in the past..
  14. fraggleina, they do stay with you, I bet nearly every driver, in almost all formula, has thier race number as part of their email address :-)
  15. I was just given #176 by bscda, at the time it was Alan Finnikin's number, I asked bscda to give me another but they told me it was 176 or I didn't get a licence! numbers were 1 -400, back then. I must admit in this day and age I think a driver should be able to choose any number, 0 to 1,000 and if it has not been allocated then they should have it, especially for drivers moving over from F2, helps the fans associate with drivers moving from f2 to f1. If I had a choice of numbers now I would choose either 176 or 00
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