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  1. If you think it is unfair on a driver who has worked hard to gain a lead, then you must think it is unfair when the field is bunched up on a restart. If you are being fair a driver with a half has half a lap lead before the they should have the same on a restart? Personally I think we are stuck in the past on a lot of things and need to make the sport more of an entertainment.
  2. I m with Dave Wayne on this one, he sums it up perfect. I like it, but would perhaps only use it in the second half of a final.. And I would go one further and have double wide restarts.
  3. 2021 Stock car calendar on sale now: Looking back on some of the sports greats as well as focusing on the 2020 covid hit season action and drivers. Due to the current situation the calendar will be available by post, full details to come soon but to order and reserve a copy please message James Bowles or Colin Casserley. Normally the calendar is produced in association with Durk Osinga from ASF in Holland but due to logistics obtaining the calendar from the Dutch printers it has been decided for 2021 that we will both produce our own calendars at a reduced price. Had enough of 2020, plan a better 2021 with the F1 stock car calendar! It is double A4 size and costs £10 plus £2.50 P&P there are 12 pages, with 120 photos and around 100 different drivers covered from world champions to 2020 Rookie drivers. Each month has a different theme. Thanks as always to the promoters, staff and officials, drivers, families, crews and to all our sponsors who make this happen. and to Jonny Goss for great artwork.
  4. I am being a grumpy, grouchy old man. My shoulder pain getting the better of me, sorry about it, won't let it happen again, will refrain from posting until better! And if anyone knows a good treatment for rotator cuff injury let me know!
  5. Melvyn, just as a matter of interest, when was the last time you went to a Saloon meeting without the F1s?
  6. Give the chance Stav, and look on the postivie side for once, More cars are going to be racing!
  7. Colin C

    Support formulas

    Spot on Spiderman, it is not the on track time/entertainment that is the problem, it is the down time when there is no racing that is the key as to whether fans return or not. If you go to an NFL American football game, the playing time is 60 minutes, but those 60 minutes take around 3 hours. It is the time when there is no play that the NFL fill the time with loads of things to keep the fans entertained and engaged. That is where our sport needs to learn new ways of making a meeting an entertainment package.
  8. Colin C

    Support formulas

    Dave Wayne, the Hyde road belle vue used to start at 7, and if the GN wasn't underway by 9.15 they cancelled it. 5 or 6 races in around 2 hours.. would we stand for that now? I don't think we would. I enjoy most formula as long as there is a full field of cars, watching the same 10-15 cars in four races is a stretch, maybe that is where the format needs to be looked at instead of the traditional heat/final format. and what kills racing is the downtime between races, far better to have something going on track that watching nothing! having said that there is a fine balance to strike between watching on track activities and being held hostage for 5 hours! Around 3- 3/12 hours is fine by me, but there are others who like longer meetings but research in sport and entertainment in general indicates around 3 hours is what Joe Public wants.
  9. Colin C

    Support formulas

    If you like Ministox, don't forget it is their Gold Roof race on Saturday at Skegness. been some cracking Mini gold roof races in the past and I am sure this one will be another good one
  10. Colin C

    Gold Roof

    A question I always raise when talking about gold roofs, anyone have a colour photo of Fred Mitchell with a gold roof? I don't think I have ever seen one
  11. too make fake news, false statements and incorrect facts on Facebook, and too many quick to jump on the doom and gloom bandwagon. Stoxnet and Stoxnetters have got a bad name in the past for some of the post and comments, but what is on Facebook is far worse..
  12. Great thread, this is what stoxnet and the internet is about, seeing some old photos and getting info on cars and drivers we didn't know..
  13. Ozzy, is this an old Neil Crookes (15) car?
  14. Since March I have lost some family members, some close friends and some people I knew to say hello too. Not going in the pits is a small price to pay for the safety of all race fans, crews, officials and drivers. let's hope things change in the future, but like Billy H said, let's focus on what we have got and enjoy things while we can.
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