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  1. Colin C


    people will complain even when there isn't a justification to complain. It reminds me of a track in New Zealand where the council got complaints about the noise, so the track, along with the council, put on a meeting, all the transporters and fans went along as normal but NO racing took place, they just had a BBQ, and then at the normal times of a meeting they all went home. On Monday the council still got complaints about the noise of the racing!
  2. I am with you BernieB, if we do get back racing this season then let's forget about 2020 as far as championships go, maybe a mini Grand Prix series depending on how many meeting we might be able to get in, bit worlds etc, let's leave them until 2021,
  3. Colin C

    Ken Carter bio

    another great read, and some superb photos, thanks Carl and John, great stuff.
  4. Colin C

    Alan Heap

    Great stuff, great photos and great reading
  5. the logistics of stock car racing are different than setting up a major event like Silverstone. Stock cars could start tomorrow if the government said it would be ok, Silverstone have to construct infrastructure and put in place things that take several months to set up. Stockcars doesn't.
  6. Latest news, practice under strict conditions, which is fully understandable, and in accordance with government guidelines can start in June take a look at the Orci statement: http://orci.co.uk/News/2020/05/ORCI-Statement-Saturday-30th-May
  7. Spedeworth have announced some practice days in a week or so times, so things seem to be moving, long way off holding full race meetings I know, but still good to see.
  8. Posterholt in Netherlands been given green light fr practice to start from next week. not sure of what conditions they are allowed back on, but a small step in right direction.
  9. Posterholt in Netherlands been given green light fr practice to start from next week. not sure of what conditions they are allowed back on, but a small step in right direction.
  10. With the possible exception of NZ and Australia, I don't think any country has handled it as they would have hoped, (even Sweden!) but it is something unprecedented in modern times of international travel and free movement. I don't think any government knew how to handle it and demographics and geography of each country played a part in how things spread or didn't! However I do think the government should have listened to all the experts on Facebook who knew a heck of a lot more than the Government did, 🙂 but it has also brought out the best in most people in the UK, sadly the worse in a lot too. protecting those most at risk has been the most important thing, sadly too many only thinking about themselves and not the good of others. As fr racing, I have no idea when it will return, but based on how other sports seems t be going I would like to thin we will be back with some practice sessions in July, and if we take a lesson from how they have done things in Canada, limited car numbers, limited crew members, spacing the transporters out in the pits, etc and no public to start with, followed by limited fans in following weeks. But if that is to happen here we will all have to get used to some changes and social distancing, at least until we get the Ok from the government. I am hopeful that we will get back racing to something near normal later in the year, maybe there will be designated segregation areas for the fans and you have to get a ticket for a specific area and not stand where you want to for the remainder of the year ( I don't know, just guessing on that) but it will be a small price to pay for the return of the sport we all love.
  11. Colin C

    New brighton

    I could be wrong but didn't the promotion use a Star behind the roof fin to indicate the "superstars" of the formula.. I think it was a few years later before BriSCA copied it , but used flashing lights
  12. Colin C

    New brighton

    James P, there is a New Brighton group on face book, maybe someone will have the photo? https://www.facebook.com/groups/670982376354500/ I didn't go there often, but loved the high banked corner,it was something different,
  13. Great read Carl, Crawfish Crider also wrote about his time in the UK in his Road to Daytona Book. Sadly Bobby Myers was killed in a race accident shortly after returning to the USA, his son Danny "Chocolate" Myers was on of the crew members for Dale Earnhardt, Sr,
  14. still has to be the longest gap whether he raced all the years in between or not?
  15. Colin C


    for those who are burying thier head in the sand as as some have said " As it hardly kills anyone under 50 years old and we should carry on regardless and meetings should continue with those who can fight it off, and with the gotta carry on as normal" . take this scenario. A driver goes home, may have caught it without knowing, maybe at the track, maybe at a service station on the way home, he then goes to visit his granddad the next day to tell him how he got on, who, maybe an ex driver who we have all loved watching over the years, and passes it on. His 80 year old granddad can't fight it off and dies.. I think sometimes we have to be responsible for our own actions, be self policing and think not for what things could do to us, but what it might do to the wider society.. However, those with the carry on regardless and no thought for others are perhaps the same ones panic buying and hoarding food and toilet rolls without thought to others. Guess there will always be sections of the society that think that way
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