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  1. USM

    World final leaders

    Mat Newson must be in the mix surely
  2. Does anybody know what car Luke Davidson is using today please ? Thanks in advance
  3. Andy is on the booking list
  4. I think you'll find it was DJ that fired Frank, Lee, Rob and took himself in with them
  5. USM

    birmingham chat

    Thanks Andy, sometimes in life it makes one wonder why to bother volunteering to help out at all. I explained to Jane that I would be happy to send results but not do pre- race, mid- race, post- race and like yourself she was grateful for that as I WANTED TO WATCH THE RACING AND HAVE A FEW BEERS as well as we were staying over. There were plenty of people there last night that were / are more than capable of pressing a few buttons on a phone.........
  6. USM

    Results Service ,

    Jane, I'll get your mobile number from the amazing Mr Warwick if that's ok - please advise
  7. USM

    Results Service ,

    Jane, I'm going and can do the results but likewise can't get a pm to you
  8. USM

    euro weekend

    I wouldn't sleep in either of them trust me
  9. Don't vote much on these sort of things but easily the worst meeting I've been to this season - echo much of what has been said .... and the shambles to get out of the car park when there are gates at either end mystifies You gotta up the ante before the big one boys and girls RR 4 DOD 126
  10. USM

    Rob Bradsell 265

    I think that there maybe one from Bedford still actively racing
  11. Out of Wheels turn left, to the end turn left, A45, M42, M5
  12. You don't need to be anywhere near the M6 to get from wheels to Taunton
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