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  1. Not exactly a public relations exercise, remember history does repeat itself. An old Norfolk farmer told me years ago “You only get weeds if you sow them for seeds”
  2. Are we still waiting for as answer?🤔
  3. I am not looking forward to spending all the meeting with a mask on but if that’s what it takes for us all to control this Mr Coronavirus we will have to put up with the mask 😷 I will look better with a mask on Rather than I would off!
  4. At least the shale dust won’t get up your snout and in your barn door full of grit but how the hell do you eat one of Busters burgers with your mask on?😷
  5. D Dream had the song “Things can only get better “ 🤗
  6. That’s a big difference 132 meetings in a year down to 11 🙁————-or less!
  7. We are still in the dark🤔
  8. Don’t mention it you will have me in tears😪😢 how I miss that doss hole
  9. Sorry bu for a young lad like me that was before my time 😀
  10. Tarmac is for getting there ......yes you know the rest The one and only meeting held at Dereham according to the late great Harry Barnes was on barley stubble and was a very slippery dusty affair. What other strange track surface have been used other than shale and cinder? I think coal dust was used some where.
  11. All is quiet as yet is this the lull before the storm🤔?
  12. Boston was a Sunday shale track Kings Lynn used to be on a Sundayand so was Skeggie for a while
  13. Don’t worry pal I’m thicker than you 🧐 that’s normal for Norfolk!😆
  14. Carrot cruncher

    Quiz Time

    What a guest to get into an F1 next Uk weekend at Skeggie come on Mr Kelita you can do this and would make good publicity for Skeggie and the whole sport. He’s nuts enough to have a go at anything that’s noisy with an engine.
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