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  1. All roads do NOT lead to Kings Lynn remember that the A 47 is closed between Guyhurn round-a-bout and and Thorney and the back roads in that area are poor to say the least and not suitable for HGVs , use A10 or A17
  2. Please note that the A47 is closed all this weekend between Guyhurn and Wisbech and will effect travelling arrangements for anyone going to Kings Lynn on Saturday night from the Peterborough and Leicester area’s . Best bet is to use A10 or A17 as the by roads in the area are no better than a cart track and definitely not suitable for HGVs thank goodness in heading the other way😂
  3. So sorry to hear the tragic news of Tim. Think it would be a good idea for all drivers and cars turn up next weekend at Kings Lynn with white wall tires in respect of a true sportsman. We will all miss him and respect his love of the sport
  4. Booked my tickets for the 1st meeting at Lynn but have booked for the all three June Speedway meetings.
  5. Think you will be getting the dunce’s hat for the whole season😂🤣😂
  6. Looks like before long there will be more cars made in Norfolk by Mat Newson than by Lotus .Well done how many cars have been built and refurbished at this well known car manufacturers in deep darkest Norfolk
  7. As yet nothing yet from the hopes of returning to Odsal for speedway. Steve has got to get as many uses out of this project as possible to enhance his outlay.It needs all stock car formulas to come on board and enhance the return of Odsal
  8. How nice to get back to Off track and something to watch on a Saturday night. Rob was a sportsman and a well respected driver so Chris you’ve got a hard act to follow. Wishing you the best of luck with the new Newson built car, think he is second to Lotus in car manufacturing in Norfolk. The paintwork and finish looks top of the draw. Being nosey Chris , what’s happens to the old shale car?
  9. Oh no not Fathers bare bum again 🤣🥴😷
  10. Don’t think for one moment that this will be the case can’t see the” Wainman welding company “ not doing a weld on both sides For years 2 Ltr saloons have been fileing the fences of the Racewall and Kings Lynn and are very experienced at doing so.!
  11. looking good don’t think there will be to many drivers wanting to go through that fence because that looks very very strong.There’s one man who would be painting the place out day and night, Dave it’s times like this that your missed but you are NOT forgotten.
  12. What a pun! Bumper season!😂🤣😂
  13. Glad to hear that you’ve been jabbed there are a lot of old uns in this sport and let’s hope they all get a little Jab and can carry on visiting racing venues as there are several that have not been seen since 2019
  14. This morning at 3:15 I finished reading this great little book and was wondering if our highly respected old lad Mr Willie Harrison # 2 has had his COVID 19 immunisation jab yet ?
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