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  1. Don’t think for one moment that this will be the case can’t see the” Wainman welding company “ not doing a weld on both sides For years 2 Ltr saloons have been fileing the fences of the Racewall and Kings Lynn and are very experienced at doing so.!
  2. looking good don’t think there will be to many drivers wanting to go through that fence because that looks very very strong.There’s one man who would be painting the place out day and night, Dave it’s times like this that your missed but you are NOT forgotten.
  3. Looks like there 20 years behind us for H&S requirements. Don’t think Stock car Steve would ever dream of not installing a catch fence. This has got to be top notch and on the button enterprise and far better than Belle Vue or Stoke ever had hope of being in the same league.
  4. This was a safety feature introduced after the untimely death of a young girl Charline Kingston who was hit by a wheel that was catapulted into the crowd of the BRS turn at Wisbech. I think this happened in 1992 at the first Neil Bee memorial meeting This was the worst experience of my time involved with stock cars.
  5. Some little dicky bird told me that there doing the same at Odsal !🤣😂👏
  6. Walk in the Black Forest
  7. Hmm could have been good for another couple of seasons
  8. National saloons Swinging Safari Bangers. Mouldy old dough F2 Ricky Dink Thats heritage why change the tradition of the sport
  9. Sounds like Billy Smarts circus 🤡
  10. I would love to hear. Flight of the bumblebee at Coventry Walk in the Black Forest at Ipswich Lincolnshire poacher at Boston Rocket Man at Rayleigh Eye of the Tiger at Mildenhall As for Bradford it should be up to the Yorkshire tykes to name there own tune, how about Brighouse and Rastrick Floral Dance !
  11. Sadly seems to be the case of let it go to rack and ruin until there is no alternative but knock it down and build lots of houses for a financially rich fortune. Had they offered the sale of the stadium to Warren Hunter for a sensible profit there would have been a good chance that the local and national help to bring back racing to Brandon would be on par to that what we are witnessing with the return of Bradford
  12. Phillip Bond is back running the whole wheels complex but Racequip are running the stock car side of things. If this will involve Brisca F1s or not is a good question and building up anticipation to the start of the new season.🤞🏼
  13. Swaffham Raceway is now ran by someone with a mailing address at Poole. If this tied up with Ringwood or not I don’t know.
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