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  1. I realise its not F1 but I`ll put this one here - just in case you are a F2 fan or had got tickets etc.....It is the F2 and bangers meeting. Startrax Stockcar Racing · ODSAL 19th JUNE – POSTPONED Over the weekend, we have discussed as a team our progress at Odsal and thanks to a lot of advice and help, week by week, from 22nd March to 31st May to last Saturday, in a ‘huge’ stadium, we would like to believe fo
  2. Monday 14th June. Startrax Stockcar Racing MONDAY MORNING UPDATE! Well it has been a quite emotional weekend and, ironically after all the stresses of the last several weeks, waking up daily at 5.am or earlier with different things, all Odsal related, Sheffield yesterday was a bit emotional as it was like 'going home' - Rightly, there is huge anticipation for Odsal and the brand, something we are very much trying to deliver upon and passi
  3. The number B18 SCA is actually B81 SCA (B81SCA) - I’ll let you work out what can be done with it but it looked rather well on a big silver Transit.😉👍
  4. Startrax Stockcar Racing NEW TRACK - NEW CHALLENGES - JOIN THE TEAM - VACANCIES Startrax are looking to expand the team for the 2021 season. We are specifically looking for the below roles: - Pit Marshals - Scrutineers - Support Staff for pre event set up and post event clean up For full details and information please email matthewgoring@hotmail.co.uk or send us a message on Facebook.
  5. Startrax Stockcar Racing Firstly a massive thank you for the fantastic feedback we have received following Mondays meeting. We know it was a long way off what we as a team wanted but many lessons have been learned and we have listened to the constructive comments that have been put forward. As many are aware Odsal is an elite stadium and this in its own right creates many issues. We also have to deal with Civid 19 and new HSE regulations. On top of this it is a new venue for t
  6. Blimey Dave, Giant will never talk you again after that omission🤣
  7. Just been posted by Startrax at 9.45 Startrax Stockcar Racing · 3m · 31st Monday - Last few tickets left We had a 'glitch ' with tickets yesterday in setting 'timing' for them coming off - The last few are now back online and available in the shop - There arn't that many and When gone, they are gone, apologies for the glitch at our end.
  8. As per 10am Weds 26th. Incarace Motorsport E-Ticket Dispatch Following several people calling our head office regarding their e-tickets for upcoming events we would like to make all race fans aware that the e-tickets for events are dispatched by email. You should receive your e-ticket a couple of days prior to the date of the event you have purchased your tickets to attend. Please che
  9. Startrax Stockcar Racing· 24/05/21 Monday morning! Well, today the Bulls have announced their return to Odsal which is great news for the city, their fans and team to share Odsal. We are today and yesterday, working at Odsal, the track has been relayed and 24 hours of discussions now we have run the first event at the stadium as a 'guinea pig' - someone had to be for the stadiums re-opening and, in reality we would have benefitted from pe
  10. Only 70, is that it, wish I hadn’t bought my ticket now at 11.07am if I’d known so few were turning up..🤣. Excellent turnout....Can’t wait....👍
  11. Slipped under the radar this one. Ticket sales for various Spedeworth meetings but for us the 29th May meeting on Saturday are released this Tuesday 4th May. Spedeworth Motorsports May Event Driver Bookings & Advanced Tickets Spedeworth/Incarace are pleased to announce that both driver bookings and spectator advanced tickets are planned for release next week! SPECTATOR ADVANCED TICKETS Advanced tickets will begin to go on sale on Tuesday 4th May 2021 at scheduled intervals which will be detailed below. Tickets can o
  12. Morning all - have updated to Odsal Update topic but thought best to put this in the general topic page for those not on Facebook or have got fed up with the Odsal Update bit !!! - if you think it needs moving to the Essential Info page Carl then please do. Tickets on sale tomorrow 26th as of 9am. I have no idea of crowd capacity come September, no one I guess knows, so no idea on total ticket numbers available. Startrax Stockcar Racing Favorites · 21h · World Final Ticket Information As we have mentioned the Andrew’s Group and Haulag
  13. WORLD FINAL TICKET INFORMATION. Startrax Stockcar Racing World Final Ticket Information As we have mentioned the Andrew’s Group and Haulage BriSCA F1 World Final Tickets will go on sale on Monday 26th April at 9am. Firstly, should you have any questions and queries, we would at this stage ask if you could -email us for the next few weeks as the office is only part time attended as we are as you would expect, at a crucial time with works at Odsal -
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