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  1. Ah right Riggerman**....so all of a sudden drivers are going to fire in lower graders (or anyone for that matter) to get a yellow under the new rules to sit on the leaders tail or two cars back, whereas in the good old days before the new ruling, no one, but no one, I mean even some bumper happy drivers that are racing today would have dreamed of getting a yellow and say sitting behind a couple of backmarkers to gain an advantage....I mean this has obviously never have crossed drivers minds before the new ruling. At this rate they’ll be thinking of firing in drivers into parked cars next to stop em coming back after them on the next bend. I get the point of the knocking the hell out of the incentive of lower graders when the yellows come out but how many times have we seen in the past a top grade driver hit the front after 8 laps, stick 4 backmarkers between him and the lower graders he has passed and the yellows come out...under the new ruling they have a chance to use that hallowed front bumper and nerf rails to nail the star man up front and go on for a win...Quid pro Quo perhaps??. Just an opinion. Cheers Andy. **....not sure what the punishment is for differing from Riggermans opinion on Stoxnet....banishment to Lancashire, forced to cheer Tom Harris, removal from the 53 fan club, having to attend tar meetings only but whatever it is I’ll take it like a man😂
  2. I think it was after it was first done at Lynn and Jonathan Abbott interviewed Frankie about it and he said - he/the drivers "heard" it was brought in after the WF when Tom won it so convincingly. Think that is where the confusion lies.
  3. This topic has cropped up before - how many times in the past have we seen the front runner (whether star or lower grader who has a good lead) with backmarkers behind essentially drive off into the distance with 5 to go after the yellow - get the lead drivers together and usually they knock the living daylights out of each other and creates talking points. Forget the past, forget the `purity` of Stock Car racing its about `Bums on seats` or has the lack of bums and ever growing vacant seats not apparent to some??. I`ll also play devils advocate here as well - had Frankie said `what a brilliant idea, it will lead to some brilliant, close competitive racing this idea` , I doubt we would have seen such a backlash.. Cheers Andy
  4. I thought there was a new BSCDA ruling that you had to attend at least one meeting a year to count as being a fan Ozzy...could be mistaken mind🙄😂
  5. Sticking the bumper in whilst not wearing a face mask?
  6. Broadsword


    Or Satan...😆
  7. This is the picture off F1Stox site in colour..
  8. It’s not the prettiest, the rear end is not to everyone’s eye - however it is different. I think if it was painted the same colour scheme as Stuart’s snoop nose car first was (baby blue as I call it) it would look the business tbh. In its present colour scheme it’s, err, challenging. Goes well though. Andy
  9. Steve....a Yorkshire rose on the bonnet but from Lancashire??. Mind you these Lancastrians can only hope I suppose😆 Ey Up Andy
  10. Try again - 22nd September 1974 Rochdale programme.....still hasn’t changed with the pig ------.😀 Can’t fathom out why it’s upside down. Andy
  11. It’s been gone into lots of time but dust is a big problem with the surrounding neighbours on the industrial estate. Having said that this often happens - it’s worth watching all but at 1 min 12 seconds in, after the water cart comes out.
  12. Broadsword

    Pit access

    .....and during , also on the way back, probably for the following week as well.🙄😉
  13. Broadsword

    Pit access

    Didn’t realise I was that boring in conversation...😂
  14. Broadsword

    Pit access

    Not sure when it was stopped but you could get into the pits in the 70’s.
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