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  1. Slipped under the radar this one. Ticket sales for various Spedeworth meetings but for us the 29th May meeting on Saturday are released this Tuesday 4th May. Spedeworth Motorsports May Event Driver Bookings & Advanced Tickets Spedeworth/Incarace are pleased to announce that both driver bookings and spectator advanced tickets are planned for release next week! SPECTATOR ADVANCED TICKETS Advanced tickets will begin to go on sale on Tuesday 4th May 2021 at scheduled intervals which will be detailed below. Tickets can o
  2. Morning all - have updated to Odsal Update topic but thought best to put this in the general topic page for those not on Facebook or have got fed up with the Odsal Update bit !!! - if you think it needs moving to the Essential Info page Carl then please do. Tickets on sale tomorrow 26th as of 9am. I have no idea of crowd capacity come September, no one I guess knows, so no idea on total ticket numbers available. Startrax Stockcar Racing Favorites · 21h · World Final Ticket Information As we have mentioned the Andrew’s Group and Haulag
  3. WORLD FINAL TICKET INFORMATION. Startrax Stockcar Racing World Final Ticket Information As we have mentioned the Andrew’s Group and Haulage BriSCA F1 World Final Tickets will go on sale on Monday 26th April at 9am. Firstly, should you have any questions and queries, we would at this stage ask if you could -email us for the next few weeks as the office is only part time attended as we are as you would expect, at a crucial time with works at Odsal -
  4. Startrax Stockcar Racing The FIRST CUT is the deepest! ODSAL WORKS CONTINUE After letting her 'rest' and 'settle' for weeks to bind and dry out, 2500 gallons of water were laid yesterday for her first 'trim' to smooth her out get the levels right, the first stage now of 'grooming' her. Tyre packing has been ongoing and she looks good before we start importing and laying the final 300 tonnes! Amazing driver interest for th
  5. Will the BIG two digit racer be turning up halfway through heat 2?
  6. Just have some form of flexible(ish) agreement, tickets can go on sale one month in advance of the meeting date, the paying punters know when they are available, can plan ahead, it’s like paying on the day but a month in advance.
  7. Think you have completely missed the point I was getting at but as I said ‘C’est la vie’.
  8. I get where Steve is coming from and doing - it makes sense. I`ve just got the 12th/13th June and July tickets. Problem is, if all the other promoters did the same for meetings 2/3 months down the line, its not a case of each individual taking a risk of getting a ticket, it comes down to each individuals access to funds - its a free market economy at the end of the day `C`est la vie` so to speak - but say Lynn, Northampton and Skeggy who all have meetings before the 12th and 13th June Bradford/Sheffield weekender were to all put their `advance` tickets up for sale next weekend....
  9. Its not difficult, May tickets get transferred to June meeting, all those that bought June tickets can use them in July....I mean its not like you would be selling advance tickets for the July meeting 3 and a bit months in advance is it??........errrr, hang on a minute, I`ll come back to you..
  10. I copied the above, there are also further limited tickets on sale for the Odsal opener on 31st May as well.....call myself a car/van salesman😆
  11. Just a reminder for those not on FB or missed the Bscda interview - available from the Startrax site as of tomorrow (not sure what time). We are delighted to also announce that limited tickets will also go on sale Monday morning 5th April for Bradford BriSCA F1 on 12th June, Sheffield BriSCA F1 / F2 for 13th June, Bradford, Super League Teams & BriSCA F2 on 19th June and Bradford F1 17th July. - Good luck.
  12. Startrax Stockcar Racing TICKETS 31st May and 22nd May - A few more released. As a result of the amended dates and some tickets becoming available - We have released a small number of tickets for STAN WOODS on 22nd May and the opening BriSCA F1 opener on 31st May. Less than 100 - so if you want one grab them whilst you can. The 22nd are available now and 31st will be online shortly As previously stated we do not
  13. It was ok, bit unclear in places, but c’est la vie. May be worth looking into subtitles though BSCDA for future driver interviews with Northern drivers, that or perhaps sending Sophie on a semaphore course?
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