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  1. George3


    Looks like it Carl ........ oh my days .... lol
  2. 1985 Bradford for me , The dustiest world final ever ? ..... My memories of that night , was dust , Stu winning everything , mick stecko and air horns ,in no particular order lol.
  3. I think it was live Carl yes , I seem to remember it being on during the saty afternoon before we headed off to Newtongrange , as a 13 year old at the time I actually recorded it with my tape cassette and microphone lol so I could listen back to the commentary ( didn't have a vhs as yet back then ) . Im not sure but was this the meeting they held the double decker bus race ? , it was shown on world of sport an hour or so earlier . either way there was around 4 or 5 buses and was a total yawn lol
  4. Also worth noting that Jelle is only the 2nd dutch driver to win a shale final in the modern era i.e since 1990 or so and the first one was 18 years ago . makes his win seem really quite something special for those that witnessed it , H410 making history .... well done
  5. Lochgelly always has that day after the night before feel , a bit like the masters i guess . although im only 35 mins drive away i only come here once every 2 years for the F1`s ...... to be honest although the racing is a bit dull action wise its just such a good facility i don't mind , and from a drivers point of view ( well Danny`s opinion at least lol ) Cowdie can be so rough and tumble i think the drivers enjoy not having to re build there cars after every race ..... i was saying to Danny that he was going well in the first heat and he explained he didn't go well at Lochgelly normally as he is usually so tired from the night before lol. RR 6 DOD 84 The weekend works well for me and look forward to 2020 .
  6. You know , the funny thing is although it makes a lovely change to only have to travel 35 mins to get there , its never the same for me when the F1`s come north , i guess its the opposite for you guys , it becomes almost a mini holiday when you travel which adds to the excitement to the meeting etc . That being said it was a very enjoyable weekend , i was hosting a couple of lovely fans at my home and we had a great time ( rumour has it my house measure`s of Rum was a tad large ) . RR 8 DOD 451 Following on from Broadswords post above ^^^ , i tend to agree, the first bend or 2 in a world final would just be carnage followed by at least 1 more restart until we are down to circa 20 cars left and a high speed procession ! .... that has tended to be how the F2 worlds have been run , but hey who knows , could be a classic but i do fear a high amount of damage , circa 36 F1`s are just to much around the tight bends at cowdie . Heres an idea though , i have a cunning plan ..... everyone arrive at cowdie , spend the afternoon in the pits , world final build up and parade done , rolling lap done ( great atmosphere and tension ) ..... then just before the green ..... everyone load up and dash to lochgelly to hold the first 3 laps until the dust settles a bit and then charge back to cowdie for the next 22 laps ....... what could possibly go wrong ?
  7. Stu , On Team Sworder facebook page , Charlie posted on the 17th May that Mick had indeed booked into Texel but had been told that all the allotted spaces for Brisca drivers had been filled up so they were not going ...... it also would be fair to add that Charlie did not add any further comment about the rights and wrongs etc , so all credit to them for that .
  8. Carrot Cruncher , any roadworks on the A17 from Newark at the mo ?
  9. I believe when I read through the meeting preview it stated that due to the largest entry of mini`s at Lynn for some time they need to put on an extra race for them as a pre meeting race , im guessing that as the advertising material etc was already out they could not alter the start time .
  10. This meeting has become a must do meeting for me , the combo of F1`s and saloons round kings lynn is about as good as it gets , and to add to that the brisca mini`s then it it makes the long trip south worth while .
  11. Graham France won the Hartlepool Semi as a blue top in 1986 if that sort of counts ? , he is/was the first non red top that in my time watching that has started front row of a world final ....... was Jock Lloyd a yellow top when he won it in 1961 Carl ? not sure where I read that ! .
  12. Standard day after the night before NIR meeting , always enjoy it to be honest , good turn out and decent weather all helped , no real talking points though . Im gonna go for NZ1 for the driver of the day as i thought his progress on tarmac over this weekend got better and better and really was on the pace at NIR . Dotd NZ1 R/R 7
  13. My first time to Ipswich, 979 mile round trip ( via NIR ) and circa 17 hours in the car , was it worth it ? ..... yep ! Ive seen better racing , ive seen better world finals , ive seen more atmosphere , BUT after a year of a bit of doom and gloom this meeting has given me a large kick up the rear end and brought back my enthusiasm . this felt like a world final , the stadium is probably now the best stadium we have left . a few tweaks and a couple thousand more fans and we really would of have had a classic . Driver of the day to me is the person that left the biggest impression on me on the day .... and imo there can only be one .... H699 Jan Kuin ....first year in a F1 , dirt track driver , he gave it his all, all night ... just brilliant . Dotd H699 R/R 8
  14. I did use to think it was due to the fact that ( originally ) the top 3 required post race scrutineering and therefore could not race until completed that evening . I guess that todays parc ferme does away with that need . Unless its due to the amount of champagne they have drunk on the podium
  15. Does this mean our Mr Speak has confirmed his booking for the world final or do we assume its an automatic booking as a w/f qualifier ? . We still await
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