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    Family first and foremost, F1's, F2's, most types of Nascar racing, The Northern Dirt big block modifieds (USA-excellent entertainment and look awsome), the 'normal' dirt late models, most other sports but in diminishing importance.A bit of fishing if i get time.I like a good laugh (can't take anything to serious ( unless its on track)).there's probably more but i have a terrible memory.
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    Fan since 1968ish,driver wannabe again
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    raced an F2 for a good few years,retired, spent more time than ever mechanicing for my mates, so thought i'd put the time into my own car again but an F1 this time, now i have even less time and loads less money.One of those "good idea at the time" things!!

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  1. I’ve been asked to pass on the sad news that Johnny Swift has passed away after a short illness. A former racer himself & also sponsor, Johnny had been involved with Brisca F1 for many many years. Sadly in these strange times, funeral attendance will be strictly limited or I’m sure they’d have been a huge turnout. Love and best wishes to Pat. RIP Johnny, we’ll miss you bud 😢
  2. 1 OAP ticket has become available, I know it’s late but may be of use to somebody? Unfortunately it’s only available for pickup/collection in the Melton Mowbray area. Open to offers
  3. Have to agree with all the above, very interesting set of interviews, well done, looking forward to more in the future 👍🏼
  4. Rest in piece Mick or “blackie” as we called you, such a popular man, part of a group we nicknamed “compo’s corner” 😂 sadly Ian & now Mick are no longer with us, we had some right laughs over many years. Condolences to all your friends & family!
  5. I’ve now found a radiator used on my F1, it was fine when I took it out, I’ve filled it up and no leaks showing, however I haven’t tested it pressurised, it’s a 6 core steel radiator, it measures 26” wide x 19” high x 3 1/2” thick. Again I can email pictures if required. Cheers Kev
  6. Thanks for all the enquires, As of today Bell housing-sold Steering box-sold Wheel nuts-sold Dirt stockers- spoken for
  7. Fg axle casing, as removed from truck, Ive found the hubs, studs, half shafts. FG shortened inside half casing , (made for a Peter falding car) 5 other FG half shafts suitable for use( some need modifying) A pair of FG (stronger) aftermarket hubs to suit, made by Bruno I believe. FG hub bearing, used I believe? (my unused spare) I think I have another full size FG axle already bird caged, no half shafts, not sure about hubs (stored elsewhere) FG wheel nuts 10 r/h 9 l/h A series steering box, unraced. Chevy- shatterproof bell housing complete with fork and release bearing. B
  8. If you get offered to many feel free to buy two and I'll buy one off of you!
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