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  1. Can anyone send a link to download the skeggy programe i do not seem to be able to find it on startrax site ?
  2. Thank you so much for all your help much appreciated all my info is complete now
  3. Thanks that is brilliant Just need F1s now
  4. Thanks For that has given me some results but was looking for a full run down if possible IE who raced in each race for all formulas . Gotta be others that do the same as me and take down all information just hope someone will share their results with me .
  5. Has anyone please got a full set of results for Stoke 04/11/17 (if possible all races including cars in each race) F1s ,V8s & Minis. I have come to update my results for last year and can't find this meeting any where (i have lost my result sheet ) , its not on MyLaps Either . Hope someone can help Thanks
  6. Yea that one always amazes me as soon as final is over people leave in droves and still a GN to go with all the top boys in sometimes best race of the night. Just cant see the reason behind leaving early
  7. Makes me laugh what people will do to save £2.00 Try parking in a town centre for a day £2.00 will last about an hour. If you can't afford £2.00 i think you best stay at home .......................
  8. Any one got a copy of "THE ALMANAC 25 YEARS OF STOCK CAR RACING 1960-1984" that they would like to sell ? Or Even lend me
  9. No its not you need to move with the times the way those bumpers were going in yellows were used when they were need no one hurt so top job And yes i will be at Stoke
  10. Best tarmac STOCKCAR World Final ive ever been to and ive done 40+ years of watching A big WELL DONE to the Skegness Team what a weekend Only down side was not being there all weekend about time the sunday fixture was at the same venue as WF instead of unnecessary travelling to NIR Hope 2013 fixture list gets changed and we stay at KL for 3 days Come on common sense needs to be used
  11. Well done Tom Harris on winning the 2012 European Championship long over due for a recognised roof colour change
  12. Top quality dvds shame we are not going to get them again this year
  13. Fast Lane

    How is she ?

    Good news Katie is home thats the best news we can have . I hope she makes a speedy recovery . Team 505 what a top offer just shows how close the stockcar world is, i have spoken to Katie's father this morning and he is absolutely gob smacked by team 505's offer
  14. Fast Lane

    How is she ?

    Taken from Allen AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD Coopers Face book Just to let everyone know katie took a nasty knock last night in the ministox at coventry. She had to have the roof cut off and immobilised, after bein up til 4am and a series of tests she has a small bleed to the brain and under the watchful eye of the hospital. Fingers crossed all will be well and she allowed home today. Hope she is gonna be fine
  15. Just bought a copy of this weeks Autocar Weekly and what a great artical on Stockcar racing 4 pages and all in colour a credit to Matt Prior yet another advert for our great sport
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