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  1. Probably be good to remember that KL have been heavily involved in the 'Tickets for Troops' initiative for the last few years... So it's already pretty clear that the team there appreciate the 'good' people in the UK. Like has been said, I'm sure that they're probably spending their time just now trying to figure out how to keep the business afloat.
  2. updated link - https://www.taosport.co.uk/shop/harringay-stadium oh, and when you order you can pick your own number for the stock car...
  3. beaks

    Midlands track

    We are still involved in a replacement in Coventry in terms of talks but frankly its a way off a conclusion as driven by a decsion on Brandon which keeps being pushed back. The team is busy on Motofest which hit 229,000 people last year and will beat the 300,000 this year. What a great back drop to launch a new track or promote the sport. Sadly other than the mini's and heritage F1 nobody else has applied to attend whilst nearly all other forms of motorsport is being restricted access as the demand exceeds our capacity. Space will always be found for oval racing as it was and remains our passion but the sport is not that interested in attending. We are bigger than Goodwood and ALL of the music festivals in the UK in fact only a air show on the south coast and the Notting Hill Carnival get more people over the two days and we eclipse those in terms of media coverage. It remains FREE to attend could you imagine an event, that is free to all and attracts many that have never seen oval racing before, let alone F1's... on the Saturday you could do a demonstration and mention that the cars seen today can be seen racing tomorrow just 45 minutes up the road for their British Championship... you 'run' an organisation and it's well known that the organiser (eager beaver heaver) is offering you space for free... surely you'd bite his hand off? well, clearly not. it's much better to spend money at the NEC and Peterborough where there's the same old people coming along year in year out (to the same old slop)... anyway. just like the big man i'll head back into retirement and maybe see some of you at MotoFest - I'll be at 'The Yard' in my dress and wig buying JH drinks. enjoy your sport race fans, while you can. have a scunny good time. x
  4. Hello all, The wife of Phill Spencer, ex mechanic for Andy has already completed a 10k run and will be doing a 10 mile run in October to help raise funds for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice charity in memory of Andy. If any of you could dig deep and help out if would be very much appreciated. Link as follows - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/angie-spencer3 Thank you. Ian B x
  5. ** UPDATE ** The promotion at Trackstar have very kindly allowed the DVD's to be sold at their merchandising stall (which is located) just in front of the bar on the main straight at tomorrow night's meeting. There is only a limited run of these DVD's produced so get in quick - one they're gone... they're gone! £10 each. Thanks, Ian B
  6. beaks

    Race receivers

    the moulded earpieces aren't compulsory, the raceivers themselves are. Thanks for the clarification Beaks. Are you going to be on the Mic. No problem bud. And no, won't be me. Those northerners would never understand what I was saying
  7. beaks

    Race receivers

    the moulded earpieces aren't compulsory, the raceivers themselves are.
  8. Hi all, We have had some DVD's made of the evening thanks to 247.tv, the team behind the Premier Sports Stock Car coverage. Nothing is missed and there's around 4 hours spread across the DVD's. All profits are going directly to Mat Newson. I will be at Kings Lynn this weekend if you wish to collect one there, or I can post one to you (drop me a message for details how). They're £10 trackside or £12 posted. Cheers, Ian B
  9. All monies have already been transferred to the Newson family from the previous collection. There is nothing 'dodgy' with the old collection. It is simply that the one at the beginning of this thread is the one that the Newson family wish to use going forwards. Rather than get bogged down in speculation (on here), if anyone has any questions please drop me a private message. All that matters right now is the Matt digs deep in his struggle to recover. We wish him well. x
  10. *** LIVE STREAM DETAILS *** We are super proud that 247 TV, the team behind the Premier Sports Stock Car shows are filming on Fight Night and are now offering a live stream for those who can't make it to watch the event from the comfort of their home / tent / park bench. The cost of this will be £9.95 with all proceeds going to charity. Click the link for further details - https://www.247.tv/live/brisca-f1-charity-boxing *** Tickets Still Available On The Door ***
  11. Closing date for mail order tickets is this Thursday, the 14th. Tickets will be available after this at the Motorsport With Attitude show and also on the door. Final line up (and running order) is as follows - Charlie England vs Jordon Thackra Graham Fegan vs Dale Seneschall TBC vs Scott Davids Olly Spencer vs Shaun Bowman Chris Clare vs Jimbob Aaron Rainey vs Martin Spiers Ryan Jones vs Steve Shaw Craig Smith vs Ben Riley Jon Palmer vs Stuart Moss Matt Newson vs Paul Hines Danny Mitchell vs Max Hertzog Joe Booth vs Dylan WM Lee Fairhurst vs Jack France Ed Neachell vs Chris Cowley Dan McLaren vs Mark Guinchard Cheers, Ian B
  12. Unfortunately our team captain Dave Dorans has had to pull out of our event. Fortunately this has opened up an opportunity for you, or someone you know to punch Scott Davids in the face. If you, or someone you know would like to step up and get involved then let us know asap. Further details can be found on the various social media streams.
  13. Beefy you know I've been in your corner since day 1 on this project and the fuel cells. One day your passion and drive really will save a life. You should absolutely be commended for your efforts and hopefully one day will get the support they deserve. I do feel a lot of folk are getting stuck in the old "it's not going to be strong enough / suitable enough" crash and bash of F1 Stock Cars. Although understandable, this view is very misguided. I've spent many years around Stock Cars (too many!) and also worked in a professional capacity in the WRC and F1 GP and I can assure you that although they are very much different to Stock Cars, the amount of G loading experienced, especially in the WRC is more than a F1 Stock Car will ever see. The people that Beefy is dealing with are the real deal (not just some dodgy fabricator in a shed) and there's absolutely no way they'd develop and allow one of their products to be in the public domain without 100% confidence that it was fit for purpose. I've said it before and I'll say it again - unfortunately I do feel that the only way Fuel Cells become mandatory in this sport is when someone gets seriously injured or worse. The trouble is that once that happens the sport will be forever damaged. Accidents can and do happen and of course no safety system is 100% bullet proof. However - when there is a company offering a product to our sport is, pretty much, dismissed as something not needed it's a dangerous thing to do. Scenario. Someone is killed in a fire. HSE have a good study into our sport and why it happened. HSE finds out a product that could have prevented the death has been available for years but has not made mandatory. There is a massive, massive can of worms when looking into this but the sport, the committee, whoever you wish to name all have duty of care to the drivers and must be looking a doing all they can for them. We also need to think of the supporters and also the track staff too - for them witnessing a guy / girl burning in a race car can have a long term impact. I can still remember standing very close to Dean Whitwell when he was on fire at Ipswich. I can remember the screams of the crowd and also thinking I was watching a driver burn to death right in front of me. I also remember a close friend of his on the phone to me in absolute bits when I was driving home when he heard the news. I've been around the sport for a long time - have seen all manner of things, from the Richie Ahern accident, the chap who got hit when he got out of his car on the back straight at Long Eaton, when the car came over the fence at Crewe and also the John Lund accident. Some accidents simply can't be prevented - but some can. Sorry for the essay y'all but we ALL need to support Beefy in his efforts. Ian B
  14. Hi folks, We still have some standing tickets for sale at £25 each or VIP ringside seats at £50 each. All tables are sold out. Current list of fighters is as follows - Paul Hines vs Matt Newson Lee Fairhurst vs Steven Webster Chris Cowley vs Ed Neachell Mark Guinchard vs Dan McLaren Joe Booth vs Dylan Williams-Maynard Ben Riley vs Craig Smith Graham Fegan vs Dale Seneschall Charlie England vs Jordon Thackra Dave Dorans vs Scott Davids Olly Spencer vs Shaun Bowman Ryan Jones vs Steve Shaw Contact me for further information or see the website - http://www.f1fightnight2.com Cheers, Ian B
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