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  1. whack them on eBay mate as a job lot... you may not get you tons of money but would be a shame for you not to make some money from them...
  2. now added some stock car magazines and supporters...
  3. Hi all, I've several of the above for sale on eBay should anyone be interested - https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/badnotbad/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Cheers, Ian B
  4. Hi all, Looking for - Stock Car Racing News - Aug 1961 and Jan/Feb 1962 Stock Car Supporter - 1,2,4,5,14,15,16,26,73,165 Stoxworld - 344 Any 1950's WF programs will be considered valuable and top prices paid. Message me via Stoxnet or email - ian@bennett53.com Cheers, Ian B
  5. updated link - https://www.taosport.co.uk/shop/harringay-stadium oh, and when you order you can pick your own number for the stock car...
  6. ** UPDATE ** The promotion at Trackstar have very kindly allowed the DVD's to be sold at their merchandising stall (which is located) just in front of the bar on the main straight at tomorrow night's meeting. There is only a limited run of these DVD's produced so get in quick - one they're gone... they're gone! £10 each. Thanks, Ian B
  7. Hi all, We have had some DVD's made of the evening thanks to 247.tv, the team behind the Premier Sports Stock Car coverage. Nothing is missed and there's around 4 hours spread across the DVD's. All profits are going directly to Mat Newson. I will be at Kings Lynn this weekend if you wish to collect one there, or I can post one to you (drop me a message for details how). They're £10 trackside or £12 posted. Cheers, Ian B
  8. *** LIVE STREAM DETAILS *** We are super proud that 247 TV, the team behind the Premier Sports Stock Car shows are filming on Fight Night and are now offering a live stream for those who can't make it to watch the event from the comfort of their home / tent / park bench. The cost of this will be £9.95 with all proceeds going to charity. Click the link for further details - https://www.247.tv/live/brisca-f1-charity-boxing *** Tickets Still Available On The Door ***
  9. Closing date for mail order tickets is this Thursday, the 14th. Tickets will be available after this at the Motorsport With Attitude show and also on the door. Final line up (and running order) is as follows - Charlie England vs Jordon Thackra Graham Fegan vs Dale Seneschall TBC vs Scott Davids Olly Spencer vs Shaun Bowman Chris Clare vs Jimbob Aaron Rainey vs Martin Spiers Ryan Jones vs Steve Shaw Craig Smith vs Ben Riley Jon Palmer vs Stuart Moss Matt Newson vs Paul Hines Danny Mitchell vs Max Hertzog Joe Booth vs Dylan WM Lee Fairhurst vs Jack France Ed Neachell vs Chris Cowley Dan McLaren vs Mark Guinchard Cheers, Ian B
  10. Hi folks, We still have some standing tickets for sale at £25 each or VIP ringside seats at £50 each. All tables are sold out. Current list of fighters is as follows - Paul Hines vs Matt Newson Lee Fairhurst vs Steven Webster Chris Cowley vs Ed Neachell Mark Guinchard vs Dan McLaren Joe Booth vs Dylan Williams-Maynard Ben Riley vs Craig Smith Graham Fegan vs Dale Seneschall Charlie England vs Jordon Thackra Dave Dorans vs Scott Davids Olly Spencer vs Shaun Bowman Ryan Jones vs Steve Shaw Contact me for further information or see the website - http://www.f1fightnight2.com Cheers, Ian B
  11. Quantity doesn't always equal quality. Saloons all the way please KO.
  12. dunc - the team at Skeggy will check for you on Sunday. I will let you know if they have any then get you sorted. cheers, ian b
  13. I`ve seen there is to be an interview in the programme as well...........pictures, interview, out on track, Christ if they play The Smiths the R/R will be nigh on infinite..?? don't get too excited about the interview, the bloke who put it together is a joker...
  14. Suzanne. I'll donate 50 to get you started. When and if you run out I'll top you up. Drop me a PM with your address and I'll get them shipped to you. Well done on the amazing work that you and the rest of the ladies are doing. Ian B
  15. I think they do it for either - A - S's and G's or B - Because it winds you lot up I could be wrong, of course. Regards, Ian B
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