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  1. whack them on eBay mate as a job lot... you may not get you tons of money but would be a shame for you not to make some money from them...
  2. now added some stock car magazines and supporters...
  3. Hi all, I've several of the above for sale on eBay should anyone be interested - https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/badnotbad/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Cheers, Ian B
  4. Hi all, Looking for - Stock Car Racing News - Aug 1961 and Jan/Feb 1962 Stock Car Supporter - 1,2,4,5,14,15,16,26,73,165 Stoxworld - 344 Any 1950's WF programs will be considered valuable and top prices paid. Message me via Stoxnet or email - ian@bennett53.com Cheers, Ian B
  5. updated link - https://www.taosport.co.uk/shop/harringay-stadium oh, and when you order you can pick your own number for the stock car...
  6. ** UPDATE ** The promotion at Trackstar have very kindly allowed the DVD's to be sold at their merchandising stall (which is located) just in front of the bar on the main straight at tomorrow night's meeting. There is only a limited run of these DVD's produced so get in quick - one they're gone... they're gone! £10 each. Thanks, Ian B
  7. Hi all, We have had some DVD's made of the evening thanks to 247.tv, the team behind the Premier Sports Stock Car coverage. Nothing is missed and there's around 4 hours spread across the DVD's. All profits are going directly to Mat Newson. I will be at Kings Lynn this weekend if you wish to collect one there, or I can post one to you (drop me a message for details how). They're £10 trackside or £12 posted. Cheers, Ian B
  8. *** LIVE STREAM DETAILS *** We are super proud that 247 TV, the team behind the Premier Sports Stock Car shows are filming on Fight Night and are now offering a live stream for those who can't make it to watch the event from the comfort of their home / tent / park bench. The cost of this will be £9.95 with all proceeds going to charity. Click the link for further details - https://www.247.tv/live/brisca-f1-charity-boxing *** Tickets Still Available On The Door ***
  9. Closing date for mail order tickets is this Thursday, the 14th. Tickets will be available after this at the Motorsport With Attitude show and also on the door. Final line up (and running order) is as follows - Charlie England vs Jordon Thackra Graham Fegan vs Dale Seneschall TBC vs Scott Davids Olly Spencer vs Shaun Bowman Chris Clare vs Jimbob Aaron Rainey vs Martin Spiers Ryan Jones vs Steve Shaw Craig Smith vs Ben Riley Jon Palmer vs Stuart Moss Matt Newson vs Paul Hines Danny Mitchell vs Max Hertzog Joe Booth vs Dylan WM Lee Fairhurst vs Jack France Ed Neachell vs Chris Cowley Dan McLaren vs Mark Guinchard Cheers, Ian B
  10. Hi folks, We still have some standing tickets for sale at £25 each or VIP ringside seats at £50 each. All tables are sold out. Current list of fighters is as follows - Paul Hines vs Matt Newson Lee Fairhurst vs Steven Webster Chris Cowley vs Ed Neachell Mark Guinchard vs Dan McLaren Joe Booth vs Dylan Williams-Maynard Ben Riley vs Craig Smith Graham Fegan vs Dale Seneschall Charlie England vs Jordon Thackra Dave Dorans vs Scott Davids Olly Spencer vs Shaun Bowman Ryan Jones vs Steve Shaw Contact me for further information or see the website - http://www.f1fightnight2.com Cheers, Ian B
  11. Quantity doesn't always equal quality. Saloons all the way please KO.
  12. dunc - the team at Skeggy will check for you on Sunday. I will let you know if they have any then get you sorted. cheers, ian b
  13. I`ve seen there is to be an interview in the programme as well...........pictures, interview, out on track, Christ if they play The Smiths the R/R will be nigh on infinite..?? don't get too excited about the interview, the bloke who put it together is a joker...
  14. Suzanne. I'll donate 50 to get you started. When and if you run out I'll top you up. Drop me a PM with your address and I'll get them shipped to you. Well done on the amazing work that you and the rest of the ladies are doing. Ian B
  15. I think they do it for either - A - S's and G's or B - Because it winds you lot up I could be wrong, of course. Regards, Ian B
  16. Hello all. F1 Fight Night this Saturday. 2 x Table Tickets for sale. £45 each. Dinner provided as part of the package. Dress code applies. Message me for more details.
  17. Only tugging on your sporan PB. Very impressed with things at SpeakVegas this year. Just needs humane toilets, stella in the bar, a helipad, a direct motorway from Bedfordshire, wifi and sherbert fountains in the track shop and it'll be perfect. L and P. Ian B 50 cars across 4 formula's? doesn't sound all that good to me. Beaks you should now me betters its an 'F1' forum only. Question for the stats people is the Skegness Car turn outs better than last year? I think so, no doom and gloom at the Skegway!!
  18. 50 cars across 4 formula's? doesn't sound all that good to me.
  19. Heaver. And to think I said kind words about you in the programme. That's the last time I do that. I think I'd rather go to the Banger WF @ Ippy this Saturday than be seen at BV. Over and out. Ian B
  20. I've been very fortunate to have some good proof readers helping me out with work I've done. Setting aside grammar and punctuation, they're very good at finding things that don't always read correctly or even make sense. Often when writing something you know what you mean... and think others will get it but sometimes it just doesn't convey how you want it. Another thing I like to do is when I've finished writing is to print out a copy and actually read it out loud. The human mind is pretty good when reading 'in your head' and often filters things out as you know most of the content - reading it aloud often shows how hard something is to read 'for the first time' and you can re-word it to suit. For interviews, I tend to write almost exactly what the drivers say and don't edit it at all. If their grammar isn't perfect or what they say could be re-worded better then so be it. I find leaving things alone helps the reader feel that they're listening to the driver in their head and not some polished work the author has farmed out. Get some contacts in the sport and I'm sure you'll be writing in some of the publications before long. I actually started writing for the Coventry programme after a colossal falling out with Jeremy Heaver on this very forum...! I'd also recommend getting hold of some of the better books out there - 'The Sound and the Fury' is the benchmark (to me). For content - always try and add something different into the mix. Often I find people just write down a whole bunch of statistics which is cool but personally people want to read something they can't find on the internet or be reminded of something that happened a while back... sticking just to 'in 1999 driver X won Y and in 2000 driver A won B and in 2001 driver 1 won 2' etc etc can get very tedious. Cheers, Ian B
  21. Here you go F2 fans... Saloons Heat F2 Cons SF Saloons Heat F2 Heat Saloons Heat F2 WF F2 Cons 1 Saloon Race F2 Cons 2 Saloon Race F2 Final Saloon ORC Championship F2 GN You're welcome. Ian B
  22. Think 1965. Stadium VERY basic, track VERY rough, makes for decent racing. Toilets disgraceful. Starts 4:30 finishes 9:30 ! ! ! Last time I went the track was in pretty good shape. The place reminds me of Long Eaton which in my mind is no bad thing. Even though he's tighter than a ducks rear entrance, the Gangsta (aka Steve Rees) is spending money on the place which is more than some promotions are doing. It's one, if not the best action tracks in the UK. There's better tracks around but there's also a lot worse. They serve Stella in the bar. It's a 2.5 hour trip each way for me. Am I going to miss it just because it's missing some creature comforts? As you northern lot say - "am I eck as like" See you in the bar. Beaks
  23. no need to be sorry chap. funnily enough all the money that will save the sport is in the south - and we can afford a needle and thread to fix the parachute... ian b
  24. Urgent Press Release - Additional information for the average Stock Car fan about the upcoming meeting at Kings Lynn / Norfolk Arena / Adrian Flux Arena - There will be an early race (i) at around 13:30 for motor home owners to get in the car park and set up their calor gas stoves to make lancashire hot pots and boil up some tripe. At around 14:30 there will be another race (ii) for people who 'love to arrive early for no reason whatsoever' to get into the main car park alongside the motor home owners. Points will be handed out for getting on the front row. Points will be deducted for those not being inch perfect to the car parking attendant's wishes. Points will also be deducted for having any stickers referencing a defunct stock car stadium near to the venue of the highly popular (and successful) Coventry MotoFest. At 15:00 there will be yet another race (iii). This time it will be for the aforementioned 'fans' to get to the front of the entry queue with their chairs, milk crates and hidden alcoholic beverages. Points will be given for those who posses a brain and got their tickets early and walk straight past the queue at opening time. Points will be deducted for anyone complaining about how much it costs 'these days'. Once the race meeting starts (exact race TBC) there will be another race (iv). Entry to this will be for those hell bent on bleating about the dust at every single opportunity online before you can say 'Buster Rage'. The first person to start the monotonous thread will be rewarded with the 'Richard Cranium' award of a pack of out of date Space Raiders, kindly provided by one time Stock Car fan going by the name of 'Beaks'. At the end of the evening, if people make it that far (due to choking on dust, self harm or losing consciousness due to kinky but strangely interesting activities) there will, as it the tradition, be a race (v) to get out of the car park after the meeting final. Anyone leaving with a FWJ sew-on will automatically be removed from the result due to poor taste and also anyone who mutters 'Sworder would have won that if he was here' will be taken to one side and told that he's got more interest in polishing his collection of Scammell wheel nuts these days and should get over it. Of course, what Stock Car meeting would be complete without the race (vi) to the keyboards to smash the life out of any flicker of enjoyment anyone has whilst attending a meeting. This will be reviewed one calendar week after the first post and the winner will be the person who contributes to the most soul destroying and spirit crushing pile of nonsense to date. Current predictions say that Facebook is likely to provide the winner but Stoxnet is coming up quick on its heels. The award is currently being kept secret, but someone 'in the know' has predicted that it will be a season ticket to Swaffham as it's the only track that's going to left running at this rate. Thanks for your attention. ==================== MESSAGE ENDS ====================
  25. I have to comment on this... How do you know what Tom can and can't afford? We are all aware of his activities overseas which clearly cost him a small fortune to undertake, perhaps his racing in the UK is on a budget? Sure he has support from JD but we don't know how far this extends (and nor is this any of our business). Remember that Tom (as does FWJ) makes his living through working on Stock Cars - any time spent working on his own cars will cost him in lost earnings - so it's not as clear cut as some like to make out. Additionally what happens if Tom picks up an injury which means he can't race in America? This lad quite clearly has ambitions to rise to the top over there and being out of action due to an injury picked up in a feud isn't going to help is it? With regards to money, I don't think there should be a urinating competition on who has what, and I'm sure that when the red mist comes down the very last thing on FWJ's mind when he has the #84 car in his sights is how much money he has stuffed down the back of his settee... Without people like Tom, Ryan etc on the tracks life would be very dull indeed. The sport (so far) hasn't really flicked my switches as yet so we really need some fireworks on track. Personally - I'm not going to be attending any F1 meetings in May to explore pastures new, and as someone who has been racing every month for around 35 seasons it's perhaps indicative on how many are feeling just now. A sign of the times, and a very sad one. Cheers, Ian B
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