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  1. I know a few people were after this classic tee shirt and I finally found the supplier. https://www.taosport.co.uk/shop/harringay-stadium-print
  2. Just to clarify something, I've raced both hot rods and F2's in the past so I'm certainly not adverse to them. They just didn't work for me on the night.
  3. Cheers fella. Have replied via the same medium!
  4. I think it's bargain too! As I've said elsewhere, leaving aside the TV exposure and brand association we'd be looking to build, Coventry put together a fantastic corporate package which was all included in that 10K per show! But the bottom line is that if we miss the next Coventry meeting, I think we're pretty much sunk.
  5. Thanks Mike. That means a lot. I'm still hopeful that we'll be able to continue but whatever happen, no one can say we didn't try.
  6. That is indeed asolutely true and in every other instance we would never start a project without a proper plan in place which would obviously include funding for the entire thing. However, in this instance for various reasons not least the the timescale involved, we had to take a decision to either go for it or to wait until next season and we decided it was worth the risk to start in 2007. Sadly. it doesn't seem to have paid off.
  7. I didn't think you were Colin. Just wanted to make it clear for anyone who might not know the background. One of the hopes was that we would build the show up on a season by season basis to the point where we were doing a weekly show covering all the Brisca tracks and maybe even other formula. Sadly, that costs money and at the end of the day, it has to come from somewhere. Maybe one day it would have come from C5 or whoever was broadcasting it by then but in the meantime, we had to find it and we have a finite amount available to us.
  8. Agree with much of what you say Colin but on a point of order, no one has ever asked the fans to raise any sponsorship toward the series not would we. As you say, they do enough already.
  9. That is correct. Relatively speaking, the total package we have available -which includes all kinds of things supplied by Coventry Stadium- is actually something of a bargain for £10k. We just need to find the right relative!!!!!
  10. Thanks for the thought but sadly, I think not. C5 are already aware of the support for the show and we are trying to get them to invest so it's simply a matter of keeping everything crossed and hoping that we can pull something together. Dougie
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