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  1. Heidi Morris just posted this on Facebook. Signed/Sealed/Delivered Hi Everyone, Hopefully, you’re going to like this post. Time to bring you up to date on what’s been happening at Birmingham Wheels over the last few months. Before Covid, there was a lots of work done by the Save Birmingham Wheels team – which resulted in Birmingham City Council withdrawing the requirement for the charities, companies and clubs at Birmingham Wheels to leave, and agreeing to offer a new lease on the site. The challenge was then to find a company to take on the lease. This was tricky and, with the timer ticking down on the offer, we realised that we had to step in to stop the site closing. So, we’re very pleased to announce that we have taken on Birmingham Wheels We are Philip, Mark, Liz and Carol (and lots of others) – and have a company called Motor Racing live, which already runs corporate Stockcar events at Wheels. If you’re new to Stockcar racing (or don’t follow the sport) you probably won’t know us - we used to be Incarace before selling the company a few years ago. Philip started at Hednesford Hills Raceway, with Bill and Martin Morris, before taking on the Stockcar tracks at Wheels and then Northampton. He has been in and around the heart of Stockcar Racing for 45 years. We are all passionately determined to create a place that is inclusive, entertaining and offers opportunities to all, across a range of wheeled sports, from stockcar racing to inline skating, and drifting to karting – and (we hope) a whole lot more. Birmingham Wheels has the potential to demonstrate a new type of urban regeneration – one that is about activity, endeavour, and excellence – rather than warehouses, car parks and bland development. We have taken on Birmingham Wheels because we believe that it is a unique venue, a huge asset for the local and sporting communities, and deserves to thrive. Wheels has been run by a charity for many years, and everyone will know the recent financial woes of the place – well this is a completely clean slate, and we are assembling a team of people who have the required talents to make 32 acres of prime real estate in the middle of Britain’s second city hold its own as a haven for wheeled sports. Our role is coordinating the whole site, and we will be confirming who will be licensing the various areas (including the Stockcar track etc) on here this evening – so don’t panic if you are into Stockcar racing, we’re not coming back to run the live events! So, we’re jumping into Birmingham Wheels … … and we wanted you to know that good things can happen, and the next time someone you know is down about the future of motorsport, you can always say “Well, what about Birmingham Wheels?!” If you’ve been around any of the sports that happen at Birmingham Wheels, and would like to get involved at the start of this exciting project, maybe as a volunteer, or to talk about running events, renting space, using offices etc, please call us. We want a diverse community of people, working at, and using, the site regularly, across a range of activities, to bring the life back in to this fabulous venue. Contact details will be on the new website launched tomorrow – details will be posted here! Please help and SHARE the news about Birmingham Wheels! We look forward to seeing you! X
  2. Well I won't, because I wouldn't go to watch it.
  3. Dougie

    Still on lockdown.

    Speaking as an ex Royal Air Force engineer.... and a Sergeant at that, I have to say (or rather, shout) that workshop is a *****g disgrace. If it's not tidy by the next time I check in, someone's right in the **** 😄
  4. I was speaking with an ex-speedway promotor yesterday and as far as he's concerned, speedway will never recover from this crisis and is effectively finished as a sport in this county. That might be a bit over dramatic, but it did get me thinking about our sport. With so many football clubs in serious trouble as a result of recent events with some almost certain to go to the wall, it stands to reason that our promotors will also be nervously looking toward the future so where do they stand in the great scheme of things? Will we lose any more tracks or is there the potential to exploit the situation and offer an opportunity for much needed revenue at places such as Odsal, etc.
  5. Dougie Cronshaw, Des Chandler and Jayne Bean should definitely be on that list.
  6. Back in the 70's at Brafield and during a coming together on the track in front of us, there was an almighty bang as a tyre exploded. About twenty seconds later, this lump of rubber came from the sky and landed dead centre on the head of the bloke standing in front of us. He went out like a light. Also, whilst filming The Stock Car show for Men & Motors at Brafield, we were shooting some stuff in the pits whilst a race was going on and as usual, the pits were chaos. Suddenly, the producer called cut and asked me if I would go and ask the drivers near by to turn off their engines for a few minutes because he couldn't get proper sound. I said if he wanted to try it, he was welcome to, but there was no way I was going to do it! He took one look at the people loitering near the back of a certain well-known drivers transporter and thought better of it. Oh how I laughed...
  7. I know a few people were after this classic tee shirt and I finally found the supplier. https://www.taosport.co.uk/shop/harringay-stadium-print
  8. The ORCI is no more a dictatorship than the RACMSA although to be fair, it's nowhere near as well run or efficient. Or powerful for that matter.
  9. Not sure why anyone would have a problem with this when only last week the woman who won the new W series (which is solely for women) was all over the national media.
  10. That is some serious company young Jake has joined!
  11. Dougie

    Richie Ahern

    Doe anyone know what happened to his plans to do more meetings?
  12. Great read and a reminder of the potential dangers motorsport holds for everyone. Thank goodness he's on the mend.
  13. Fantastic stuff. Bravo to both you guys.
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