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  1. is anyone selling a set of stock car top trumps will be a bradford on sat
  2. still after a skeggy world final programme fo 2019 drop me a pm cheers
  3. "advance tickets are on sale now until Monday 9th September 2019" taken from the press release
  4. thanks Ian may you live long and prosper by the way MERRY XMAS he he
  5. hi dave drop me a pm with details cheers
  6. cheers BIG BLOKE will try Monday
  7. thanks 2 martin and will22 just need this year's world final at Skegness anybody with a spare copy
  8. cheers martin just message me your paypal details please and pay you asap cheers
  9. iam after a Coventry 1977 world final stu Smith testimonial Skegness 2018 world final drop me a pm with condition and price cheers Dunc
  10. got a copy bit dear but what the hell
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