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  1. Alan999

    The Potent Mix

    Thanks for bringing back the good times!
  2. Thanks for all your efforts again. Good night by the Dutch, how did they cross the border though?
  3. Just got in from Mildenhall and checking the results. Great meeting and great results service. Just a mention for the crowd, good to see the social distancing observed. Well done everyone.
  4. Not down here in NZ. Being around 12 hours in front of you the post is dated Wed 1st.
  5. Alan999


    shouldn't affect f1
  6. Really illustrates the situation but hope the trend can be reversed.
  7. Can't thank you enough for your dedication over the years, it's really appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the result service from Stoke For The Last Ever Time!
  9. Alan999

    Coventry Stadium

    People have too much time on their hands, why don't you all chill and watch Bathurst,The Great Race.It's about to start. Some F1 boys would look good on the grid, plenty wild cards, a couple of Indy boys taking part this year.
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