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  1. stox74

    Incarace Web site

    Why dont Incarace make a statement and let people know and stop rumours
  2. Thanks for wetting appetite with photos Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow Was it busy today and a success
  3. So are F1s there or not
  4. stox74

    2020 Fixture List

    Try counting again Skeg 2 Buxton 1 Lynn 1 Spedeworth 3 Startax 3
  5. Has there been a statement anywhere about above
  6. I suppose if you don't do has steward says it would be like Monty Python says He's a very naughty boy not the Messiah
  7. Just a couple of queries to this ruling It states this applies to all formulas how will this work with bangers as they don't run transponders or even raceceivers to be told to go to the back this will take longer Also what if a lapped driver does not want to go to back maybe they have a plan for revenge will they be dq for staying in postion
  8. All drivers apart from Bangers now have to have raceceivers so should not hold meetings up to long Perhaps the next thing will be VAR only joking With ref to track clearance i thought there would be some changes after the sad incident at Brum I would think in the future that all drivers will have to stay in thier cars unless there is a danger of fire or futher incident Has my first post there will be different thoughts on the new ruling would be nice if somebody from ORCI would perhaps explian the thinking behind the changes
  9. There is many sides to this ruling but IMHO it will be open to abuse and not needed It is not in the true spirt of Oval racing which is you have to get by the car in front of you not move the slower cars out of the way for the top 6 http://orci.co.uk/News/2020/01/Rules-Of-Racing Rules Of Racing Last Updated: 13/01/2020 14:00 The Oval Racing Council would like to announce the following amendments to the “Rules of Racing” with regard to the lining up of cars for restarts, and the reinstatement of cars. These amendments are effective immediately, and apply to all formulas. Restart Order Cars will be lined up, in preparation for the restart, in the on-track order prevailing prior to the race suspension (yellow flags) or race stoppage (red flags). Any lapped cars in-between those occupying the top six positional places in the race will be sent around the track, in the direction of racing, to the rear of the grid, and will be credited with regaining one lap back in the race. This means that when the race is restarted at least the top six cars will be in positional order on the track without any back-markers in between. A driver must NOT un-lap themselves unless instructed to by an official. Any driver un-lapping themselves without permission will be liable to exclusion from the restart. Incorrect Exclusion The Steward of the Meeting is empowered to re-instate any driver being, in their opinion, incorrectly taken out of the race during a suspension or stoppage.
  10. stox74

    Fixture list 2020

    Thought NIR was in the Midlands or have they moved it
  11. stox74


    What are they paid in Burgers
  12. Ozzy sums it up perfectly Interview rating 8 out of 10 should have pushed to see what was under the cover just joking Bryan do you do requests if so Sarge would be good but might have to be X rated especially if he does 1 of his video sketches
  13. Yes traveling is expensive but if say 3 go together and split costs then not to bad Also just look in the car parks at the motor homes I know some only have these for racing it is their hobby so perhaps the traveling is part of the experience The days have gone where you can go racing couple of pints fish and chip super be home for Match of the day and have change from 10 shillings
  14. Welcome to our world Regularly travel 2 to 3 hrs both ways not just F1s but 2s and saloons so out most weekends It is something you do if you want to watch your chosen sport
  15. I know it is the closed season and no racing but it also seems to be the silly season looking at some of these posts Lets come out of cloud cuckoo land and back to reality This last years racing has been some of the best I have seen in around 40+ years of watching just look at R/R on here Yes looks like we have lost 3 tracks (which as been on the cards for several years) but there is still enough tracks to accommodate the F1 calander just means the tracks that are left will host more meetings if they want to which perhaps will help them with revenue To suggest racing on grass track circuits is so far from reality they wouldnt want F1`s ripping up the track the infrastructure is not or could not be in place for any contact racing If rumors are correct that Steve Rees is planning another track in the Midlands then all will be fine if not he will have to rent current tracks to hold his meetings which has happened before And just to correct the first post Skegness I beleive is owned solely by The Speak family if you remember when he first took over he said he had a 3-5 year plan of investments to bring the stadium upto a standard that will impress sponsers to want to invest in the oval racing scene which I beleive he is doing Perhaps the future of Oval racing is the Skegness/Yarmouth way of running meetings i.e. giving the general public what they want entertainment (Bangers caravan races stunt shows Monster trucks and pay to race domestic forumlas to fill in) this then makes F1`s/2`s viable to run So perhaps look at devoloping tracks say Blackpool or east Yorks area on the coast but I now it is harder to get planning permission than it is to get food into Sheffield
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