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  1. Well u don't get a better pedigree than that
  2. Thank you for the insight into your build project In all car building it is the small details that make the difference and takes the time I was a little surprised with the diamond style chassis rails and hearing you say they are stronger RCE use this set up for their cars on tarmac and everybody knows how quick they are but never been proven on shale also they don't take a good hit without bending Unless of course you are using heavier gauge box
  3. Try Terry George he knows how to build a class car
  4. Got to agree with CC you never ask cost of racing because if tax man found out might wonder why tax bill so low A better question might be how much does each point cost in a year
  5. Strange name for a cat Thanks Mark more power to your foot Brilliant
  6. Skegness have confirmed good to go with a few different rules mainly advanced tickets only Update on website Yes makes a change for some different formulas If they both perform as last outing you will not be disappointed Why not make a weekend of it and watch 2ltr Saloons on the Sunday
  7. Perhaps not 100% from Norfolk But Daz Kitson F2 World Champion
  8. Perhaps thread should get back on topic F1`s are back After all that has gone on this year leading upto the first meeting lets go and enjoy Months ago I predicted that we get some racing in this year and thankfully we are going to get our fix It might even be a classic defo for the history books 1 way or another Perhaps admin can split this thread to will he wont he be back in 2 years LETS GO RACING
  9. Where has it been said officially there is a dispute between Deane and other promoters How I understand the situation Deane Woods has thrown his toys out the pram and dosent want to play anymore with F1`s well at least for 2 years which is up to him He must have done the mathes and worked out it is more viable to run bangers and his own classes than F1`s I personally would have thought he would have run a couple of meetings perhaps Mildo and NIR to see how it stacked up money wise But as indicated elsewere he perhaps as another agenda with F1`s
  10. Was racing at skeg last night Drivers and staff mostly kept social distance and was well run and enjoyable night Most spectators were holiday makers and they found there own space and basically kept to themselves did not seem has many as normal but still a reasonable crowd Pits are restricted entry to wrist band holders only and there is a strict 1 way system in and out a bit further to walk but I felt safe and well run Let's hope they can run profitably and all stay safe
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