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  1. stox74

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    Well it is nearly midnight
  2. stox74

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    Was racing at skeg last night Drivers and staff mostly kept social distance and was well run and enjoyable night Most spectators were holiday makers and they found there own space and basically kept to themselves did not seem has many as normal but still a reasonable crowd Pits are restricted entry to wrist band holders only and there is a strict 1 way system in and out a bit further to walk but I felt safe and well run Let's hope they can run profitably and all stay safe
  3. stox74

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    Because he says there not
  4. Can you inform me of ticket cancellation policy for Trackstar 1. If the meeting is canceled by trackstar due to covid 2. If the area I am coming from is in lockdown like Leicester was last week 3. Finally if I develope covid symptoms would you refund payments I am hoping none of the above occurs but it has for WF tickets this year so would be nice to know
  5. Spedeworth are not running F1s this or next year so wearing a mask at there tracks don't come into it Perhaps not as sensible as first thought I know you posted before statement but this is Deane Woods all over his way or no way ask F2s
  6. Has the title says Search Skegness raceway dignity on you tube sit back and enjoy Sorry don't know how to link perhaps somebody will be kind enough What a fantastic tribute to past drivers and fans alike it's videos like this that shows what a fantastic sport we have got and long may it continue
  7. Looks like I have got my tickets for 2021 F1s world's now that is forward planning Any idea what the weather forecast will be and who has qualified
  8. stox74

    Orci statement

    Have a look on orci Web site and latest news very hopeful Sorry don't know how to link to here sure somebody will do it
  9. Paul 172 beat me to it
  10. Barford is not a orci track anymore so if that was the reason perhaps another look would be worth while
  11. Thank u all for the past 12 weeks What the hell am I going to do next Saturday Keep safe and hope to see all very soon at a race track
  12. stox74


    Welcome back beaks you've been missed
  13. Thank you all for breaking the boredom Another class act from ECL, Window boy and special guest appearance from Carson Hope 288 Simon P is on the mend nice words from Sarge especially has I know you have had a bad week Keep safe all and hopefully see you trackside soon
  14. My glass is two thirds full at moment If we get to practice will be a start then racing will follow
  15. I'm pleased my glass is half full Look to the positive
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