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  1. Daryll W

    Crazy cars.

    Not on your own Peter i was a nipper in the 70's can remember my dad carrying me in through the turnstiles at cov sucking my thumb, had to stop doing that when they started asking how old i was think i was about 7 or 8,if dad had his way would of carried on until i started shaving!🤣🤣
  2. Daryll W

    Crazy cars.

    Going slightly off key from original title i thought Frank Bourne's(16) was a nice looking one forget which bodyshell he used
  3. Thanks Will stunning!!
  4. Can it not be shared on stoxnet as not everyone does facebook or twitter etc etc
  5. Daryll W

    Crazy cars.

    I seem to remember when he did win a race he kept lundy behind him and when lundy put bumper on him on turn 3 on the last lap he didn't hit him that hard so Nigel was able to ride last hit to win personally i reckon lundy wasnt too disapointed to come second im sure he knew the crowd wanted Nigel to win and when he went round on his lap of honour the crowd were pretty much all standing clapping and cheering as if he had just won the world final mind you i bet thats how he felt,well deserved!
  6. What a brilliant idea Riobeard
  7. Daryll W


    You can pretty much guarantee England will follow suit next week.
  8. Enjoy of all of them but best one so far 👍👍👍
  9. Yes good point stox74 especially as some of the f2 drivers either have raced f1's or do one off meetings
  10. Wondering why speakie wasn'tin his new one
  11. Good write up again pity hardly a mention(only at the beginning) about stock car racing or motorsport in general and no pictures either.
  12. Daryll W

    Incarace Web site

    On earlier post of Steve Botham says lease 90% agreed so probably why no statement been posted yet
  13. Daryll W

    Incarace Web site

    Yes Steve i agree if you go on brisca f2 site it tells you who is banned,suspended,and for what reason
  14. Daryll W

    Midlands track

    Yes your right Peter im pretty sure it was only the first year when they did the live indoor that you paid extra to watch
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