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  1. I think the best thing is the promotors get non contact paying formulas to race to try and get some revenue back which will minimise injuries to keep stadiums afloat and contact formulas have the year off and start afresh next year subject to covid obviously
  2. Dont think there is spiderman, if john lund was able to race at 65 i cant see a rule being set unless at 70 not individual years possibly over a certain age you have to supply a medical note of good health or checked over by the medical staff at meetings.
  3. Think Roy Goodman was getting on abit before a stint in F2's
  4. Daryll W


    I might be wrong but i heard that at Coventry stadium staff or a car washing company went the following day after a meeting and offered to do a car wash for local residents to keep them on side, if that rumour was true then perhaps that could be arranged.
  5. Wash your mouth out Broardsword 🤣🤣
  6. Daryll W


    Well put john N and well said Steve Rees
  7. Daryll W

    Alan Heap

    Might be nephew or some relation big coincidence with Alan being 88 and Gary 188
  8. Nice!! scruffy wheels dont do it justice 🤣 i assume its a refurb of last years 390 car
  9. Havent noticed the points situation after Bristol last week unless its on facebook/twitter
  10. Have i missed points table for round 6 at Birmingham or has it not been released yet
  11. Proper garage Nigel if you could eat your dinner off the floor so to speak then its not being used as a garage but then im from an engineering background my garage looks pretty much the same apart from no stockcars also if your like me if i cleared mine up i wouldnt be able to find my tools 🤣🤣
  12. Looks like zippy's got a sense of humour saying 'hello everybody' while sticking up his middle finger! 🤣
  13. Yes there could be a miniscule chance of it coming back until the bulldozers appear then there is a chance hiwever small but Steve i think Peter might just be winding you up! Whilst the posts are not derogatory to each other that's fine as people are allowed to have a different view and they are making me smile.From my memory which i might be wrong as i was a kid when long eaton was left abandoned there was a slight hope until the bulldozers came in there
  14. Daryll W

    1990 World Final

    I had forgotten how close bezz was to winning the world final,he's top of my list of greatest drivers not to win one
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