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  1. Daryll W

    Pit access

    Dont need hi viz jacket use hi viz vest cheaper and not so hot
  2. Daryll W

    Pit access

    I think it doesnt really matter too much to "old school" fans as it didnt stop us going to bradford,old bellvue they are the 2 tracks i can remember or been to that didnt allow pit access.Yes it was a bonus if we could get in but like i said didnt stop us going, seems like the next generation fan( god it makes me sound old!!) see things a bit differently which i can understand in one way but not going to go if you cant get in the pits that bit i cant but each to their own.
  3. Thanks for the results and the writing reports gives us a better insight on how the races went 👍👍👍
  4. I wasn't there so i cant comment on what it was like regarding the cramped grandstand area but having read the comments which alot are valid and sensible but yes if i was there and didnt like it i would move as others have said that who were there my issue is the ones that dont follow the social guidelines are not only putting others at risk but could also ruin it for everybody that won't be able to go to a stock car meeting because they wont be any to go to due to the stadiums being forced to close the doors because of the guidelines not being met! Yes it might sound like abit over the top but its a possibility, with the tragic death last year at brum wheels, the spitting incident at kings lynn it wouldn't surprise me that how the stadiums are being run are being watched closely by all departments
  5. Brilliant!! 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Daryll W

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    Dont know how to shorten a quote my apologies,if my memory serves me right when Coventry ended didnt Jeremy/Sandu keep the dates and promoted them at various stadiums the following year or years if that's the case maybe Deane will sit on them until he decides what he wants to do in 2022 im not 100% regarding the Coventry dates but im sure fellow stoxnetters(if thats a word😁) will know how much of it is correct.
  7. Daryll W

    Quiz Time

    I thought you misread Q4 aswell lofty but then thought the number 1 was part of 199 but i cant remember his aerofoil being only silver can remember mainly silver with red stripes so im confused now🤣
  8. Thankyou to all involved in producing these interviews they have been brilliant,i love the last bit from jonathan not forgetting john lund something to look forward to and hopefully more drivers
  9. Yes good point Steve i didn't check on all the ins and outs regarding formulas booking in. As one of the things thats been discussed before is the risk factor it was just an idea to reduce that but like jase.k said i guess its not that often drivers go to A&E
  10. Great news even if its a short lease which i dont think has been confirmed anyway,but no to shale as the surface isnt too bad and there is the cost and look how long it took to get Northampton half right
  11. I think the best thing is the promotors get non contact paying formulas to race to try and get some revenue back which will minimise injuries to keep stadiums afloat and contact formulas have the year off and start afresh next year subject to covid obviously
  12. Dont think there is spiderman, if john lund was able to race at 65 i cant see a rule being set unless at 70 not individual years possibly over a certain age you have to supply a medical note of good health or checked over by the medical staff at meetings.
  13. Think Roy Goodman was getting on abit before a stint in F2's
  14. Daryll W


    I might be wrong but i heard that at Coventry stadium staff or a car washing company went the following day after a meeting and offered to do a car wash for local residents to keep them on side, if that rumour was true then perhaps that could be arranged.
  15. Wash your mouth out Broardsword 🤣🤣
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