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  1. BriSCA F1 'Is back for 2020' with a limited series of eleven events! These have been difficult and tragic times however, BriSCA, BMB and BSCDA are delighted to return with selected events during the late Summer and Autumn with our fans enabling our sport to move towards towards some form a normality. 2020 is designed to be purely for 'fun' with all major championships deferred until the 2021 season. However, the BMB have put together a unique and fitting mini series designed to create some inertia, competition and fun whilst celebrating and thanking our frontline workers that have supported us beyond the call of duty throughout the most difficult times. The idea has been put together with Commander David Crosby and race fans and whilst details are still being finalised. however, the intent is to include a fund raising element across the series so we as BriSCA F1 can say our own 'thank you' to worthy support charities. The series will be titled 'The Chase 2020 - BriSCA F1 supporting our frontline workers.' Plans are being formulated for the series to reward ALL grades and, an idea under discussion is for the series winner to earn the right to wear a unique Rainbow Roof colour in celebration of the series which will be [hopefully] unique and staged perhaps only once ever. Further details of the series will be announced in the next 14 days.
  2. The BSCDA are delighted to bring to you the full meeting at Rochdale from 21st October 1984 in association with JCproduction and Progress Windows. A special thank you to Chris and Dennis Binns for the use of the video.
  3. The BSCDA are delighted to bring to you the full meeting at Belle Vue from 18th October 1984 in association with JCproduction and Progress Windows. A special thank you to Chris and Dennis Binns for the use of the video.
  4. BSCDA

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    BriSCA F1 IS BACK!! Let's get ready to positively RUMBLE in 2020! BriSCA promoters and the BSCDA / BMB met on Tuesday 21st July to discuss 'how we fire up' those V8s in anger for the fans and secure a viable series of BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing in the late Summer! The BMB have agreed a series of 11 dates commencing on the 22nd August and ending on the 8th November. The BMB will be meeting weekly to collectively work together as we have to work within Covid 19 rules which may slightly vary from venue to venue as each has to work with their own Environmental Health Officers. Each promotion will issue just 'how' they intend to operate, for example crowd capacities and ticketing methods over the next 7 days and then weekly BMB will provide a pathway to ensure by the opening we are 'ready to go' and we will review after each of the early events as to how we can, if possible improve the next and of course manage government guidance. However, after weeks of work by the ORCi and promoters to have a plan to re-open BriSCA F1 working in unison with the BSCDA is fantastic news for fans and drivers to at least get us 'back on track' and unite in some small way the BriSCA F1 providing optimism for the future. BriSCA Chairman Steve Rees and BSCDA Chairman Peter Falding jointly commented ' It has been a difficult and tragic period however, it is great news to at least be able to start and get back to some form of normality and allow spectators as fans want to see the drivers and the drivers want to entertain the fans. We have still a lot of management planning to get this right and keep all safe' Trackstar bosses Paul Butler and Graham Robinson are equally enthusiastic 'We are delighted to see the BriSCA F1's back at the Norfolk Arena in 2020, we’re open early August with the new restrictions for admitting a crowd so we will have a good learning curve'. Skegness promoter Rob Speak added 'We are delighted that Skegness will welcome back F1s and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have been working hard with our own HSE and EHO to re-open Skegness at the end of July for a summer season, getting F1 back is a great bonus' and Buxton boss Matt Watson said 'The Hills have been silent for too long, we are ready for the formula one rumble to return in the Autumn at Buxton' It has not been an easy route as some stadiums such as Sheffield still cannot open until perhaps October due to its category and we have to await further clarification in the government’s plan for sports stadiums, but Sheffield is expected to return in October. However, demonstrating how promoters work together and drivers, Startrax are delighted that they can re-start their season thanks to co-operation with Rob and Asha and Trackstar and will be going 'on tour' for their first events, Whilst this is all positive news there is disappointment that Spedeworth boss Deane Wood has decided to withdraw from operating BriSCA F1 in 2020 and 2021 [see statement below]. BSCDA and BriSCA are extremely disappointed and very much hope ongoing that this professional promotion returns to BriSCA F1 at some point in the future. The BMB acknowledges and respects everyone’s right to choice and sincerely hopes this is just temporary. However, the BMB are already now working upon plans for 2021 some of which will be shared by the Autumn, thinking outside the box and creativity to ensure we maintain the momentum of BriSCA F1 and the fan and driver experience into 2021. The BMB will issue a further update next week as we advance plans for our August return, in the meantime keep an eye on promoters’ social media for local updates and information. The 2020 Mini Season Saturday 22nd August King's Lynn Saturday 29th August Skegness Startrax Saturday 12th September King's Lynn Startrax Saturday 19th September Skegness Saturday 26th September King's Lynn Sunday 4th October Sheffield Saturday 10th October Skegness Sunday 11th Skegness Saturday 17th October Buxton Saturday 24th October King's Lynn Sunday 8th November Sheffield Start times / support formulae and local Covid 19 information will be released shortly BMB Statement of Spedeworth / Incarace position: The BriSCA F1 Management board, in preparation for 2020 & 2021, have been advised by Spedeworth Motorsports/ Incarace that they intend to withdraw from operating BriSCA F1 for the remainder of this year and next. Spedeworth boss Deane Wood commented "I need a break from it to stand back, take stock and will take a decision as to the longer-term future later in 2021. It’s not a ‘fall out’ with other promoters, we will be still working together, it’s to do with the culture, levels of respect and relationships". "We are a multi formula promoter which operates very differently to BriSCA and different cultures. Our decision is to focus on what we want to do and see where F1 may fit for 2022". BriSCA F1 BMB 23rd July 2020 E/OE Photo credits : Arno van Heijster Majors Oval Track Racing Marvin Hall Photography
  5. The latest and final Off Track: Lockdown episode will air on Wednesday night and we are delighted to announce that it will feature former BriSCA F1 and BriSCA F2 World Champion Rob Speak. We speak to Rob about various topics such as: His career in both BriSCA F1 and F2 His rivalries with BriSCA F1's Frankie Wainman Jnr and BriSCA F2's Gordon Moodie and how he'd see a race between the three drivers finishing The changes within both F1 and F2 on his second return to both sports How and why he became the Owner/Promoter at Skegness Stadium And more...... Another interview not to be missed. Although it is our final episode in the Lockdown series, we will be back with more content and more interviews in the future.
  6. The BSCDA are delighted to bring to you the 2nd instalment of an interview with double World Champion Stuart Smith Jnr (390). The first part was certainly a deep dive into his life, speaking about various subjects including his accident that prevented him from racing, his favourite race wins and his debut race taking a sneaky last bend hit on John Lund. Part 1 was definitely one not to be missed and neither is part two and we hope you enjoy this fantastic interview.
  7. Today’s Back in the Day focuses on Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) winning his 200th Grand Final at Skegness.
  8. The BSCDA are delighted to bring to you an interview with double World Champion Stuart Smith Jnr (390) Stuart takes us through his career in stock cars which netted him 2 World Championship, 2 National Points Championships and 2 British Championships which included that excellent last bend move at Belle Vue. This interview has been split into two parts. Be assured, it's worth the watch and we discuss various topics This is definitely not one to miss (neither is part two) and we hope you enjoy this fantastic interview.
  9. The BSCDA are delighted to bring to you the full meeting at Skegness on 9th September 1990 in association with JCproduction and Progress Windows. A special thank you to Chris and Dennis Binns for the use of the video.
  10. The BSCDA/BriSCA F1 E-Series concluded on Saturday night with the running of the New Zealand style Teams Championship and it was a fantastic end to the series. We would like to thank a lot of people who worked hard behind the scenes to entertain fans during the lockdown period. Firstly, we'd like to thank Rob Jacklin for the initial idea of creating this series. Kane Morgan, Emiel de Jong and Ashley England for the setup and constant support for the drivers competing during the week and also on the night of the events. Richard Hipkiss and Jack Ward for their help as stewards on race nights. Matthew Hutchison for creating amazing skin packs for all the drivers cars. Jack Coleman for his graphic work. Tsjalle Greidanus for helping with the grades. Jordan Cooper (JCproduction) for streaming the events every week. Everyone at UK Dirt. Our resident commentators and comedy double act Paul ‘Window Boy’ Hines and Mark ‘ECL’ Sargent, along with special appearances from Carson and Baz. All sponsors and drivers who have supported us over the past twelve weeks. And finally, to all the fans for tuning in and enjoying the entertainment each week. Without you, the series would not have been the huge success that it's been.
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