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  1. It wasn't a complaint. Absolutely amazing to get this up and running and get so many drivers online. I was just commenting on the fact that you said to Steve that the stream never went down and it must have been a glitch at his end. Was concerned that you weren't aware of the loss of coverage and wanted to highlight when it happened so that you could look into it if necessary.
  2. Hi JC. If you check the video on YouTube we lost the racing from about halfway through the 1st consolation and just had the commentators filling time till consolation 2 started.
  3. Off the top of my head 103 comes to mind. Definitely over 100. Got a feeling McMillan did even more the year he won silver.
  4. Exactly what I was hinting at Neil. We all have our favourites, and drivers we dislike, but if you are compiling a list of the best ever you have to ignore those feelings. I was never a fan of SSS or Batten, and I think my feelings on Moodie are pretty well known, but there is no way I would omit any of them from a list of the best ever. To not include Speak but then have Lee and Boardley on there, neither of whom have even raced stock cars that I am aware of, is unbelievable. For the record, any list should include Jayne Bean. Not only the most successful female racer of the modern era, but also an equal to her male rivals, and also the only driver who has finished in the top 10 in both the F1 and Saloon World Finals, and the Long Track World as well.
  5. I assume this will still be available on youtube after the event if you can't watch it live ?
  6. The reason for the Finnikin/Speak situation was because back then all points scored at the Irish F2 meetings counted towards National Points, whereas now it is only the meetings on the official Brisca F2 fixture list. Both Finnikin and Speak had been flying over there for midweek meetings and borrowing cars out there, but they agreed it was getting silly and that they should both stop. Neither trusted the other one not to go so they agreed to meet for a coffee at a services on the M6 to prove to each other that they hadn't gone. I have always wondered if both had a flight booked in case the other one wasn't at the services when they arrived !!
  7. Dave Wayne

    Crazy cars.

    Weren't the Daily Mirror rounds 'ungraded' in the early years, with unseeded drivers on a random grid at the front and seeded drivers behind ? My guess looking at who is in the pic would be the DM GP round in 1980.
  8. Dave Wayne

    Crazy cars.

    Happy to be corrected here, but I think the 55 car was originally the 393 car. Always loved the 347 car but am biased as he is fairly local and have known him for a long time. Remember him having a massive end over end roll in this car at Long Eaton in September 1982 and a lot of damage. 2 weeks later he was back out and won the GN at the Belle Vue World Final meeting.
  9. The current world champion did the same and watered the flower beds under waved yellows at Wimbledon in the late 90s then got back in and carried on in the race.
  10. Dave Wayne

    Crazy cars.

    I thought the same. Never seen this before but the smooth lines make it look like it could be a Nigel Mellor creation ? On a much uglier note, anyone remember the Dennis Witherford (301) car from 1982 which looked like a poor attempt at a copy of Willie's wedge but with a ridiculously long bonnet and a cab so tall you could almost stand up in it ?
  11. Dave Wayne

    What now?

    Best case scenario I would say is that racing returns around July. Worst case scenario is that we lose the complete 2020 season. Personal opininon is that it really doesn't matter. Stock cars has been part of my life since day one. My leanest seasons were a couple of years in the 80s, one of which saw me only attend 6 meetings, due to weekend working while a student. The priority is that the spread of the virus is halted and if it means we have to miss a complete season to ensure that the majority of us make it back onto the terraces in the future then so be it.
  12. Live coverage does stop people going. Football only fills venues at the top level. People who couldn't get tickets or lived too far away used to go and watch their local lower league clubs instead, but now they can stay at home or go down the pub in their replica shirt to watch 'their team' that they have probably never seen in real life they aren't interested in Mansfield Town, Lincoln City, Northampton Town any more and these type of clubs are struggling. Apply the same theory to stock car racing and you will find that fans who would have gone to a 'domestic' meeting at their local track will stay home and watch the F1 meeting online instead. Sadly, we aren't a big enough sport to deal with this and tracks will not be able to survive. F1s can't race if the tracks no longer exist, so getting into the 2020's as you put it would be a backward step for the sport and could see us not getting into the 2030's.
  13. It was '91 but there were way more than 8 cars there - 21 according to the excellent Since 1954 database. The issue on the night wasn't so much the snow as the track icing over. You could hear the F1s spinning their wheels up as they hit the ice on the back straight. Meeting was abandoned after the final as it was too dangerous.
  14. Traffic lights, PA, transponder system, catering and bar facilities, etc.
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