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  1. Funnily enough, this was mentioned in the latest VSCA newsletter. It was at Roy's testimonial meeting in 2003, so as he was 74 when he won his last F2 final in 2004, he would have been 73 or 74 at the time. It was great to watch, and he lapped far quicker than the car's owner did !!
  2. The 'White City incident' brought back memories for me of a similar incident. Having completed the build of my mate's first ministox, his Dad decided he needed a bit of driving practice before his first meeting so we loaded it onto the trailer and took it down to an old coal mine a couple of miles away, marked out a makeshift oval in the car park, and off he went. Later on, his Dad asked if I wanted a go, and what 13 year old stock car fanatic would say no ? So I jumped in and off I went. No idea how long I was going for, but as I came out of the '4th bend' I was met by a Police van parked sideways across the 'home straight'. Total panic set in and all pedals were pressed as I came to a screeching halt just before T-boning the Police van. We were politely told to load up and be on our way, and it was another 9 years till I sat behind the wheel of a stock car again other than driving them through the pits and occasionally on or off the track.
  3. The last F2 rule book that I have from when I was last registered (2003) states that no person over the age of 65 will be issued with a licence. and no new licence will be issued to any person over the age of 55. I had always taken this to be a generic ORCi rule and was under the assumption that Lundy was not going to be allowed to race beyond the age of 65, which would have meant 2019 would have been his last season. I know the rules used to state that a licence could be granted over the age of 65 at the discretion of the Licencing Officer. 3 guesses who the Licencing Officer was when Roy Goodman was racing in his 70s. 😂
  4. Leek is in the south according to Kev Smith. 😀
  5. It wasn't the facilities that were the issue. The F1 drivers were not happy with the shape of the track and wanted it altering. The track shape is/was well suited to entertaining racing in F2s and the staple domestic formulas and at that time was getting good car turnouts and crowds. Changing it could have ruined that.
  6. The reason it never made it past the one-off meeting is because the F1 drivers were not happy with the track and wanted alterations made before they would return. The Barford promoter, quite rightly, didn't want to lose the unique nature of his track for his domestic weekly formulas to accommodate a guest formula 3 or 4 times a season.
  7. No worries mate, just things you spot as you are digging around the mine of information. I could lose myself for days in your website. 😉
  8. I looked it up too, to check my guess which was completely wrong. I would have gone for Bob Wass who only held the number for 1 year in 1977, before changing to 38. This brought up 2 other things. Firstly, one of the pictures of Bob Wass as 38 is in fact Ian Russell in the Glyn Pursey car. Secondly, and something I have wondered about for a while, is Bob Wass related to Derek, Alex and Sam, as they are all from Lutterworth ?
  9. Goodman was 74 when he won his last F2 final in 2004, but his last season in F1 was 30 years earlier.
  10. Fairly sure Darkie Wright (7) raced into his early seventies. Would be surprised if anyone has topped that. Forget that - he wasn't as old as I thought !!
  11. Sorry to be blunt here Bernie but you don't seem to fully understand how this virus works. Some people carry it without even showing any symptoms. Even those who do show symptoms often don't for about 4-7 days after becoming infected. Therefore, it's not as simple as not going if you feel like you are 'coming down with something' as you can be carrying the virus and infecting people unknowingly. Places like where you work have to take that risk to keep people fed, but hobbies are a long way down the list of necessities. Personally, I think it is highly unlikely there will be any F1 racing this season that is open to spectators, but if there is, it goes without saying that no major title races will be held this season.
  12. The problem with that is that real cars don't magically mend themselves between races like online cars do. If you start a meeting with 18 cars you can quite easily be down to 10 or 11 cars by the last race due to damage and mechanical failures.
  13. Dave Wayne


    I think it is each to their own with regard to this, but as I have already said, he won't have put things out in public without being confident he will be getting a return on his investment. If you are still happy to give money and let him make profit from your investment that is fine. I think Peter is getting mixed up between the charity type sites such as Gofundme which are generally just donations, and actual crowdfunding where people loan money to entrepreneurs and new businesses to help them get projects off the ground and if it is successful they get a return on their investment. Surely the latter would be a better option rather than just donating and expecting free admissions. Maybe Startrax could look into setting up a Bradford Share Holder Investment Trust ?
  14. Dave Wayne


    I don't think anyone can dispute that Steve Rees has done a lot to keep the sport going in the north and without him we would have been a lot worse off over the last 20 years, but I have to agree with Peter Loix that as much as I would love to see Bradford back and would be one of the first in the queue if it happens, at the moment it really is just talk. The list of achievements that have been posted on here on behalf of Reesy is very positive, but what we have to remember is that for every Belle Vue there is a Hull, for every Stoke there is a Castleford, and for every Sheffield there is a Brampton. Really hope that it happens, and we all need something positive to cling on to, but I am not going to start campaigning for his knighthood till I walk through the gates at the first meeting. With regards to the throwing money into a pot, then all credit to you, but let's be careful not to make it into a 'this is how much I contributed' thread. We have to consider that a lot of people are going to be suffering financial difficulty in the coming months (or even years) from this current situation due to possible job losses, being furloughed, having to take mortgage holidays, credit card holidays, etc. If you want to help out then fine, but no need to crow about it and make others feel inferior. My personal thoughts on it are that although Steve Rees is a stock car enthusiast, he is also a business man and there is no way he would be risking throwing large amounts of money at it unless he thought he could make a profit, even if it is in the long term rather than instant returns. If you lot all chuck money in his direction he is laughing all the way to the bank as you will have helped out with the expense of the project and he will be banking the income. Fair play if you are happy with that, but I think I will keep my money in my pocket and make my contribution on the gate. 😉
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