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    Ex rally driver, got 'dragged' along to a mid 2006 season meeting by 121 VIC, hooked ever since.
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    This is from the Swaffham Raceway Facebook page.... Swaffham raceway is now fully open and operational and we welcome all drivers and spectators to come and support the raceway. The decision has been made due to the issues recently, that the raceway in order to move forward needed help and support and we have today agreed terms for ringwood raceway to promote the oval, the decision may suit some and many may have mixed feelings however this is the only option available to keeping racing at the venue and we hope that everyone will see that we are keeping Swaffham available for the sport we all love, both Paul fryatt and Richard powley will be continuing to manage the venue, we are open this Saturday for practice and welcome everyone to come testing. Once again we thank everyone for their support it is valued and we will be working closely as a team to providing more racing at a superb venue. See you all Saturday guys
  2. malvern man


    Just found this on another site... It is with great regret that we have to inform you that we are no longer going forward with the running of swaffham raceway, we have failed to secure insurance for the track due to the track being red flagged with the underwriters. The underwriters are no longer wanting to insure tracks as they are high risk. The Birmingham fatality and ongoing investigation has not helped according to the insurers along with other organisations having put their insurers on the case of marking a red flag over swaffham raceway. We have exhausted all avenues and today decided it’s time to let everyone know. The owner of swaffham was never going to renew the lease for pete Gould and so we took the track on to try and give it a chance but the powers that be tried to ban drivers racing any where else, then the insurers followed suit Nothing more we can do and we are totally gutted for all the drivers especially the under 16’s as they really need these little tracks to learn on. We really gave it our all so please don’t start hating us as we did not write this easily There are so many debts also attached to the track from the previous promotor,skips left there full and unpaid, tyres galore and damage to electrical systems so the landlord will not let him back in and due to the orci ban the landlord will not allow a orci promotor back to the track either. It looks like another track will now close down unless a miracle happens Very very sad day
  3. I'm the official track photographer at Trent Raceway and I can safely say it's not the midlands track you are all thinking of.
  4. According to Carl H website : Holgate, Steven (541) - Nelson, Lancashire Maybe he's recently moved? He lived in Nelson in 2017 - http://www.rebelsracing.com/2017nationalpoints.pdf Only what I saw on FacebookSteve Holgate lives in Derby, he's about 10 minutes from my house.
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    Jon at Trent Raceway last week.
  6. Hope these are ok for you Nige.
  7. Birmingham Wheels 15th November 2014 photos now online. Infield Photos - https://www.flickr.com/photos/76369868@N02/sets/72157649262358446/ Outside Photos - https://www.flickr.com/photos/76369868@N02/sets/72157648942607538/
  8. Coventry post racing.....is there a booking list of the posts that are racing please.
  9. http://www.coventrystox.com/motofest/4583270272
  10. We've gone over to Flickr now, easier and cheaper. Coventry 5th April 2014 photos now online. https://www.flickr.com/photos/76369868@N02/sets/72157643717950505/
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