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  1. Rob 258

    Belle Vue Memory

    What great post thank you all my first meeting at Hyde road was I'm sure 1974my brother was at uni in Salford and I remember taking a coach trip up there from Coventry stopped in his digs with him then went to Belle view just another world with all these different cars and drivers and black shale what was that all about lol. And then of cause that night in September 1975 when Chissy was crowned King Chissy still the best meeting I've ever been to
  2. Rob 258

    Colin North

    Such sad news my heart goes out to the North family and all involved last Saturday a tragic event, RIP Colin
  3. Rob 258

    Stock bodied.

    Yes what 300six said and if we can fool Coventry motor museum then I'm claiming it as stock, on the down side David's Isopn have had to lay people off since I stopped racing
  4. My first ever meeting ,would love to see Doug and Tom Harris drifting round kings Lynn side by side
  5. Rob 258

    Coventry Stadium

    Put me down for 2 shares
  6. Good points made Nigel so who are pushing these things through does some one have a vested interest ???
  7. Rob 258

    New Zealand

    It was a sellout both nights so price didn't put many off
  8. Well done Nigel, my dad once said that the 2 things he never expected to see was a man walk on the moon and Cov City win the fa cup I think Ill put your achievement right up there with them ... Nige The Red.... well done mate Ill come have a beer when we get home
  9. Rob 258

    Tyre Side Walls

    they are for sidewall protection dont know why they have disappeared as I believe the side walls on goodyears and now American racers are just as thin as hoosiers, one reason for running tubeless is you wont shear the valve off if the tyre spins on the rim
  10. Great nights racing at Brum, well done George Elwell get his first victory in F1 and putting the 501 number back in the winners circle,brilliant drive from Steve Malkin Jr in the final and only the the skills of an ex f2 world champ stealing 3 place away from him on the last bend, superb battle between Stu Smith and Ryan Harrison throughout the final resulting in a great win for Ryan and setting the scene nicely for this years WF. 445 looked off colour in the final but managed a second in the gn and the very on form Ryan get up to 3rd all in all a great night Dod 308 RR 9
  11. Thanks for the results always appreciated
  12. As usual great service thank you
  13. Great to here you back at it Nige, like you I thought you'd do it again at Heddo but ah its was not to be, and sad that one of the next 5 shales wont be at Cov
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