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  1. Poprod

    Driver Number 115

    Thank You Cheers
  2. Poprod

    Driver Number 115

    Who was 521where is this115 Driver from?
  3. Poprod

    Driver Number 115

    I Noticed at the MWA there was a New Car with the Number 115 is this a New Driver to the Sport or has he had some previous action on the Short Circuit?
  4. Thank you I will now go and have a look Cheers
  5. What has happened to the Sunday Night Interviews on You Tube last week it was Lee 217 Fairhurst and now this week nothing
  6. Poprod

    38 Ian Russell

    Would anyone know if Seventies Driver Ian Russell registered from 1974- 1978 is still seen around the Tracks as he had two Stuart Smith Cars a Dick Harvey Car and an Alan Young Car and finished up with a 175 Spare Car of which he won two finals in the early season of 78 a very good talented Driver
  7. Over the Last Nineteen where has the British been held and who was 1st 2nd and 3rd ?
  8. Mikes Funeral will be on Friday 7th June at 1.45 at Rowan Chapel Stockport Crematorium SK2 6LS and afterwards at Hazel Grove Tennis and Bowling Club Douglas Road Hazel Grove SK7 4JG all Stock Car Folk will most welcome
  9. RIP Andy where are the funeral Arrangements please
  10. Poprod

    Mike Cheetham 182

    Its with deep regret that Mike Cheetham 182 Passed away on Wednesday 15th Condolences to all the Family RIP Mike
  11. Good Meeting last Night and all for Sixteen as I am an Old Git a lot better than last time where I started out with Shorts and Tee Shirt and ended up Jeans and Hoodie and Soaking Wet but last night great the weather was fine and the racing just great 172 and 164 having a tussle or two until 164 retired with a flat and 391 helping 37 into the fence he must have remembered 37 from the last meeting cutting across him and then in the final 16 and 390 coming together and in the consolation 501 deciding that grass cutting was the order of the Day but 322 turned it on for the Final a good meeting all in all but for me I was looking forward to seeing the Number 5 Car and Driver in Action R/R 8 DOD 518
  12. 423 Chrisleton Nr Chester , 310 Don't Know, 277 Skipton .
  13. Where are the World finals for the next five Years Scheduled For ?
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