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    Ex National ministox driver No 14
  1. F1 white top shocks and springs for sale. 3x long bodied Shock tec, 1 with bent shaft. 3x Short bodied, 1x Shock tec 2xprotech 3xSprings 400, 340, 290 £100 the lot, can take to Cov 👍 Call Adam Bamford on 07769186077
  2. BUMP Must go. Currently in the way and taking up space. No reasonable offer refused
  3. Ellis A

    Cab safety

    You genuinely can't pad out the cab with foam because it just doesn't work, I ended up buying motorcross knee braces which work very well and I guess it's up to the driver to make the decision what they wear. Regarding a stuck throttle, I guess you won't know until you hit the brakes and nothing happens but by that time it's far to late to react.
  4. Ellis A

    Venray 2015

    Koln is very much worth a visit as well as the castles along the river rhine
  5. Ellis A

    Henry Hunter

    You do not learn how to become a stockcar driver sat at the front of the grid as a white or yellow grade and Henry will learn twice as fast starting from the red. To be fair to Dylan, he keeps knocking himself out before he can have a decent run out.
  6. Ellis A

    Skeg UK Weekend

    Their tarmac turnout this season has been very poor so I'm not that surprised but I would expect plenty over for the World Final this year.
  7. For Sale ex Rob/Chris Cowley trailer Twin wheel single axle built by John Hillam to carry F1/V8. Very strong and robust trailer on transit brakes. Pull out ramps at rear and hand winch up front. All lights and side markers work well. Large storage area under the trailer. I had every intention of using thos trailer myself but new truck makes it redundant. Part ex heavy duty electric winch suitable for truck. £700ono. Call Adam Bamford: 01604 880137 after 6pm
  8. Ellis A


    463 took a very hard hit at Lynn so I suppose it's either health or damage related.
  9. I personally think that fabricated bulkheads should be used as soon as possible because it's only delaying the inevitable. The only real issue is that you have to cut the old one out which is very time consuming, a transitional period will be needed which in turn will only stir up a fuss with drivers who feel they're at a disadvantage when they haven't got one... It's all very political...
  10. Fantastic meeting and was far better than the last time I went. The 1's were fantastic, the 2's were even better and I think the minis put on a good show. Tom Harris was unstoppable and is an obvious choice for the driver of the day. dod 1 RR 10
  11. Does anyone have any information on the annual coach trip from Milton Keynes and if so, who do I contact about booking seats? Thanks
  12. Was stu Smith taking the handicap in the GN or did that not apply?
  13. They're a lot lighter than the traditional steering wheel but they tend to make a mess of your gloves over time. There's virtually no grip and I don't really see the point but it's the drivers choice at the end of the day
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