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  1. Not spectacular but I enjoyed it none the less. I thought #25 & #555 derserve praise for their nights efforts. An honerable mention to the Citroen driver in the car park for thinking its clever to not let anybody join his lane out of the stadium! The guy didnt give an inch, its the best bit of defensive blocking I've seen since Richard Pratt in '91. I also noticed someone else had the same idea which actually caused an incident and a argument by the exit. Unbelievable some people. How about you guys get on track and lets see if your that keen with Speaky or Sworder behind you? RR 7 DOTD 16
  2. Adam K

    Venray 2015

    You've got it in one Richard. We contact raceway Venray and they allocate an area for our coach and camping room for our passengers near to the track entrance and we all pitch a tent up for the weekend. We have a bbq and a few beers Saturday night and breakfast sunday morning
  3. Adam K

    Venray 2015

    Still plenty of spaces available.
  4. Adam K


    84 may well have more 'power' than 515, but lets not forget what connects this power to the tarmac and generates forward motion.........tyres. Tom might of been holding back until the end, but it was'nt because he had power in reserve, its because he had tyres and grip in reserve. A well sorted chassis and suspension set up put together with a top driver will take care of the tyres better during the coarse of a race. The guys can play with tyre pressures and other things to help the car be stronger at the start or the end of a race. 515 pulled away from 84 early in the race. Power isnt everything. Im not saying 515 has'nt got a 'sorted' car because he certainly has, but Tom has been the man on tar 'set up' recently and at the European he proved it. Just for the record I was shouting for 515!
  5. Lundy starting his engine on the infield after a first bend pile up at Coventry in 2010. Crowd reaction was unreal!
  6. Adam K

    Venray 2015

    If anybody would like to ask any questions about how the Venray weekend typically pans out then I will be in the field camping at Brafield this weekend from Saturday morning. I wont be hard to find, I will be in a KK Minibuses Transit with a Venray advert strapped to the roof ☺ You could also reserve a seat if you need to.
  7. Sorry Carlton, I read it the wrong way πŸ™ˆ
  8. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Andy Smith never needed to hit anyone?........now that is funny! Remember Speak at Buxton? Or FWJ at Sheffield? Or the years he raced one car on 2 surfaces but was still competitive? Ahhhhh I get it, he must of had the 'biggest' engine! The bloke is a 'world class' stockcar driver. Nothing more nothing less #savestoxnet
  9. Adam K

    Venray 2015

    All details of the annual KK Minibuses Venray coach trip can be found here
  10. Adam K

    Venray 2015

    There is a coach trip to Venray again this year. Details will be posted this week. Possibly tomorrow.
  11. Adam K

    Caption Time

    MS: talking of legends Andy, notice im sporting my Tony Stewart race suit! AS: I got that beat.........Im wearing my Lundy T shirt! Boom!
  12. We do still have about 10 seats available for our trip to Venray. An Itinerary of the weekend will be put onto our website today as well as being emailed to all customers who have email adresses. http://www.kkminibuses.com/events.php
  13. Engine didnt go pop. Pulled off due to damage. Something broke after hit from speak.
  14. Not my cup of tea.........but tracks these days need bums on seats to survive..........cue #197
  15. If anybody at Northampton this weekend would like to come and chat about Venray and how the weekend typically pans out then I will using one of our buses for camping this weekend. Any questions welcome
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