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  1. Phil woodhull won mini gold top race as a white top at long eaton long time ago.. I think.. first ever race win.
  2. THM tarmac car. Fully re bumpered new back axle new front axle various wheels and tyres spare front axle and suspension links can be either ready to race or less engine gearbox all right bits on car Could someone please put pic up. Thanks.
  3. My current Tarmac car for sale with spares! Everything must go. Spare wheels x18-20 of them. Spare rear axle with gun drilled shafts ally spall. Spare front axles stubs Car come less engine box and exhaust. Please contact me for further info and serious offers. 07974 147772
  4. So your beaks!!!! It makes sense now!!!!
  5. various tires 4sale most only done 3 to 4 races!! fronts and mainly o/s/r £25 each can to brum or northampton
  7. yeah you right forgot that 1..
  8. Best one i remember was 96 i think when i came back from a ban at ringwood good friday and buried uncle billy and he run up the track while under yellows and stamped his feet good and proper at me and was then led away by marshalls, classic...
  9. good luck to all spedeworth drivers cos your gunna need every little bit of it.
  10. i,d like to have another go in F2,s????????
  11. Mick 152

    10 Years From Now

    there won,t be no racing 10 years from now if health and safety carries on..
  12. ban him 6 months.... come join me nick....
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