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  1. Thanks your memory is much better than mine I could not even recall a Rossendales supporters. Would definitely be on the same bus as it was you that got me travelling further than a short walk to seedhill. I was thinking maybe the Pendle supporters but that was probably the 77 world final and by then you had taken the cows to eat foreign grass on the other side of the Pennines As this is now digressing from the main thread it's inspired me to start a new topic about old supporters clubs
  2. No it's not the same these days don't think you could fill a minibus for a trip these days let alone 2 coaches Still you have to make the most of what you've got 119 - was always a fan there was probably only Tony Leicester (34) who had a car that was as consistently immaculately presented Did Brian Ely used to have some association with the 119 fan club?
  3. Mention of fan clubs in the 'your first world final' thread got me thinking - in the "good old days" there used to be a lot of driver fan clubs and general supporters clubs that used to run trips to far away exotic places like Aycliffe. There were enough drivers fan clubs in the 70s to have fan club derbys with the fan clubs converting their drivers cars into themed floats Just about all of these are now defunct. I think maybe only BOSS survives. Does anybody have any anecdotes about these clubs? How many can you recall being a member of? Was any Stoxnet member involved in the running of any of these? Anybody got any pictures of the Fan Club Derby floats? For myself I was a paid up member of the Willie and Stu Smith fan clubs in the mid 70s. They used to send out newsletters in the days before computers and Twitface etc Sadly like many other things I never kept them. The only thing I have left is my enamel Stu Smith fan club badge. Was always disappointed that Willie's fanclub did not have enamel badges for sale instead I think they sold Rossettes that were popular at the time.
  4. Keith H

    World 240s

    FWJ is, however, the most successful driver in the 240s with a total of 7 podium finishes over the years - 3 ahead of anybody else. 1st 1997 2000 2009 2nd 2014 3rd 2003 2005 2007
  5. Really pleased that Stuart is going to resurrect my all time favourite stock car. it looked like no other car at the time and went even better than it looked. In terms of race wins it is probably the most successful car of all time. I may be wrong but I think it was Keith Barber who came up with the nickname DoDo in an article in stockcar magazine because "it has more wings than a DoDo but still can't fly" referring to the wings on the bodywork as well as the copy of John Hillam's aerofoil that carried the words 229 JUST LIKE MINE
  6. Coventry 1974 for me. On an organised trip with a fan/supporters club, can't remember which one there were quite a few around in those days. Was hoping for a Gordon Smith win as he was a Nelson regular but he only lasted about a lap before he had a multiple rollover.
  7. OK then I'll try again The programs had the wrong date printed on them Ringwood Program was printed with 26th APRIL instead of 26th MAY Long Eaton program was printed with 1st January instead of 2nd January
  8. Final winner had won 2 heats?
  9. "On the 30th March 1956, there were 5 meetings on the same day according to the Anderson/Parker book (Elburton, Plymouth, Sheffield, Staines and West Ham) which I guess could also be a record!" Good guess Andy but not quite a record Record for meetings on the same day is probably 7 Monday 11th April 1955 Eastbourne, Hednesford, Neath Abbey, Ringwood, Staines, West Ham, Wigan Monday 30th May 1955 Hednesford, West Ham, Ringwood, Snetterton, Aldershot, Neath Abbey, Norwich Above info gleaned from the excellent briscaf1stox.uk website Going totally off topic now but just noticed on the same website that there were 17 meetings in 13 consecutive days between Thursday 25th August and Tuesday 6th September 1955 including a world final. Now that has to be a record
  10. Keith H


    definitely Glyn with Willie behind
  11. He used the Rob Speak tarmac wing at Hednesford with Rob's name but with the addition of WANNA BE above and below Rob's name.
  12. Just seen the Pics in the gallery with views from different angles and it all makes sense now. If there has to be a wing then I like this idea of incorporating it into the design Only Mr Dowson knows what the handling was like but a heat 6th first time out suggests that something works I hope the car continues to be successful, it may just encourage other car builders to try something a bit differentThat reminds me - what happened to Ian Bond (431) and the retro style car he unveiled last year?
  13. wow great looking car but unless I'm missing something where is his number going to be?
  14. Keith H

    Where is this?

    As the picture file is named motherwell-1.jpg my guess is Motherwell
  15. as there is no uk racing today.Channel4 who are avid followers of this topic and have obviously been given access to Carl's papyrus scrolls have scheduled a program about chariot racing at 8:00pm tonight for all us oldies who like a bit of nostalgia. Topics that may be covered include stepped chassis, fuel mixture (hay to bran ratio),use of barn doors for aerofoils, deliberate fencing etc. There is a rumour that there may be some early footage of king John but they may have been confused as to which one
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