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    172 mech. Allstox co-owner with mad Jane
  1. Anyone reading this knows Neal, has his number, is standing next to him etc... Give him a nudge.
  2. Anyone reading this knows Neal, has his number, is standing next to him etc... Give him a nudge.
  3. Racing rating. Solid 8 DOD 172. Biased I know, but Mickey was on fire last night. Good comeback to third in consi having lost a load of places at the start. Great drive in the final to win it, but for me 10th in the gn from the back was the icing on the cake.
  4. Pedro

    Quotes Of The Year ?

    Another one from the Whit that is Paul Hines, from about a year ago !! Sitting around the back of the Hines truck at Skeg, and George Elwell wanders over to be greated by 'Here he is, the best Ginger F1 driver, unless John Lund turns up.Then your not'
  5. Excellent post Carl, even if you were 'Nairning' for Britain One day I might get round to an 'adventures of a web poster/site owner' post. What tales I could tell..... To think now, some nights Jane was updating news and results for F1's on Stoxnet and Allstox, as well as tooz, loons and V8's on Allstox. Think her record was five meetings in one night, shouting at her phone as text after text came in 'Hold on people, I cant keep up' My first ever post on a bulletin board, was just after Michael started the first one. It was about the importance of scoreboards to new spectators as an aid to understanding what was going on. Oh well, never mind. oh and for the vast majority of you... POSTING OFFENCES Nairning...visiting the same post over and over again
  6. Pedro

    Quotes Of The Year ?

    I wander back to the 172 car at Ipswich last night having watched the hot rod final on my own. I meet Mickey at the car who doesn't get Rods says 'What did they do, just give up and tell someone they won ?!
  7. RR8 DOD Daz Kitson. No quarter asked or given So Impressive under the lights at ipswich
  8. Pedro

    how many tracks

    Seen F1 at 21 tracks Seen oval racing at 52 Total tracks inc autograss, circuit, rallycross etc 73 Most visited. Wimbledon Favourite. 'HQ'.Old Aldershot. Rarest. St Trevern
  9. Pedro

    Following in rule.

    Cant see it being a good thing if the follow in is now a legit move in F1. How does that comply with 'Wellbeing and Security' thinking these days ?
  10. Pedro

    The Brexit effect

    Actually Stu, full EU barrier removal and end of duty free only happened in 1999, and Colin was there before that !! What I can tell you all, is that at this time nothing is finalised. All HMRC and Border force departments are furiously working on different contingency plans for no deal, deal and deferred scenarios. Given how far behind implementing the infrastructure is at the border ports in case of no deal, you might want to leave a bit earlier for that dutch racing treat.
  11. Thought it was a good nights racing. Lots of bumper work all over, great finish to the final, and a 103 win. What's not to like ! r/r 8 Biased maybe, but have to give DOD to 172. Great battle with John Fortune, and then anyone else who came to play in the heat, a battling 5th having lost places in the final, and well deserved win in the GN. 'APPY DAYS.
  12. RR 9. Was always going to be difficult to match Sat, and daylight never gives quite the same experience DoD. Has to be 124 for me. You've arrived when you can do it from blue in that company. 48 a close second but grade helped.
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