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  1. Hary NL


    Due to gouverment regulations there will be no racing till at least the 1st of June over here in Holland.
  2. Also a dutch WF Quallifier weekend
  3. Any chance that they will race here over in Holland? If yes on what track?
  4. Can some one tell me why there arn,t anny quallifiers for Venray,s World Cup? We have to quallifie for the World Final over in the Uk. Just curious if there wouldt be so many UK drivers over to Venray as now as they are on inventation.
  5. Hary NL


    Gent close to Nijmegen. Also owned by Jac Claes. You can,t see anything anymore from the track.
  6. Hary NL

    Colin North

    RIP Colin condolences to family and friends
  7. R.I.P. Big Dave 152 and Gary Monks. Nice to see the thank you comments after the mainland results from Big Dave.
  8. Thank you 3 Amigo,s. Great service all year. Hope to see you in P.Borough Nic. Greetz the 4th A.
  9. Thank you 3 Amigos. Greetz from the 4th amigo
  10. New top 3 1. 400 2. Uk464 3. Uk36 47 0.001% to much inside weight. You can tell about it what you want wrong is wrong. Up to next season.
  11. Final The Piet Keijzer memorial 1. 47 Danny van Wamelen 2. 400 Roy Maessen 3. Uk464 Luke Davidson Luke also wins the Shoot out Final. That,s all for this season. Have good winter and till next season. Bless you all. Greetz the 4th amigo
  12. Heat 3 result 461 393 400 318 Uk464 6 B197 uk346 113 636 47 uk36 248 65 413
  13. Heat 2 result 47 400 248 393 636 uk464 uk36 413 6 Uk346 B197 65 461 318 12
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