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  1. Hary NL

    Sad news

    After a short sick bed H223 Jannes Boskma sadly past away. My condolances to family and Friends.
  2. I am Rod Matthew 😎😎
  3. This mine on the backside of my tipper truck.
  4. Hary NL

    E-Series Points

    Is there a points list from the E race competition?
  5. Team race result H229 h54 h410 526 h141 346 That,s all for this week. Greetz and maybe till next week. Thank you Nic.
  6. GN 1 H229 120 346 422 478 H880
  7. Consi 2 H29 H6 120 175 H511 464 H452 H21 First 2 to the Final
  8. Heat 4 result Winner H141 Richard Falkena H86 220 345 445 H29 175
  9. Heat 3 result 1st H229 Tsjalle Greidanus 422 H100 H410 478 H47
  10. Hary NL


    Due to gouverment regulations there will be no racing till at least the 1st of June over here in Holland.
  11. Also a dutch WF Quallifier weekend
  12. Any chance that they will race here over in Holland? If yes on what track?
  13. Can some one tell me why there arn,t anny quallifiers for Venray,s World Cup? We have to quallifie for the World Final over in the Uk. Just curious if there wouldt be so many UK drivers over to Venray as now as they are on inventation.
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