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    Worcester - moved again!
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    seeing plenty of front bumper action
    last benders
    washing shale out of my hair
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    Spectator since 1970 - 40+ mtgs a season
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    My uncle lived next to small stox track (Grimley) just outside worcester and Coventry was our local F1's. Did plenty in late 70,s and early 80's. moved too far south and found you guys again in 2001. Only got to about 5 meetings per year. Since 2005 I have attended 30+ meetings then missed two meetings per season in last ten years. And now a regular visitor to Holland.

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  1. THANK YOU - And hope you enjoy racing the stock car as much as you enjoyed making the stock car.
  2. Thanks Giant I'm not hooked up to twitter or facebook etc
  3. Another great read, Thank you
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