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    Nigel Really sad to see the place slowly rotting away As you say brings back great memories Great shame but can't see anything but demolition being next Trust the dog enjoyed the walk
  2. Nick Hopt

    Stox on tv

    Thanks Philip Understand what I need to do scanning now Hopefully find the channel
  3. Nick Hopt

    Stox on tv

    Not on my freesat box Checked the channel list and also the manual list but 11426 etc not there Anyone else in the East Midlands having issues
  4. Really good interesting interview Thought Lee came across really well and did a great job for short circuit racing
  5. Hary Please continue don't have anything to do with Facebook or Twitter Always good to be kept updated on the results and news from Holland
  6. Nick Hopt

    Chat forums!

    Pleased you have continued with your blog they are always a good read Don't understand why someone was upset you said you weren't attending Skegness before you cancelled your booking As you say you had the option to change your mind before the deadline Do hope you get your enthusiasm back and have some successful damage free meetings Enjoy your bath bed for me start work at 0400
  7. You can phone Derbyshire CC and order a scratch card version of the Wayfarer which normally has a few years validity on it You can split your tickets at Derby as two off peak day returns slightly more but every train will call at Derby which makes it easier
  8. Nut Nut Don't know if his helps If you go on the train day return to burton is 12.70 Derbyshire Wayfarer is 12.40 and takes you to Sheffield and a plus bus is 4.00 You just need to use trains that stop at Burton Not as cheap as Megabus but you can come back anytime if the meeting is over quicker or overrun's
  9. Its about 2.5miles from the bus station Easier and quicker on bus or tram
  10. I go by train to Sheffield and catch the tram Run a frequent service and an easy walk to the stadium from the tram stop
  11. I don't attend many meetings because they last so long Not that interested in the support formulas in the main Its ok on a warm summer evening but we don't get many of those Can understand the financial reasons for making meetings last 4 plus hours but how many are put off attending particularly if they have a long journey home
  12. Its,a great shame that Coventry finishes in this way even if there are future meetings there it wont be the sane with some of the facilities that made the place special gone Do think we need to look at the positive's it could have closed years ago when sold after the Ochiltree era Whilst we might not get the grand finale we have had some great meetings and Jeremy has done his best booking extra cars etc Just have to wait and see what transpires the only certainties are that Coventry will close ,now or soon and the sport will continue at other tracks Lets be positive but give a thought to those who Coventry was their income not their hobby
  13. Mid 70s early 80s I was attending 70 plus meetings a season Different sport then in my opinion the variety of tracks and drivers made the travelling worthwhile We rarely saw drivers such as Mike Close Doug Cronshaw Gordon Smith in the midlands Used to enjoy trips organised by Notts & Derbys to Hartlepool Aycliffe and Brands Hatch etc Don't manage that many meetings now as I work shifts including Saturdays and the roads are much more congested. Didn't miss many Long Eaton Leicester Coventry Crewe Stoke Belle Vue Sheffield Bradford meetings including my wedding day
  14. Tarmac Bradford Shale Old Belle Vue Both had a real wow factor and could attract drivers from all over the country Of the current tracks Coventry for shale Don't really rate any of the current tarmac tracks though hopefully Rob will improve Skegness
  15. What a great interview Phoebe is a real credit to the sport Great advert for stock cars in general
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