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    Swanage,Dorset. from Long Eaton
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    Son of 60s , 70s F1 driver
  1. Peter H

    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas 🎄
  2. Peter H

    Belle Vue Memory

    My first visit to Belle Vue was Boxing Day 1984.Dad used to race there in the late sixties and would go on how fantastic the place was, and would say I’ll take you there one day. My memories of that first visit are. Rob Bradsell winning his heat with ease in his somewhat battered old car with a Christmas tree hanging out the back. It looked on rails.Brilliant! Len Wolfenden roaring out on to the track in Stu smith Snrs flying machine to the roar of the crowd. Graham Blundell almost on 3 wheels every time he flew down the home straight, amazing to watch The sound of V8s resonating around the stands, deafening! What atmosphere it created The mince pies and Christmas cake being eaten I have some pictures of that day so will try and put one up if I can What a day, what a stadium
  3. Remember Stu Smith snr cutting back in the 80s due to medical reasons. Didnt stop him much. He went on to win a hat trick of world titles. Theres a lot left in fwj. Cutting back might make him more prepared for the big meetings
  4. Peter H

    Gordon Moodie

    Brilliant result thank you for posting
  5. Peter H

    Mat Newson

    Get well soon Mat
  6. Happy Christmas 🎄 everyone
  7. Excellent news congratulations Dave,SSJ,FWJ, and Kings Lynn Happy Christmas to all
  8. Get well soon Stuart and only return when your 100%.You will be greatly missed.You are an amazing talent hope you can get back to entertaining us.Have a good Christmas and New Year
  9. For any one wanting to pay their respects to the lovely Dave Fox his funeral will be at St Chads Church DE72 3QH on 15 November at 12.45pm. God Bless You Dave
  10. Really awful to hear this. Hope you get well soon Stu. Youve had a fantastic year. Stuart Smith 2018 World Champion.
  11. Peter H

    Sad News

    I have been informed tonight of the passing of Dave Fox 318 from Draycott Derbyshire.Dave was a great fellow and a good driver reaching star grade. Dont know any details yet.
  12. And Im glad you came to F1 Graham I looked for your name in programs you always had nice looking cars
  13. I remember the long Eaton firecracker 500 as a young boy and then thought it was named due to the amount of fireworks that were let off at the end of the meeting!!!
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