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  1. MikeJ

    The Potent Mix

    Excellent work John. Looking at those photos took me right back to 1970. That car was just so different from anything else around at the time and spawned a number of booted cars, some good, some not so good. I don't think Doug ever got the results he deserved but his talent behind the wheel was undisputed. I remember him racing at the old White City MCR track (in a later 396 machine) when it was dirt and rough as hell. He seemed to set the car up for the corners half way down the back straight and aim for the fence before throwing it sideways. Rose-tinted specs are misting up at all the memories. Let's have more features of this ilk Carl, Mick J
  2. Excellent video Kelvin. Had I known you were sobbing in the back of Mat's truck each time I came up with a different version of your name on f1.stockcars.com I would have stopped the practice within a matter of months, sorry minutes. All the best for 2020 Mr. Castle! Regards, Mick Jenkins
  3. I was one of the many advance ticket holders sent to the back of a long queue yesterday - why no separate kiosk for those who paid up front Mr Rennie? Also, there was nothing to tell the fans in the queues that kiosks were "cash only" or "card only" until you got to front. I hope those who only had one form of payment were not sent to the back like some demented game of snakes & ladders! There seemed to be less punters there yesterday but I hope it will be like last year with more folk through the gates on Sunday than Saturday. A bit of a disappointing turn-out from the F1 boys and I gather the promotion were scratting around for F2 cars in the run up to the show. As Roly F said above the Heritage stand was a treat but why pack them in so close together? Full marks to Team Yarrow for the Willie Harrison replica. I knew there was an A40 roofed car in the offing but I'd assumed it would be a Les Suckling (132) replica. Pity about the "Live Action" arena decision - I guess it is all down to H & S although no official reason has been given to my knowledge. I just caught the end of Deane Wood's on-stage interview yesterday when he said that there were going to have to be some changes over the next few months and "people don't like change". Interesting! Mick J
  4. MikeJ

    Furthest travelled?

    You are correct chaps, Fred Mitchell, Ron Webb, Ted Pankhurst and Darkie Wright. I remember a Cisco Fry racing (at Harringay?) too. Is R.Amas (176) Ron Amas who joined Les Eaton in forming Spedeworth, helped re-brand midget racing cars and who lost his life in South Africa? Going back to the original post, at least there wouldn't have been complaints about the noise when Mr. Kirk revved his engine up...or would there??? Are we sure it wasn't a James T Kirk?
  5. MikeJ

    Furthest travelled?

    Wonder how they coped with the dust on his home track? I have seen four of the drivers listed race since I started watching. Now I feel really old - thanks Carl.
  6. MikeJ

    Driver Of The Decade

    Well if nobody else is going to say it, I will. Congratulations Frankie on being voted Driver of the Decade and good luck in the World 240s and Team Champs down under. Mick J
  7. Motorsport With Attitude show, East of England Showground, Peterborough. Open 10 till 5 (or get in from 9 am with advance tickets). 1 & 2 February. £15 per day or £25 for the weekend.
  8. 1970 at Harringay won by Jim Esau (244). Been to every F1 world final since so that is 50 and counting. Mick J
  9. Following hot on the heels (!) of my last Christmas song " Spark plugs roasting on an engine fire" featured on the much-missed F1 Stockcars.com site, here is this year's offering. A sad lament, sing it in your head in your best Johnny Mathis voice to the tune of "When a child is born". No prizes for guessing which track was on my mind. A tiny flame flickers in the stand, The gates are locked, "Keep Out - Private Land", All around the turns waste and litter blows, This comes to pass when a track is closed. The lights have gone, shale and armco too, A fence around to keep out me and you, Empty terraces where fans once stood in rows, This comes to pass when a track is closed. The bars are trashed, no more to sell beer, Yet we were told we had three more years, What a crying shame but that's the way it goes, This comes to pass when a track is closed. The spoken bit: And all this happened because some people put profit above sixty years of racing history and heritage. They turned drivers into ex-drivers, fans into ex-fans and took away our chance to gather on the first Saturday of the month. They even said they would build us a new stadium. It's not a dream, more a nightmare now, There's no new track, never was somehow, All across the land the call for housing grows, This comes to pass when a track is closed. Mick J
  10. I would like to be associated with the comments of my right honourable friend Broadsword. R/R 10 DOD Bobby Griffin (166) - you know it be reet! Mick J
  11. I have just watched the Mat Newson footage above. There is an official/marshall standing at the edge of the track on the back straight at the restart who dives onto the infield at the last moment when the green flag drops. This seems a little foolhardy to me - accidents can and do happen. I can see what he is trying to do but the drivers are watching for the green flag/lights, not a bloke standing on track waving his arms. Just an observation. Mick J
  12. After the success of the KL/Northampton weekend it really was down to earth with a whimper at this one. Had I known it was "Give a gold top a win day" I might not have bothered. The two saloon heats were good but with Diggy Smith on the front row of the ORCi Championship Final the result was never in doubt. Heat, final and GN for Gordon Moodie tells you all you need to know about the F2 racing. So many cars moved aside for him I thought the starter was waving the blue flag. As for the F1s, 17 cars is not enough for a heat around Hednesford never mind a whole meeting. As has been noted elsewhere Tom Harris would never have caught Drew Lammas in the final had 464 not brought out a caution. I know we are not supposed to be negative on here but no matter what shade of rose-tinted glasses I wear I come to the same conclusion - this one is best forgotten. DOD: Daz Kitson 532 R/R: 3
  13. A vlog on breeding Nige? I know this is a family sport but steady on!
  14. Jake has got this DOTD nailed and rightly so after such a composed drive in the final. My vote goes to Phoebe Wainman 211. I have never seen her drive with such determination as she did in her heat to get second place and the points needed to clinch the One Car Series since the V8 British at Skeggy a couple of years ago. RR: 7 Mick J
  15. I doubt you can get 12 months warranty and servicing on a used stock car! I actually wrote apparently with a view to purchase based on information I was given in the pits. Mark and his team may have already bought the car - seems there has been a spate of UK car buying recently - Jelle Tesselaar (H410) had an ex-Colin Goodswen car in his trailer at Stoke and Bouwe Arjan Hiddinge (H17) was using the de-numbered James Neachell car at Belle Vue. Anyone know of any other cars heading over the North Sea? Mick Jenkins
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