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  1. I was a member of the Stu Smith fan club and later the John Toulson fan club....as has been said, the newsletters were eagerly awaited and then the was the signed christmas card! I attended meetings on the Aycliffe Stockcar Supporters coaches, and although it wasn't a paid up members club, it was still a very "clubby" atmosphere and always a great laugh, very fondly remembered.
  2. I used to enjoy painting them and did several, though sadly I no longer have any of them. I recall a Perspex Mike Close one I watched the 1980 World Final through (very useful on a shale corner is Perspex!!) but another I recall was a Stu Smith board I had painstakingly done in the Hertz livery over the closed season only to find he had gained Coregreen sponsorship and a new colour scheme at my first meeting of the season at Hartlepool!! I used to cheat a little by using Perspex and the Keith Barber "SuperCar" from SCM.....certainly made me look like I had better artistic skills than I actually had!
  3. I thought he did, but it's a bit out of the way...would have been better if he hadn't moved! Is it actually open to visitors?
  4. Completely agree Colin....a big lottery win and I'll set it up!! Starting from scratch would be very difficult (and expensive) now, but as you say, if something had been done in one of the "spare" buildings at Coventry many years ago the whole site might have had a slightly different complexion (though I doubt it!) Would love there to be something, somewhere....there are hundreds of these small "museums" dedicated to some very niche subjects....it just needs someone with a suitable (or adaptable) building with the drive to do it. I'm certain there would be many donations and loans to furnish the place! Certainly wouldn't disagree with any of the nominations so far, here's another couple for consideration...Geoff Nickolls, without major success he is a driver that epitomises the absolute backbone of the sport. Allan Barker, racer, car builder, innovator and tireless sidekick to much of Bammy's fine work at Odsal and Belle Vue.
  5. Neil Fry

    Midlands track

    If that's true Nigel, then fair enough as a money making exercise, but a poor promotional tool. The MWA and Motorfest are, IMO, far more suitable platforms on which to actually PROMOTE the sport. I tend to agree with those who have said that the NEC generates very little in the way of new spectators, if any. I suspect that it is another display of the "superior attitude" that seems to run within the sport.....we think we have god given right to race in premier stadia when in reality our sights should be set quite a bit lower. We think we "fit in" with other stuff at the Autosport show....we don't, but if it does generate money for NZ, then I guess it might be worth it. We might be the "premier" class on the short ovals, but the short ovals are not near the top of the motorsport pyramid and perhaps the quicker that is understood by those within it, the sooner we can start to move in the right direction.
  6. While I whole heartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in the last two posts, with the exception of a handful of people (the likes of Gary Jones to name but one) we couldn't get all of these into a hall of fame....and that was supposed to be the direction of the thread. I certainly don't want to belittle the efforts (and results) of the many hundreds of people behind the scenes that keep the wheels oiled, but the main objective was to come up with a genuine "Hall of Fame" list.
  7. Keith also came up with V8 Hotstox…..well worth a place in the hall of fame!
  8. Neil Fry


    Try this link.... https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/18185364.speedway-stock-cars-return-unused-odsal-stadium/?ref=ebln&fbclid=IwAR1f2tWKpNtf_glsmP5tqY06tzq45_-r0YqpzXkRb8CplNSgeQ7HJfPqAK8 ...to be honest, it's nothing we haven't heard before...but at least it's being discussed again by the right people. I won't hold my breath though!
  9. Who would you put into the Hall of Fame of Stock Car Racing? I'm talking here about REAL legends of the sport....people who have had a major influence on the sport, either on or off track, I'm not talking about just your favourite driver..obviously I have had favourite drivers, a couple of whom would make the list, many were just good drivers but not in the list of legends. Please add why you think they should be there too. I'll start off with a few, not my full list by any means, just a few names to start it off.... Stuart Smith Snr....enough said! FWJ...again, little explanation needed FWS...dedication and without his "rent-a-cars" many drivers wouldn't have found a way into the sport Stuart Bamforth...promotor of two legendary venues that always seemed to give what the punters wanted Mike Parker...love him or hate him, he was pivotal in growing the sport across the North West Johnnie Hoskins and Digger Pugh....without their pioneering work, the sport may not have flourished as much in the early days ….there we are, I've sown a few seeds (more in mind) but lets see who you all think has shaped the course of the sport
  10. They weren't meant to be what they are now!
  11. Neil Fry


    You would need to read the small print on the licence application form and anything else a driver has to sign when getting the licence.....but I would suggest (without any evidence either way) that, yes, you tied to either BriSCA or the ORCi
  12. What more is there to know nic?? That's pretty much how it was.....turn up, shout for Smithy and go home....and more often than not, go home happy - because that's what happened when you supported the Maestro!!
  13. To be fair, there are still plenty of engines around....at least as a starter point to rebuild, they're not running out just yet, but obviously things are only going in one direction in much the same way as many of the "traditional" parts used by F1 and Hotstox. RWD has been the minority of vehicles for decades now, so rear and front axles are all becoming rarer hence allowing "manufactured" front axles. While there are still sufficient Rover engines around, they are rare in comparison to small block Chevy's, which I believe are the most numerical engines on the planet??....albeit in many guises.
  14. think the original hot stox spec allowed only the Rover Buick V8 3.5 or the Ford Essex V6 3.0 Thats what I thought Spiderman, then it was opened up to 3.9/4.0 and also the 4.2 ?? Not quite. By the early 2000's the rules had phased out the Essex and 3.5 Rovers were in a much higher state of tune than they had been. Chris Lofthouse of CJBS (who used to build Andy Smith's engines, amongst others) thought that the 4.2 in standard form would be a great alternative, and to be fair it probably was, but it was in much shorter supply than was hoped. There seemed to be many more 3.9's around and they were introduced. Since then, the spec that is allowed on these two engines has changed considerably and they are no longer the cost effective alternative they should have been. The V8 Hotstox have considered introducing a standard crate 350 Chevy, but in the early 2000's when this was kicked around, the formula was looking to come under the BSCDA umbrella, and it was a straight choice between adopting the Chevy or joining the BSCDA, as they (the BSCDA) would not entertain the formula with Chevy engines as they were "too close to F1". That is when the formula went down the 4.2 Rover route.
  15. While there is little doubt that this is very good news for the coming season, I assume it is only a "stay of execution" and that the longer term future of the site is still in question?
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