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    Anything to do with cars, more importantly motor racing. Oh and beer!
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    ex#213 and 263 mechanic
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    mechanic for 214, adam slater, fan since about 2' tall.
  1. Nath6222


    Wheres the like button, good lad josh
  2. As title says both the above for sale, in good condition. Will post.
  3. Bump, and now £40!!!! Collect from Grantham, Lincs or can take to meeting if req'd.
  4. Microsoft Sidewinder Steering Wheel and Pedals for PC Wheel fits to table/desk. Comes complete with software disc. Ideal for all the Rfactor and Heat online racers. £20 posted.
  5. Brisca F1 2008 and 2009 season highlights from Richard Griffths productions 32 discs, 16 per year, all discs checked and in order in original cases. On eBay now so get bidding! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181487319906
  6. That would be perfect, see what you can do, me a ring towards end of the week. Nathan 07792204592.
  7. Melton Mowbray, Leics.
  8. Yeah got a stevie wing Tarmac aerofoil. £100? Can bring to a meeting if req'd.
  9. 2 LDV Side Sliding Van windows As fitted to side loading doors or minibus. Ideal for any racetruck or van conversion, cut the opening screw them in, complete with seals to cover fixings. Can be taken to Euro Weekend. £50 for the pair.
  10. Nath6222

    Dean whitwell

    It wouldn't be anything to do with Skegness, unless your novice, or penalised can't start from the back. Brisca rules, happened to me too.
  11. Where's the like button! This is exactly my point and why I started this thread.
  12. Thanks Ciaran - that just about sums it for me too. We should also remember it's all meant to be fun along the way. To answer Nathans original question, I don't think I can come up with a more straightforward explanation than the one that can be read under the Stoxnet Awards tab at the top of the page - DotD and RR are two separate things, that just happen to occur together in a single thread after each meeting. One is about Driver recognition, the second is about your experience at the meeting you've just attended. Simples! Fair enough Chris, and thanks for you considerate response.
  13. As much as I cringe from time to time I like this thread and for me it is a very small sample of what people think about the event experience. I think most people will recognise that say 9000 people will read the thread and twenty or so post so in real terms it does not do more than give a reflection of what a very small number of people think. However as it's the same twenty or so that post it does carry a little more weight so it should not be ignored but then again the silent majority keep coming to watch so can't be that bad. I know from talking to customers at every Coventry that the greater majority of non posters think those that do post have lost the plot and some only post to be the voice of the public except they really represent one view. Sometimes that very vocal view is a campaign to get a particular support formula or race format but most won't agree they just stay silent for fear of abuse. The promoters who actively engage on Stoxnet get most of the abuse but that's because the posters know we will read and react either by posting ourselves or by putting something right. The reason why I post is because of the thousands that read the various threads may actually start to believe some of the extreme views expressed from time to time plus sponsors, media, future drivers and future customers will check out stoxnet for a taste of what the sport is about. All in all I would rather see things stay as they are because much is discounted by the reader yet the gut feel I get as a promoter after reading it all helps to steer me into what I do next. Great to hear your side of it Jeremy, thanks for the reply.
  14. As Rare as a blue moon but I totally agree with Mr Chunder here... ButTo me the Race rating is about your overall experiance that you got for your £20 or so So I rarely rate stuff nowadays to avoid personal confusion... Perhaps it should be changed to Experience Rating... or meeting rating, but something clearer and a better place to air all the dirty laundry you like, seems a bit unfair to a driver, that there racing performance is praised alongside criticism of venue, meeting or the traffic that day.
  15. Then well what.... chunter? Moan? Well Stoke, you all moaned, promoter thought, not worth all the hassle and doesn't need F1's anyway so pulled it for next year. Not difficult to work out really is it.
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