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  1. What a joke! Racing was rubbish not helped by the Gestapo Officials and Track Staff ! A waste of my time and money and I have supported this fixture for more years than I can remember. We have one, yes, one Dutch visitor for the Euro Final so what shall we do ? Hmm! Exclude him for daring to overtake the Pace Car. Orf with his head, that will teach him !! Coming all this way and expecting to race ! That will encourage him to come back next year as he was on cue for the first Dutchman home trophy ! What the hell have we got a Pace Car in F1 for anyway, what is the purpose ? Certainly didn't stop the jump starts that should have been waved yellow flags. Maybe the Officials should concentrate on this rather than training to be Headmasters ! Rant over. My opinion only, no offence intended but I needed to vent my concern as I will seriously have to think about returning to this fixture in the future. I have been following F1 for 30 years and something is going seriously wrong at the moment for me, anyway. RR 3 DOD 445
  2. https://coventryobserver.co.uk/news/coventry-racing-club-confirms-contractors-are-ready-to-return-speedway-venue-to-its-original-state/ Latest update.
  3. https://coventryobserver.co.uk/news/brandon-estates-confirm-no-parties-involved-in-talks-amid-crime-scene-coventry-stadium-situation/
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/savecoventryspeedway/ Apparently still gutting the place as reported on the link above. Lamp holders taken down. All shale gone from turns 3/4. Not looking good again !
  5. "Fixtures and Fittings" The Pit gate and support posts have gone!!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/savecoventryspeedway/ New photo's added showing Grandstand seats ripped out and Armco fence taken down...........!!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/savecoventryspeedway/ Photo's..................!!
  8. Haven't they got a shale track inside the tarmac track at Ipswich....??
  9. http://www.billingaquadrome.com/holidays/touring Don't forget the Causeway Bridge near The Aquadrome is closed so you have to approach the entrance from the A45
  10. See Mick Sworder is out in a Superstox at Northampton!
  11. Sorry, Philip H, BigBloke is correct. It is the second junction for the A428. The first junction is the Riverside Shopping Centre.
  12. If you are staying at The Premier Inn Gt Billing you will need to leave the hotel turn left at the small roundabout by the garage. Then go up to the large roundabout and turn left on the A45. Come off at the next junction and then turn left at the roundabout onto the A428. Drive about 3 miles along the A428 and the turn right into Horton Road where the track is. The Causeway bridge is shut for 4 weeks from 4 April due to damage.
  13. Was Rob Moss the guy that used to come up to Hednesford around 1990 from way down south and win everything from white. He used to arrive in a flatbed on his own with no mechanics in tow. Is that him?
  14. Who is in the GB Team for the Team champs ?
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