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    Lundy For Gold In 2006, FWJ to be Red In 2007, Come On 391 For the National series!
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    Fan since 1976, Lundy's Biggest fan.
  1. What happened to 53 in the final? I see he didnt come our in the grand national
  2. I havent been to mildenhall since the last time F1s were there. I no its changed quite a bit Is it suitable for a wheelchair?
  3. It was at long Eaton because earlier about 4 or 5 oclock they were racing the screen sport final and then the normal meeting at 7ish and junior only raced in the actual meeting and 212 got dirty in the screen sport final earlier
  4. Wisecol

    Stox on tv

    Is it coming to virgin aswell?
  5. I think I read somewhere that 84 is on holiday when Stoke is in
  6. i think 318 was fourth in the grand national not 328
  7. Wisecol

    BillyTom New Car

    When is your first meeting?
  8. Wisecol

    53 Photos needed

    Try Mike greenwoods website.... Www.photostox.com Or I have quite a few pics when Brian Evans sign written the car Hope this helps
  9. Wisecol

    53 Photos needed

    Hope this helps
  10. Wisecol

    BillyTom New Car

    Any news on staff ham?
  11. Happy Christmas everyone hope you all have a "Lunderful Day"
  12. 515 got a blown engine, going home to put shale engine in
  13. In 1997 the day after the Bradford Workd Final the masters was the next day on shale at Skegness
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