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    Dad raced F1 in 1974 (short career) . I raced outlaws then tooz . Won at Odsal in 1996 !!!

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  1. Cool. Top lad is Matt. 👍🏻
  2. Well done Bscda and Johnathon Abbott , THIS is what the fans want 👍🏻
  3. Aye up young un , hows tha doin ? A say , has tha not sin latest news in’t Bradford Keighley and Cleckheaton Echo ? Reesy says tha can take thi whippet in wi the and we can run races in between ef one races , tight AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD in’t offering start money tho !, the YWRBoC are in discussion wi t’fella to si if they can’t sort it like !
  4. What’s tha on about lad ? We’ve got Plusnet * round ere , proper Yorkshire t’internet tha knows, for Yorkshire folk ! I watch all mi ferrit racin on it , eee it’s champion (E by gum , etc etc ) * other ISP’s are available
  5. Perhaps you should all find out some facts before posting ? All you know is what you’ve read of Deane’s statement and here say ! There are ways and means of finding things out , perhaps get in touch with the BSCDA or Brisca ? Perhaps get in touch with some drivers through social media ? Swinging wildly from one side to the other in the blame game due to the last post you read does nothing for anybody , anybody actually requested an official statement from the BSCDA(and I don’t mean posting a moan on here about poor communication)? Perhaps wait until after tomorrow’s meeting and
  6. The Spedeworth take over continues 🤣
  7. Brilliant as ever Bryan , nice to see Bezz out and about and Derek talking a lot sense regarding where the problems lie within the sport . Thank you 👍🏻
  8. At this rate Im gonna have to change my pick 🙄
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