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  1. bm7921

    Midlands track

    Would love the powers that decide where we "promote" to come out and explain. Why NEC ?
  2. Unfortunately the downside to LIVE interviews is that they are subject to driver availability. I'm afraid to say that tonight's interview has been postponed as Craig is massively busy with work. We will re arrange for another time which will be announced. No interview this Saturday either as I'm having a few days away.
  3. Dont forget the LIVE driver interview with Craig Finnikin 55 is this thursday evening not on Saturday. Not sure what time yet but it will be a good watch. Dont forget to send me your questions by message please.
  4. Cone on guys I've plenty of questions about the tilter but I'm sure there are other things you want to know.
  5. Your welcome. Now any questions for craig.
  6. A departure from the usual but we will be live from Team 55 Craig Finnikin on the evening of Thursday 23rd . Anything you want to ask please message me. Get YOUR questions answered LIVE.
  7. bm7921

    Birmingham track

    As per Facebook Birmingham may be saved
  8. How did we go from orci rules to my sports bigger than yours.
  9. There is another thread confirming its 27th.
  10. on here Jane is leading but on Twitter a driver has far more votes. I've never met Jane and the job she does is commendable and it's quite interesting how the votes have split.
  11. bm7921

    Fixture list 2020

    Looks like nobody proof read the leaflet(if thats what they are) as a fair few mistakes.
  12. Dont forget to watch the Live interview today at 2.45pm ish with Team Nigel Harrhy and Jake Harrhy 45/345 LIVE on the oval family Facebook page. If unable to it will be on here later on.
  13. Hi Sorry but tripod wont work. Pits too busy etc. Plus cannot afford one anyway. Thanks for the questions I will add them to the rest.
  14. Come on guys get your questions in .
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