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  1. 399 daniel Coleman was born in CHINLEY near buxton grandson of derek coleman cousin to fat rob (364 ) also his uncle is geoff coleman
  2. Does anyone know how to book the carvery ??
  3. Scott 462


    He's still upset that Jeremy Kyle has been axed 🤗😂
  4. I no race engines can be un reliable and we used many engine builders in my time racing there is the big name builders who just want to put brand new parts on everything but obviously end up with a huge bill and can still go wrong I tried hi spec but personally had a very bad experience I personally had my most reliable engines when bugsy built them didn't have a problem in 4 years and the price is very fair and gives honest good advice
  5. Do u use HI SPEC race engines Nige??
  6. Best thing they ever said to me once when I was getting another lengthy ban for arguing with car park man at Coventry who wouldn't let me in pits think was 12 months 🤔😬 I said I'm going to get legal representation and they said if I do that I would never get a licence again I didn't act as I still had a lot of money invested in the sport but sure I could of sewed there AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD off in reality
  7. Unfortunately the governing body are twisted 1 rule for 1 1 for another if your face fits your ok if not they will throw the book at you like poor old neil shenton got banned for a year for trying to split up a fight with a top driver and someone else ,top driver got nothing he got banned so left the sport as he was disgusted James neach ell go banned for 12 months because the guy who towed his car to the meeting girlfriend had a altercation at the track (he didn't even no her ) where's the sense in that I'm quite happy telling this now as I'm not under the spell anymore where I've got £100000 invested in the sport and all I wanted to do was go racing I personally was treated like muck of them as my face didn't fit They are really like traffic wardens they get the power trip act as if there a massive organisation where in realitu everyone in this sport knows each other on a personal level and a lot of things could be dealt with a hand shake and a telling off no need for disciplinary hearings people travelling 100s of miles Rant over
  8. I'm not banned at moment m8 I might b now though as your not allowed to discuss the Gestapo on social media
  9. What everyone needs to do is get there hands In there pockets and buy some tickets for fight night 2 where we're raising money for charity and people within this great sport. people say they wish it was like the old days so support your sport
  10. Think he is banned for life now though as he has raced in the outlaws
  11. Orci is Brisca Dillon was a young lad keen as anything to get back after his knee injury The orci wanted a fit to race letter from his doctor (wasn't a head or brain injury) But in the busy life of trying to race a f1 and getting a medical etc Dillon cleared himself fit to race with a letter from Dr Maynard The Gestapo didn't see the funny side and banned him for 10 years Congratulations to them another driver lost from the f1 seen 🤔
  12. Unfortunately another victim of the orci chaps!!!
  13. Does that mean there out of main event or can they still qualify ?
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