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  1. R/R; 10 DoD; 147 10/10? Given the potential for a poor meeting, based on low booking numbers, this turned into a bit of an under rated classic! Only 6 ORCi Minis turned up, but they put on a decent show, giving their all. 1300s Saloons was like watching 2L `loons in miniature! Then there were the F1s! Good performances from the Pauls (Hines & Carter), those Evans boys, Murray most definitely in a hurry, no blown engine from #1 (disappointing, some would say), but the outstanding performance of the night came from Eddie Collins. Hopefully this short but so far very sweet season will be allowed to continue.
  2. That one`s easy Steve. Socialising with the Stock Car Family - a vital part of the event before we all go in & disperse to our spots Distances travelled. Wanting to get a favourite viewing spot. Getting parked up in the Accessible/BLUE BADGE HOLDER spaces before able bodied people use them - although it can be harder if someone gets there even earlier & takes up TWO of those spaces with one vehicle
  3. R/R; 10 DoD; 326 Fantastic racing from 1s & 2s, on a pleasantly warm evening. Done & dusted in 4 hrs. Social Distancing & Face covering seemed much better, on the whole (give or take the odd bod or so covering their chins most of the night. Yeah, yeah, you can`t sup your beer, or eat through a mask). One issue I do have is the stay in your car policy. I appreciate that this might be an instruction from the local council, but responsible quing using social distancing & face coverings would eliminate the mad rush & NO social distancing as soon as the gates open. It`s observed inside the stadium at the various outlets, so please, if it can be, reconsider for Safety reasons as well as health.
  4. Important announcement posted.
  5. DoD; 328 R/R; 7 Given the lousy conditions on & off track, thanks to the dreadful weather, the racing wasn`t bad at all. The Micro F2s coped well, & the Ministosox did what they always do - got on & raced! The V8s were decent. As for the F1s, yes, it was a "Gala Night" booking list in many ways, but let`s not forget that competing in them is a much a hobby for them as watching them is for us. I appreciate whatever reasons the missing drivers have for not racing this year, personal, financial or anything else. Equally I appreciate the drivers who are on track! Anyway, last night`s action. Great night for Jake Harrhy, & good to see Murray Harrison on track again, going well. BUT, how often do you see twins debuting in F1s at the age of 16, & doing what they did? Lewis was fantasic. Tyrone was amazing. On the way to the meeting, The Mayor said that he wanted to see what they were like in an F1. The answer was, about the same as they were in the Ministox!! Well done lads.You`re both a breath of fresh air in the Formula.
  6. R/R; 8 DoD; 515 Entertaining meeting from both Formulas, although I did get fed up with the seemingly excessive yellow flagging. FWJ verbalised what many people feel about the restart ruling. It takes away the anticipation of the racing from the spectator`s point of view, & gifts an easier ride for the following pack trying to catch up & battle with with the race leader. it may also leave the back markers asking themselves why they`ve bothered, but you would need to ask them about that. Covid 19 Rules; Clearly put in place. Sadly also clearly being floughted by too many people. Genuine medical exemptions aside, the use of face coverings & social distancing are are not a joke. They are for a reason - To protect everybody, yourself included. Who cares whether or not you`ve been tested & got the negative result we all would want? It doesn`t matter. You could still be a carrier. Please, EVERYBODY, remember that YOU are responsible for your own actions. DO NOT end up contributing to losing the remainder of the short season we have, by being selfish
  7. www.willyarrowracing.com has been updated. See what`s New from Team22 HQ
  8. A Silver lining has been added to www.willyarrowracing.com
  9. The last few photos of the #2 car build re now available to view www.willyarrowracing.com. Thanks for sharing your labour of love with us
  10. Even more photos of the Willie Harrison car, getting ready for the unveiling, have been added to www.willyarrowracing.com
  11. New in www.willyarrowracing.com are photos of the Engine rebuild, WIll`s Christmas Project. Pics 140 - 150
  12. www.willyarrowracing.com has more photos of the #2 car added - with a lovely ending
  13. I haven`t got a beard. Easy way to identify us!!!! 😄😄
  14. 3 more photos of the #2 car added to www.willyarrowracing.com ..... and still, they come. Thanks Will
  15. A few more #2 car build photos added to www.willyarrowracing.com ...... and there`s more to come
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