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  1. Today is the final day for willyarrowracing.com Thank you for your support, interest & contributions. They have been greatly appreciated.
  2. R/R; 8 DoD; 555 A meeting spoiled by the weather. Not really? Not on track anyway. So many good battles all night, under difficult & uncomfortable conditions, from the Minis as much as the 1s. Thanks to every one of the drivers for getting out there & entertaining us. Off track wasn`t so much fun, but that`s got nothing to do with thoughtless behaviour by other people. Not at all. It was just uncomfortable being soaked through but we couldn`t do any other than sit it out on the Accessible Viewing platform. Those mobility scooters don`t go up & down steps!! I`ve just about got rid of the shale which came home with us last night though. Is it November 8th yet?
  3. R/R; 8 DoD; 345 Great racing after a slow start. It was fantastic to see Gordon Moodie out in an F1, doing what he does best in his heat - winning fairly & squarely. #talentnottamperedwith
  4. OOPS. Blonde moment, sorry Nigel. Ben S, that one`s for you
  5. Social Distancing at Skegness has been pretty non existent on the 1st bend, where the accessible viewing area is. Pit crews, parents, kids, all come tumbling out of the pits (& bar when open), & stand directly behind us, often leaning on the back of my chair & my husband`s mobility scooter. The kids seem to think that it`s their right to kick the back of that. We`ve asked people to respect social distancing, & most people have done so as a result, albeit reluctantly. However, on Saturday, all of that extremely anti social behaviour was on display, & my husband actually turned round & spoke quite firmly to the family involved about their & their kids` behaviour & lack of social distancing (those who know him understand how he felt, because he`s usually a placid guy). Their response? "So? What about them up there, then?. "Them up there" were on the banking by the bar, in the biggest 6 person bubble I`ve ever seen. After stepping back 1/2 a pace, the group shuffled forward, to the point of making physical contact again. I make NO apology for the fact that I ripped in to them at this point. I think my anger had dissipated by the time we got home!On Sunday, we stayed on the 3rd bend viewing area, where social distancing was 100% observed, with respect shown to all, by all. I felt sorry for Richard, who has had to constantly remind people about social distancing, & the use of face coverings (& where) every meeting. The promotion has met the requirements laid down by the authorities in order to operate, except for a distinct lack of security, which is highly visible & very effective at Kings Lynn. Sadly, there have been too many people attending the meetings at Skegness, with the attitude of "I don`t have to...." a) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MYSELF b) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY FAMILY & FRIENDS c) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERYONE ELSE. Perhaps, when the sport has finally died because of their selfish behaviour, a lot of people will be happy that their thoughtless actions played a huge part
  6. Who doesn`t know Scotland the Brave? Nigel Dodds. it`s a mix of traditional Scottish music, which has been played for Gordon & other Scots drivers on their victory laps for years. Brilliant comment Dave! 不
  7. "The chunky lump"? It`s so bad, it`s brilliant. How come a fun question has been turned into a thread of serious comments? Have you all suffered Humour loss to C-19 or what?
  8. R/R; 8 DoD; 55 Not the easiest DoD to identify last night!! So many cracking good performances from all grades. Eventually Craig just snuck it from Mat, who also flew. Maybe it was the 55 colour scheme that tipped it in favour of the chunky car. 不不不 (removes tongue from cheek & walks away laughing)
  9. R/R; 10 DoD; 147 10/10? Given the potential for a poor meeting, based on low booking numbers, this turned into a bit of an under rated classic! Only 6 ORCi Minis turned up, but they put on a decent show, giving their all. 1300s Saloons was like watching 2L `loons in miniature! Then there were the F1s! Good performances from the Pauls (Hines & Carter), those Evans boys, Murray most definitely in a hurry, no blown engine from #1 (disappointing, some would say), but the outstanding performance of the night came from Eddie Collins. Hopefully this short but so far very sweet season will be allowed to continue.
  10. That one`s easy Steve. Socialising with the Stock Car Family - a vital part of the event before we all go in & disperse to our spots Distances travelled. Wanting to get a favourite viewing spot. Getting parked up in the Accessible/BLUE BADGE HOLDER spaces before able bodied people use them - although it can be harder if someone gets there even earlier & takes up TWO of those spaces with one vehicle
  11. R/R; 10 DoD; 326 Fantastic racing from 1s & 2s, on a pleasantly warm evening. Done & dusted in 4 hrs. Social Distancing & Face covering seemed much better, on the whole (give or take the odd bod or so covering their chins most of the night. Yeah, yeah, you can`t sup your beer, or eat through a mask). One issue I do have is the stay in your car policy. I appreciate that this might be an instruction from the local council, but responsible quing using social distancing & face coverings would eliminate the mad rush & NO social distancing as soon as the gates open. It`s observed inside the stadium at the various outlets, so please, if it can be, reconsider for Safety reasons as well as health.
  12. Important announcement posted.
  13. DoD; 328 R/R; 7 Given the lousy conditions on & off track, thanks to the dreadful weather, the racing wasn`t bad at all. The Micro F2s coped well, & the Ministosox did what they always do - got on & raced! The V8s were decent. As for the F1s, yes, it was a "Gala Night" booking list in many ways, but let`s not forget that competing in them is a much a hobby for them as watching them is for us. I appreciate whatever reasons the missing drivers have for not racing this year, personal, financial or anything else. Equally I appreciate the drivers who are on track! Anyway, last night`s action. Great night for Jake Harrhy, & good to see Murray Harrison on track again, going well. BUT, how often do you see twins debuting in F1s at the age of 16, & doing what they did? Lewis was fantasic. Tyrone was amazing. On the way to the meeting, The Mayor said that he wanted to see what they were like in an F1. The answer was, about the same as they were in the Ministox!! Well done lads.You`re both a breath of fresh air in the Formula.
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