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  1. Sad news. He was a lovely guy.
  2. have a look on willyarrowracing.com
  3. I`m with Roly (we were yesterday too, along with our other halves, but that`s beside the point). Was it worth £20-00? Not really. What there was seemed to be a plethora of extra stalls, not all necessarily motorsport related! there seemed to be less cars on display too, of all types, not just F1s. I came away wondering exactly what we had paid £20 each for, especially as OAPs!. Carrot Cruncher, the Speedway was represented by the local club, Peterborough Panthers, not surprisingly. After all, the Showground track is their home. Speedway GB had some representation too as you know. An evening Speedway meeting in February? I doubt that any of the clubs would have a full team available in the UK at this time of year, & with due respect to the owners, I really doubt that they would allow out of season track action. That really would upset the neighbours.
  4. Photos 153 -158 in the Heritage Class Album are the culmination of Will`s labour of love
  5. 2020 has some news & a new photo album for you to enjoy. YAY!!!
  6. Let`s look at it from a different view; The days of a track being in the middle of nowhere are long gone, which means a (eg) 7 P.M start would have to rely on a meeting where no damage occurs to cars or track. In other words, these days local councils have CURFEWS!. If meetings run over these time constraints, a Promoter will incur the wroth - & probably a fine - from said council. Motor sport is not something which has a set time. There`s no 90 minutes with an extra 30 for extra time once in a while!! Maybe we, as followers of our favourite sport, need to look at this bigger picture, & make some adjustments to our lives if we want to attend every meeting at every track. I`m retired, but when I was Nursing, I had to request early shifts or days off on Saturdays, & work late shifts on Sundays (& we all know how popular they are, in any job). Sometimes I even had to miss meetings. I survived. So can all of you. Especially so if you want our sport to survive. I make no apologies for looking at life in a logical manner. Maybe everyone should give it a whirl.
  7. R/R; 10 DoD; 259 Forget the situation, the racing was breath taking, & knowing where to look all night, in all 3 Formulas, was a work of art!!! Bobby G was undoubtedly "on it" all night, & I would be delighted t see him with at least a Podium finish to the Shootout Series next week. Taking Silver would be the icing on the proverbial cake. However, Paul Hines has had a thin time of things in recent seasons, so to see him in what for me at least, was his best meeting for ages, was special. Carson is clearly his daddy`s lucky charm. Steve & Jackie, thanks for taking the F1s back to Loomer Road. They have been epic.
  8. R/R. 8 DoD. H880 I was getting heartily sick of the silly man "dressed" as Guy Fawkes, & his annoying shouts to the "Boys & girls", but reading some of the posts on this thread, I can see where he was coming from, & maybe it wasn`t aimed at the under-10s after all. Well done to Deane & his team, for getting this meeting on. He`s learning on the job, & it shows in a positive way. I agree with whoever said it dragged on though, especially on such a bitterly cold afternoon. We got so cold that we didn`t even stay for the Grand National, let alone the fireworks. One last thing, AGAIN - please Deane, do something about the grass banking before next season, and before someone gets seriously injured. It`s difficult enough to get up & down those slopes, but when it gets wet & greasy, it`s downright dangerous. Fair play to the Security/Safety chap on the pit area slope though. He`s a gentleman, does a good job on his own, & probably doesn`t get the credit he deserves.
  9. A few words, & a couple of Steve Botham`s brilliant photos added today
  10. R/R 10 DoD; 275 What a pity we don`t see more of Terry Hawkins - an under rated driver. What a fantastic way to end the F1 season at Owlerton, & it was such a shame that the rearranged date didn`t see more people attending. Lower car numbers than expected, but not surprising with Kings Lynn seeing more than one damaged car limping back to the Pits!! F1s & Minis are always a good package at Sheffield, & yesterday was a fine example of why. On top of that, the rain held off until after the very well run meeting was over. Well done everyone.
  11. R/R; 9 DoD; 150 Odd meeting format & a slow start to the action sees a point dropped, but otherwise we can`t fault it. Can`t wait for next year when we can be almost guaranteed top class action at Kings Lynn - AND another World Final
  12. R/R; 10 DoD; 166 My other half thought it was dragged out a bit, with several delays waiting for a single driver to come out on track, & said he rated it as an 8. However, I had been in the Pits, & given the lousy weather all day, which undoubtedly made repairing damage between races extremely hard on every team (even those with huge gazebos), & maybe having to wait for a push or drag to get off the back pits to even get to the track, I think that alone deserves a vote of full marks! Part of me says that every driver deserves the DoD accolade, but eventually I narrowed it down to 55 & 166, with Bobby G getting it for his consistent performances through out the whole weekend. Back to the laundry!!!!!
  13. R/R; 10 DoD; 415 What a night!!! Nothing but action & hard hits all the way, from every formula out on track, right from the get go. Even the weather behaved itself!! Russell Cooper drove well in his heat, & thoroughly deserved that 1st ever Tarmac victory in the Consolation. He deserves more wins on both surfaces, but after 21 years, this one was very special. Well earned my friend.
  14. R/R; 5 DoD; 128 Sorry Mr World Champion, but watching you at this meeting, with nobody to really challenge you, was boring beyond belief. That`s why I`ve opted for Simon Binder, in a Daz Kitson car, out there having a bit of that "Living the dream" thing & scoring a couple of points in the process. Had a certain other World Champion not been present, this meeting, which was somewhat dragged out, (NOT talking about track clearances, more about having the Pit Gate closed & everyone sitting waiting for the Green flag for unnecessarily long periods) would have been a bit of a disaster, since the F2s were the only formula really making a go of Stock Car Racing. Much as we like the track, our next visit will be for another major F1 Championship.
  15. R/R; 10 DoD; 212 415, 55, 515 .... all on it all afternoon, BUT 212 had a cracker of a meeting to take the Masters title Deane, now you`ve got the track sorted out, please do something about the spectating areas. The days of grass banking went out with The Ark & are frankly unsafe.
  16. R/R; 10 DoD; H36 How on earth can anyone find a stand out driver from this meeting? Every one of them, male & female, Dutch, New Zealander, whatever, gave us an absolutely amazing night of proper Stock car Racing. Thank you all, for reminding us what the sport is really all about.
  17. R/R; 8 DoD; 55 Craig Finnikin, aka Mr Consistency, was the man to watch in the World Final Meeting, giving it his all throughout the night. Tom Harris didn`t put a wheel wrong & rode the expected 1st bend bash to stroll away for Gold. Like him or not, fair play to him. Out of interest, who exactly are Bradley Hunter & William Garrod? I don`t remember seeing them race but they both appeared on the score board heat results!!!
  18. World Final waffle & a couple of photos from Amanda, at www.willyarrowracing.com
  19. News flash at http://willyarrowracing.com
  20. A tiny bit of news & a single, important photo added
  21. R/R; 9 DoD; 415 Only got two things to say about this Meeting. 1) Russell Cooper got two extremely well deserved 4th places in what was a night of really hard racing 2) Drippy!
  22. R/R; 6 DoD; 124 Kyle Grey gets my vote for his mature drive in heat 2. Beautiful weather, bit of a boring meeting with nobody really wanting to get stuck in, in the 1s or 2s, & 2 dull (in my opinion) support formulas.
  23. More photos & some words of wisdom from Will now added
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